Friday 7 October 2016

Auster ZK-BDY

The Auster J5F Aiglet Trainer c/n 3109 was placed on the UK civil aircraft register as G-ANAO with W S Shackleton after being issued with its CofA on 06-10-1953.
It was immediately shipped out to New Zealand where it was listed as ZK-BDY to the Southland Aero Club at Invercargill the following month.
Below is a lineup at Omaka in 1955 with ZK-BDY nearest. Jack Browne photo.
 Below an undated shot from the Ed Coates collection.
It was traded in to Rural Aviation Ltd at New Plymouth from 05-06-1961 as a trade in on the new Cessna 172B ZK-CAA.
Below we see her at Gore - with a slight change in paint scheme and spats - thanks to Ned Kelly.
It was damaged on delivery at Tuapeka Mouth on 26-05-1961.
Now I am not sure if it was on delivery to New Plymouth or on delivery back south again to its new owners W E and later to N M & D R Falconer of Gore.
The Falconer's traded it back to Rex Aviation at Dunedin from 24-11-1970 and took away the Cessna 172A ZK-BWZ.
I A Strathern and Associates of Dunedin took if up from 10-02-1971 and it was damaged at Whangamata on 21-04-1972 and then a year later it was re-listed back with Rex Aviation of Dunedin.
       Now three views of ZK-BDY as seen at Taieri on 11-10-1974.
Note the split flaps in lowered position.
The marking on the fin is the emblem of the Kittyhawk Club (AOPA precursor).
And now two more shots taken at Taieri on 24-02-1975.
I then have a note that it was with an owner in the Cromwell area until it moved up to Rotorua for the No 29 Squadron ATC from 27-08-1976.
We then see it with K H Nielsen of Mount Maunganui from 24-02-1977 followed by A J Sissons of Levin from 21-02-1979.
Below - three views of it at Pudding Hill on 25-01-1981.
Now wearing just the last three letters of its registration on its tail and a repaint.

And below - Allan Woollers shot of it at about the same time.
C G Field at Kaukapakapa took it over from 21-06-1990 and took the liberty of changing its registration (using his initials) to that of ZK-CGF2 on 19-11-1990.

It was sold to the James Schmidt Investment Trust of Warkworth as from 20-04-1995 and its registration was changed back to ZK-BDY on 15-09-1995.
Photo below shows it now with blue trim at Whitianga on 29-01-2000 from Phil Treweek.
On 16-10-2003 it changed hands to L G Wilson of Auckland but was damaged during a forced landing due to a rough running engine near Ardmore on 25-10-2009.
I then have a note that it went to Paul Morrison in 2010 and as we can see from the latest photograph by Sir Minty it is in fine health and still listed with L G Wilson of Waiuku.
Above - at Raglan on 08-11-2015 from Pete Pattenden.
And finally at Ardmore on 23-01-2016 from Keith Morris.

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  1. My first ride in an aeroplane was in Bdy 18th october 1959 at17 years of age soon be 79 wonderfull it is still looking good and going good possibly better than me.Will never forget that sensation of leaving the austers around Invercargill would go for a ride in one if there was.