Tuesday 18 October 2016

Invercargill by CMM.

Young CMM had just cause to be in Invercargill on October the 11th and has sent in the following photographs.
In the open hangars visible as one drives towards the terminal building we see the Barber Snark HA/2 ZK-DQL2 (c/n MAANZ/460) as built by Bill Barbour and registered initially as ZK-FYE on 30-05-1991.
It was sold to Jim Young of Wanaka in April of 1998 but was damaged on take off from his strip on 03-02-2001.
Graeme McMillan picked it up from 26-03-2001 and had it re-registered as ZK-DQL2 on 16-11-2001.
The original ZK-DQL was a Lake LA4-200 Buccaneer which, if memory serves me, was operated by Graeme under the Lake Air Safari label around Queenstown in the mid 1990's.
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Still parked up and showing little sign of movement is the Cessna U206F Stationair ZK-DWM (c/n U20602895).  It has been listed with Invercargill Holdings Ltd since 10-07-1992.
Still hanging around are some major portions of the Cessna U206F Stationair ZK-JCH2  (c/n U20602971) which the Fiordland Experience Group Ltd of Te Anau imported in late 1993. It was damaged near Te Anau on 01-09-1994 with ownership being transferred to Invercargill Holdings Ltd on 09-11-1994 and its registration being cancelled on 18-09-1998.
And Hugh Tapper still has his Rans S-7 Courier ZK-JGV (c/n 0694134) parked here.
On a brief stop over was the ATR 72-212A ZK-MVG (c/n 1264). 
The first revenue earning flight of this ATR was from Christchurch to Invercargill on 07-07-2015.
CMM covered NZNV in an earlier post at :- January 2013 report by CMM

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