Sunday 16 October 2016

Question time # 191 And I remember when.

Continuing the occasional series

Flying used to be a real Hoot.
Any thoughts about the model of this flying machine ?
And all you West Coasters will surely recognise the site !

A chocky fish hangs in the balance here for somebody.


  1. You are not meant to ask - you are meant to TELL me.

  2. All right! All right! I think it is a Lazair!

  3. Exactly - Good Lad. That's worth half a fish for you.

    Any thoughts about the strip site ?

  4. Somewhere on the West Coast? Actually you didn't ask to be told where it was!

  5. Ah Ha. I didn't actually say it was on the 'West Coast' did I.
    I just inferred that the Coasters may (or may not) know the strip.( In fact I would imagine that most of then do not actually know this strip - because it is NOT on 'The Coast'.

    Do you have any thoughts on its location ?

    There is still half a chocky fish awaiting a winner.

  6. I am till after that second half of the chocolate fish, so I reckon it is at the aerly mecca of microlighting at Waitohi.