Monday 14 September 2015

A walk around ZK-NGJ yesterday.

Some photos from Saturdays walkaround.
I didn't get to fly.


  1. With regard to photos number 3 and 18.
    NGJ will be very very pleased to have retired before that flag needs replaced

  2. Thanks Dave ,an end of a era for the 737. Wonder what are the chances a 737 airframe will be preserved in CH CH ?

  3. The one brilliant bit about it is that ZK-NGI and ZK-NGJ are "flying well" and will carry on living for a reasonable period . . . great opportunity for a joy-ride to 'sadly' say good bye . . . with the fuselage frame of ZK-NGK and the former QF one lying about. . . it will much nicer to hear and see a 733 flying high !!!!!

  4. I well recall the arrival of NAC's first 737. Darn! You're making me feel old.