Wednesday 9 September 2015

Christchurch variety

 Christchurch today (09-09-2015) seemed to be mainly military, although three have previous civil connections.
Below we see the USAF Dornier C146A Wolfhound s/n 12-3050.
Built as a civilian Do-28-110 with the c/n 3050. It has worn the registrations D-CDXR, D-CAOT, N350AD, G-BYHF, N350AD and D-CIRK before becoming 12-3050 with the USAF Special Operations Command.
 And also s/n 09-3106.
This was built as a civilian Do328-110 with c/n 3106. 
It has previously been registered as D-CDXC, D-CPRY, OY-NCE, D-CAAB and N525EF. 
It became 09-3106 on 27-10-2011 with the US Air Force Special Operations Command.
For more on these two aircraft check out :-

In the background is the Lockheed LC-130R 73-3300. 
Interesting history this one.
Built with the c/n 382-4508 and allocated Bu159129 for the US Navy it was owned by The National Science Foundation and operated by VXE-6 between 1974 and 1995. After a period of storage at AMARC it was re-converted by Raytheon in Texas and went to the 109th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard as 73-3300 in support of the National Science Foundation.
 Also about to depart was this RNZAF Beechcraft T6C Texan NZ1406 (c/n  PM-44) and was listed on the Us Civil Register as N2846B for its delivery to NZ last year.

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  1. Wonder what those civilian looking Dorniers were in CHCH for