Monday 7 September 2015

Scene at Tauranga.

Hairy Mole Rat was on the case today at Tauranga and captures these latest arrivals.
All joined the register today.
 A row of Gyros contained AutoGyro Calidus ZK-RCZ2 (c/n C00394) and is listed to Anton Meier of Aerosport Aviation Ltd.
 Then we have the AutoGyro MTSport ZK-RDM (c/n M01281) also listed to Aerosport Aviation Ltd.
 ZK-RDY (c/n V00216) is an AutoGyro Cavalon for Aerosport Aviation Ltd.
 And then the AutoGyro Eurpoe MT03 Eagle ZK-RJW (c/n M00861) which uses the initials of its owner Richard J Wagner of Cambridge as its registration.
 Our third Tecnam Astore UL is ZK-RGH (c/n 041) and is registered to Cambridge Bee Products.
Last of the new arrivals noted is the Tecnam P2008 ZK-WOW2 (c/n 598) for Tecnam Australasia Ltd of Ardmore.
Better shots will follow.


  1. I saw RGH fly into Hamilton from Ardmore on Saturday to pick up its owner. It looks like a nice machine both inside and out.

  2. Thanks for the delivery date Flyinkiwi.