Sunday 9 October 2016

Cubs at Rangiora 09-10-2016 # 2

Four more Piper Cub visitors at Rangiora were -
Piper PA-18-135 Super Cub ZK-JLB2 (c/n 18-4025) began as a L-21B/U-7A with the Italian military.
'JLB' being the initials of owner James L Benbow of Blenheim.
Below JLB in the circuit before the weather arrived.

Another ex military Club is ZK-KEZ (c/n 18-1628) which was a L-18C with the French military.
It is listed to the Rivendell Trust of West Melton.
Up from Geraldine was the Coulter's Piper PA-18-135 ZK-PSC (c/n 18-2717).
And Piper Cub ZK-BNJ (c/n 18-5063) from Mountain View Farm Ltd.

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  1. Think I'm correct in saying BNJ was on the line with BNL along with BNM back in the day.