Friday 4 September 2015

Three from NZRT this day 04-09-2015.

Gary Hood's faithful olde Cessna 180A ZK-BUF (c/n 32935) was in for some routine maintenance.
Did you know it was used for target towing experiments in January of 1961 and has also done North Cape to Bluff in 7 hrs and 26 minutes. 
[I just thought that you needed to know that].
Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HTB6 (c/n 11259) from The Alpine Group at Wanaka was just having its blades tethered. 
Pse excuse the rain drops on the camera lens !
Previously ZK-HGU3 from mid-2006 it joined The Alpine Group on 20-07-2012 and was re-registered to ZK-HTB6  on 01-08-2012.
Something new is the Zenith STOL CH750 (c/n 75-8871) destined to become ZK-VKG for a Wanganui owner.
Built by  Clyde Rychel of Mims, Florida as N5970H it received its USA certification on 04-09-2013.
The engine is a 1.5 litre Honda block fitted with all the Viking mods to give 110hp.
But wait - Thats not all.
A bonus pic.
Also new in country is this Piper PA-22-150 Caribbean tail dragger which was listed as ZK-ZTH to Tony Hay on 21-08-2015. It is ex VH-GMH (c/n 22-6967) and dates from late 1959.
This pic was taken on 28-08-2015 - It has since lost its "VH" markings.


  1. Target towing guessing it was when owned by the Auckland a/club.?Great another of our original C180.s is still very active.Thanks for the post .

  2. BUF was also the original "Slipper Clipper".

  3. BUF was a great aeroplane and the absolute pride of the fleet in the late fifties at the Akld Aero Club! It was certainly the preferred candidate for the regular weekend Ardmore Claris Ardmore run everytime. I recall once a casket needed to be taken down to Dunedin and the Apache BLP was called-in for that as it had the required extra cabin length lol..but it certainly didn't inspire the STOL confidence that the strident 0-470 in BUF provided eveytime that throttle was opened-up wide! They were good flying days