Monday 31 October 2016

NEW Glastar Photo

In my previous post on Stoddard Hamilton Glastars of New Zealand ( ), I noted that Geoffrey New of the UK had emigrated to New Zealand and bought his Glastar G-BYEK with him.  It was registered to him at Tauranga as ZK-NEW4 on 17/5/04, but I had never seen a photo of it as such.  In my post I asked if anyone knew if it had flown in New Zealand as ZK-NEW4.

Dave Bates has now kindly sent in a photo of it with its New Zealand registration applied, taken at Tauranga on 25/6/04, so I think it is likely that it flew here as ZK-NEW4.  It was cancelled from the New Zealand Civil register after only four months, on 5/9/04, and reverted back to G-BYEK.

  ZK-NEW4 at Tauranga on 25/6/04.

I have gone back to my original post and added the photo of ZK-NEW4, and also the recently registered Glastar ZK-CDP2.

Sunday 30 October 2016

ZK-DXA passes through Christchurch.

Noted at Christchurch on the 28th was the Cessna 180J ZK-DXA (c/n 18052516) of Gunson Enterprises of Ongaonga.
It departed today - Sunday the 30th.
Below is a closer view of the tail graphics.
I did an earlier post on ZK-DXA HERE.

JetRanger trio at Christchurch. Friday the 28th.

Friday the 28th was Bell JetRanger day at Christchurch International.
Christchurch Helicopters 2011 Ltd's Bell 206B JetRanger II ZK-HRS2 (c/n 877) returns from a brief foray out west.
An earlier post at :- HRS Here
A few metres away at the Heli Maintenance facility the Bell 206B JetRanger II ZK-HTO (c/n 2265) also departed briefly out west. This workhorse has a build date of 24-10-1977 and migrated to NZ for Kitto Helicopters at Balclutha from 18-07-1984. Nokomai Ltd listed for a short time during 2001 before passing it on to Peter Garden Helicopters of Gore from 09-05-2001. It returned to Nokomai Ltd in late August of 2001 and by December was online briefly with South-West Helicopters at Te Anau. Another brief period back with owner Nokomai Ltd it went on hire to Helisouth.
It moved Central South Island Helicopters Ltd at Herbert from 18-04-2005. 
An early post can be seen at :- ZK-HTO.
It has now been with Brent Harkerss of Ellesmere Helicopters out of Leeston since August of 2014.
Below - ZK-HTO returns from its brief outing.
Also at Heli Maintenance was the Bell 206B JetRanger III ZK-IGT3 (c/n 3122)of Richard Geary's Helicopters South Canterbury 2015 Ltd of Temuka. See earlier post at HERE
The position of the 'IGT' registration has been changed at Departmental request.

Saturday 29 October 2016

North Shore Today 29-10-2016

I went up to North Shore this afternoon to catch up with Gordon Lindsay and his new Starlet.

ZK-YGL (for Yvonne and Gordon Lindsay) has been a 30 year labour of love.  Gordon was doing the weight and balance today helped by Don Wilkinson (ZK-TOY) and UK Starlet builder Steve Stride (G-ILSE).

Ian Williams flew up from Drury in the Hoffman Dimona motorglider ZK-GCB2.

While local Bolkow Junior ZK-CJL of the Bryant/Worley Syndicate had an engine run.

Last weekend at Tauranga # 3

Some more pics from Tauranga - taken last weekend by Allan Wooller.
 The Piper PA-18A-150 Superior Cub ZK-BKJ (c/n 18-4677) was built in late 1955 and was registered to the NZ agents Airwork (NZ) Ltd on 05-01-1956 with its CofA signed off on 06-03-1956.
Aerial Farming of NZ Ltd of Palmerston North took charge from 13-03-1956 followed by R W King of Nelson during 1964. 
From 26-05-1969 it was in the hands of A T Duncan of Makarora but has a undercarriage collapse in the Wilkin Valley on 17-03-1970. 
It was then transferred to J V Gibson of Blenheim on 30-06-1973 before Bruce Drake of Drake Aviation took it on and converted it into a 'Pregnant Cub' and tacked a 180hp Lycoming on the front and listed it from 22-04-1975.
Ownership passed to the Tauranga Gliding Cub on 23-11-1983.
Above is a cockpit view showing the three seat layout.
 Imported by David McMillan and registered as ZK-JAT2 (c/n 448 AT 912) to Seaside Flying Ltd of Greymouth was this Pipistrel Alpha Trainer. 
It was assembled, and first flown, at Rangiora by Evan Belworthy on 19-12-2012. 
David purchased the Aeroprakt A-22LS ZK-LFB and sold the Alpha Trainer to Solo Wings Ltd at Tauranga on 12-08-2015.
Check :- HERE
 The Peter Carpenter built this Hatz CB2 ZK-PEC (c/n 245) which popped up on the register on 29-11-2004 and carries no identification marks thanks to a CAA dispensation. 
It was sold on to Max Vodane of Ardmore on 23-02-2009 and then to John Martin of Tauranga from 25-01-2010.
 A little know Piper PA-25 Pawnee is ZK-PNE (c/n 694). It started life as a 150hp Pawnee in the States as N6482Z, coming to NZ for the Tauranga Gliding Club (Inc) from 09-09-2004. It now has a 180hp engine and proudly carries the name 'Myrtle' on the engine cowling and the inscription 'in memory of John Borman' below the cockpit.
 Boeing Stearman B75N-1 ZK-USA3 is c/n 75-8025A. It was built for the U S Navy and allocated the serial Bu38404 in 1943. 
It later joined the US civil register as N65041 before heading down to NZ for Michael Dean of Mount Maunganui from 15-19-2011.
 'White 718' is the Tauranga resident Yak-52 ZK-YAC2 and carries the c/n 822108. 
Following military service as DOSAAF 35 and Ukraine 35 it became UR-BBR before heading Stateside to become N718PH in 2003.
It came onto our register on 28-07-2004 for the Kevin and Angela Jane Trust of Inglewood. 
The Trust sold it to Yak 52 Ltd of Mount Maunganui on 27-08-2008 (and replaced it with the Yak52TW ZK-YTW).
Another Yak local is the single seat Yak-55M ZK-YKV (c/n 920402) - ex 'Blue 27' of DOSAAF from 1992. It spent some time in the US of A as N5288N before being listed in NZ from 11-03-2008 for Nick Pilbrow of Christchurch. 
Three months later it was listed to the 55M NZ Ltd syndicate still of Christchurch and from 01-04-2014 was solely with Steven Geard, and Tauranga based. 

Tauranga last weekend # 2 - Cessna's

 Cessna 172M ZK-DPM is c/n 17263202 and was manufactured under the US N4460R registration and shipped to NZ aboard the Austral Envoy reaching NZ on 09-07-1974.
It was registered to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore on 08-08-1974 -  first flew in NZ on 11-08-1974 and was delivered to the Stratford Aero Club on the 17th.
Two further owners it was storm damaged at Kawerau on 10-04-1982 an then on 26-02-1983 was damaged near Lake Waikaremoana. Its registration was cancelled on 09-05-1983.
Following rebuild it was re-registered to L W Sutherland of Pukekohe on 07-09-1984 and four owners later we see it listed on 12-02-1992 to John Martin of Tauranga and then to his Tauranga Tandem Skydiving Ltd from 14-06-2012.
 Cessna 172M ZK-DXQ is c/n 17266074 and was covered initially by the US registrations of N9294H and N1598C before being listed to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore on 26-03-1976.
It transferred over to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd on 23-04-1976 before being placed with the Bay of Islands Aero Club of Kerikeri from 08-07-1976. 
On 21-03-1998 it was back at Ardmore with Flightline Aviation Ltd.
By 12-10-2009, and five operators later, it was listed to the RNZAF Base Auckland Aviation Sports Club Inc. Its earlier colour scheme can be seen at :- DXQ 2012.
 Cessna 152 ZK-FPG (c/n 15280352) is a 1978 model which was first registered in NZ on 09-11-1987. It joined the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) on 21-05-2016.
 ZK-JOY2 was the second Cessna 182Q Skylane built and was allocated the US marks of N1799C and N7386S for delivery to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd of Ardmore to become ZK-EJC (c/n 18265177) on 18-01-1977. 
Mrs J K Leslie purchased it on 14-09-1994 and re-registered it as ZK-JOY2 on 11-09-1995. It was listed to its current operator Skytrack Aviation Ltd on 09-05-2012.
 Another recent addition to the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) is the Cessna 152 ZK-NPD2 (c/n 15280188). This as a 1977 edition which joined the NZ register on 08-04-2008 with Geck Co NZ Aviation Ltd of Christchurch and went on line with Air Napier Ltd from 01-06-2008.
 Cessna A152 Aerobat ZK-NPL (c/n A1520921) came in from the US to join the New Plymouth Aero Club (Inc) on 29-07-2008 before a move to the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) from 06-08-2013.
Sunair Aviation Ltd picked up the Cessna ZK-TAB (c/n 17273811) from the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) on 01-05-2011. However it actually began its NZ career as ZK-EYC from 19-05-1982 with Agrotec Equipment (NZ) Ltd. After four more owners it went to the Tauranga Aero Club in December of 1996 and then spent some time with Euroflight International from late 2006 and then with Air Discovery at Whakatane from May of 2007. 
Cessna U206G ZK-WWH (c/n U20603550) seems to have been around since Adam was a cowboy.
It got an earlier mention at :- WWH
By early 2009 it was listed for a few months with the Wellington Aero Club (Inc) before moving to Air Discovery Ltd in August 2009 and then to Adventure Aviation (NZ) Ltd at Mount Maunganui from 13-11-2011, with a change to Adventure Aviation 2011 Ltd on 06-11-2012.

Tauranga last weekend # 1

Allan Wooller spent some time at Tauranga Airport over Labour Weekend and has kindly sent in these photographs.
 The De Havilland DH114 Heron Series 1B ZK-BBM (c/n 14011) joined NZNAC on 19-12-1952 and carried the name Matapouri.
It was withdrawn in July 1957 and stored at Palmerston north until heading off to Fiji to become VQ-FAY in November 1960. In April of 1974 it transferred to Air Pacific and was re-registered as DQ-FAY that October. 
It returned to New Zealand with aspirations of becoming ZK-EEX but instead took up its original ZK-BBM markings with Air North from 19-11-1975.
Nationwide Air Ltd of Auckland took it over from 19-09-1978 and it was withdrawn and sat derelict at Rotorua.
It then passed through several owners - including Dwen Aeromotive (1972) Ltd, T.A.P.S ( The Aircraft Preservation Society),and then the Heron Restoration Society from 20-03-1989.
Its registration was finally cancelled on 18-06-1993 and it was stored at Ardmore, then at Dairy Flat in 2003 and at Tauranga from 2006. 
It has now been refurbished to its original NZNAC scheme and is part of the NZ Historic Aircraft/Classic Flyers Museum.

Friday 28 October 2016

FlyStark's Airvan ZK-FSR at North Shore 27-10-2016

Stark Airlines' Gippsland GA 8 Airvan ZK-FSR2 (c/n GA8-06-099) called in briefly to North Shore airfield late yesterday afternoon to drop off some passengers.

 It was the first time I had seen this smart aircraft, which was first registered here on 11/7/16.

 The pilots eye view from the cockpit must be very good, as seen in this view.

After a brief stop it was off to points North.

The seldom seen GA200C ZK-JPC

The seldom seen Pukekohe East based Gippsland GA200C ZK-JPC (c/n 200C-9933) was captured at Ardmore today by Richard Currie.
The registration 'JPC' is based on John Pondes - Cropdusters Ltd and flew in to Hamilton from Australia on 17-07-2002 and gained if NZ certification via Aeromotive.

Thursday 27 October 2016

Stemme ZK-GSI

Not all that often seen about the country is the Stemme S 10-V ZK-GSI (c/n 10-39M) of David Crail from Blenheim.
We noted it at Wanaka at Easter : See :- wanaka-visitors-park
You will notice that the nose cone is in the forward position to allow the two bladed prop to fold out.
The engine is located in the fuselage below the wing - note the air intake -  and the prop drive shaft passes through the cockpit between the seating.
Photo from Lord Nelson.

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Hamilton deliveries.

Three Diamond DA42 Twin Stars were delivered on transporters to Aeromotive at Hamilton yesterday 25-10-2016 and were captured by Scott Cowley.
 The three aircraft are VH-FGC2 (c/n 42.354), VH-FGO (c/n 42.199) and VH-FNV3 (c/n 42.182).
They were registered in Australia on 06-05-2008, 21-11-2006 and 07-11-2006 respectively for Fugro Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd of Jandakot, WA.
Ownership was transferred to CGG Data Services AG  of Zug, Switzerland in early September os 2013.
All three were cancelled from the Australian register on 10-10-2016.
At least two of them - VH-FGC and VH-FGO - have previously been in NZ on survey work with their very long pointed nose sensor.

A Couple of Newbies from Wanaka

A couple of new aircraft were photo'd at Wanaka recently, one so new that it is not yet on the register.  The photos come from the Performance Aviation Facebook page: ( ).

Texas Turbine Supervan N847SV is to become ZK-ROK4 with Skydive Wanaka Ltd.  It is powered by a retro fitted Honeywell TPE331-12JR engine of 900 shp (compared to the Caravan's PT 6A 114A of 675 shp), which gives a much quicker climb to the drop altitude for parachuting.

Gippsland GA8 Airvan VH-KNP ferried into Wanaka from Essendon on 4/10/16 and it was registered as ZK-MLF2 on 7/10/16 for Southern Alps Air Ltd.

Thanks to Performance Aviation Ltd for the photos.

Monday 24 October 2016

North Island Miscellany

Starting off in Taupo, T & P Williams/Lakeview Helicopters B206L-3 ZK-ILT (c/n51574) was delivered in November 2014, and is ex JA6125. It was about to depart on another spraying mission on 10 October, and it shares the tasks with AS350 B2 ZK-HBW and SA315B Lama ZK-ISK. 
Across the airport, Skydive Taupo's jump ship, PAC750XL ZK-SDT (c/n174, and previously ZK-KBK), awaited its first load of the day. It replaced the previous ZK-SDT, also a PAC750XL, which ditched in Lake Taupo on 7 January last year. The colour scheme is perhaps more refined than the previous machine's all-over pink.
There may not be many reasons to visit Murupara, in the heart of the Kaingaroa Forest, but one of them is to catch up on the diverse fleet of Heli Resources. UH-1H ZK-HJX (c/n13710) had just returned from a spraying duty in the forest, again on 10 October. It joined the register on 20 August 2008, and is operated alongside sister ship ZK-HZX.

Hughes 369FF's were once rather rare here, but there has been a steady trickle of them into operation over the last few years. Imported in September last year by Dave Lealand's Heli-Hire is ZK-HQE (c/n 0601FF), at Ngongotaha, also on 10 October. It is a little different to our other F models in that it was the second factory conversion of an E model, undertaken in 1998.

Sticking with the Hughes/McDonnell Douglas theme, our fourth MD600N (if memory serves me well) is ZK-IJD (c/n RN-029) ex Dale County Sheriffs Office of Ozark, Alaska, seen here coming together at Tauranga on 13 October. MD600's are a rather rare breed, with only 84 built so far. This machine will go into service with Amalgamated Helicopters in Carterton. 
And keeping with the Notar theme, New Zealand maintains the record of operating the most MD520N's after the US. This is the machine that started that line, ZK-IRS (c/n LN001), built in 1991 for the City of Phoenix Police Department, and here since January 2015 with John Shivnan at Clevedon. The Phoenix Police colours are shared with another of our MD520N's, ZK-HWH, currently operating with Opotiki Helicopters.

Sunday 23 October 2016

Kiwi Air's Riems-Cessna F406 at Ardmore 21-10-16

Also at Ardmore last Friday Kiwi Air's Riems-Cessna F 406 ZK-XLF (c/n F406-0057) did some local flying.  The F406 is also known as the Caravan II.

 The F406 is quite difficult to get a good angle of for a photo, 

But here are a selection of views.

I don't think I have seen any of Kiwi Air's fleet before, so I googled them and was surprised to find that they have a fleet of 25 aircraft working around the world, all  powered by PT 6 turboprops.  Have a look at their website at

Mosquito Migrating, Ardmore 21-10-16

The DH 98 T III Mosquito ZK-FHC2 had been moved back to the Avspecs hangar on Friday

It was in the process of being dismantled prior to shipping to the Fighter Heritage Collection at Everett Washington.  As in the above photo the fin and rudder had been removed.

Warren Denholm told me that the next one will be along in two years time!

However, the sound of a Merlin could still be heard:

Saturday 22 October 2016

Flying My Sky at Auckland International and Ardmore 21-10-2016

In a segue between Auckland International and Ardmore, here are a couple of Fly My Sky Britten Norman Islanders:  (although the segue should have been a smooth transition between the two airports, the trip took me more than an hour on the motorway system!)

ZK-PIZ (c/n 2012) in the old scheme with a little bird...

and ZK-EVO (c/n 785) with the new big bird scheme. 

I will leave you to decide which scheme is best (if any).  Actually the Fly My Sky aircraft are registered to Commercial Helicopters Ltd of Taumarunui.