Saturday 29 October 2016

Tauranga last weekend # 2 - Cessna's

 Cessna 172M ZK-DPM is c/n 17263202 and was manufactured under the US N4460R registration and shipped to NZ aboard the Austral Envoy reaching NZ on 09-07-1974.
It was registered to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore on 08-08-1974 -  first flew in NZ on 11-08-1974 and was delivered to the Stratford Aero Club on the 17th.
Two further owners it was storm damaged at Kawerau on 10-04-1982 an then on 26-02-1983 was damaged near Lake Waikaremoana. Its registration was cancelled on 09-05-1983.
Following rebuild it was re-registered to L W Sutherland of Pukekohe on 07-09-1984 and four owners later we see it listed on 12-02-1992 to John Martin of Tauranga and then to his Tauranga Tandem Skydiving Ltd from 14-06-2012.
 Cessna 172M ZK-DXQ is c/n 17266074 and was covered initially by the US registrations of N9294H and N1598C before being listed to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore on 26-03-1976.
It transferred over to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd on 23-04-1976 before being placed with the Bay of Islands Aero Club of Kerikeri from 08-07-1976. 
On 21-03-1998 it was back at Ardmore with Flightline Aviation Ltd.
By 12-10-2009, and five operators later, it was listed to the RNZAF Base Auckland Aviation Sports Club Inc. Its earlier colour scheme can be seen at :- DXQ 2012.
 Cessna 152 ZK-FPG (c/n 15280352) is a 1978 model which was first registered in NZ on 09-11-1987. It joined the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) on 21-05-2016.
 ZK-JOY2 was the second Cessna 182Q Skylane built and was allocated the US marks of N1799C and N7386S for delivery to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd of Ardmore to become ZK-EJC (c/n 18265177) on 18-01-1977. 
Mrs J K Leslie purchased it on 14-09-1994 and re-registered it as ZK-JOY2 on 11-09-1995. It was listed to its current operator Skytrack Aviation Ltd on 09-05-2012.
 Another recent addition to the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) is the Cessna 152 ZK-NPD2 (c/n 15280188). This as a 1977 edition which joined the NZ register on 08-04-2008 with Geck Co NZ Aviation Ltd of Christchurch and went on line with Air Napier Ltd from 01-06-2008.
 Cessna A152 Aerobat ZK-NPL (c/n A1520921) came in from the US to join the New Plymouth Aero Club (Inc) on 29-07-2008 before a move to the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) from 06-08-2013.
Sunair Aviation Ltd picked up the Cessna ZK-TAB (c/n 17273811) from the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) on 01-05-2011. However it actually began its NZ career as ZK-EYC from 19-05-1982 with Agrotec Equipment (NZ) Ltd. After four more owners it went to the Tauranga Aero Club in December of 1996 and then spent some time with Euroflight International from late 2006 and then with Air Discovery at Whakatane from May of 2007. 
Cessna U206G ZK-WWH (c/n U20603550) seems to have been around since Adam was a cowboy.
It got an earlier mention at :- WWH
By early 2009 it was listed for a few months with the Wellington Aero Club (Inc) before moving to Air Discovery Ltd in August 2009 and then to Adventure Aviation (NZ) Ltd at Mount Maunganui from 13-11-2011, with a change to Adventure Aviation 2011 Ltd on 06-11-2012.


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