Sunday 9 October 2016

60 Years on line for ZK-BNL

ZK-BNL has now been online with the Canterbury Aero Club for more than sixty years.
A gathering was held at Rangiora today 09-10-2016 to celebrate this achievement.
 Above we see ZK-BNL scurrying back towards its hangar ahead of the pending inclemency.
 Above - one of its many circuits today.

Below is the first entry in its log book.
 And a couple of fact sheets kindly put together for the occasion.


  1. and longest serving chreokee 140 with an aero club.same with a cessna 150\152 and the trusty 172 would be interesting to know....

    1. Ah yes !

      But can you tell me their registrations ?

      Also don't overlook the Robbie 22 and the Hughes 269.

  2. That's a worry reading about the high accident rate for the Auster........since I'm slowly putting one of the old CAC fleet back in the air! (BBZ)