Monday 10 October 2016

Additional Rangiora visitors on Sunday 09-10-2016 # 2.

Departing as others were arriving was the Hayman's Cessna 180B ZK-REN (c/n 50627) from Rocky Point Station, Hakataramea Valley.
The Jodel D.9 ZK-CVN (c/n AACA/54) as listed to the A B and E F Belworthy Syndicate of Cust came in for the day.
As did the E F and P R Belworthy Pietenpol Air Camper M/L ZK-PRB (c/n AACA/755).
 Not actually a visitor - but a local - out for the occasion was the Morris Tull Aerotek Pitts S-1S Special ZK-FRJ (c/n 1-0025).
Below was see a bunch of visitors being parked up in the shelter of the hangars just as the weather was arriving.

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