Saturday 29 October 2016

Last weekend at Tauranga # 3

Some more pics from Tauranga - taken last weekend by Allan Wooller.
 The Piper PA-18A-150 Superior Cub ZK-BKJ (c/n 18-4677) was built in late 1955 and was registered to the NZ agents Airwork (NZ) Ltd on 05-01-1956 with its CofA signed off on 06-03-1956.
Aerial Farming of NZ Ltd of Palmerston North took charge from 13-03-1956 followed by R W King of Nelson during 1964. 
From 26-05-1969 it was in the hands of A T Duncan of Makarora but has a undercarriage collapse in the Wilkin Valley on 17-03-1970. 
It was then transferred to J V Gibson of Blenheim on 30-06-1973 before Bruce Drake of Drake Aviation took it on and converted it into a 'Pregnant Cub' and tacked a 180hp Lycoming on the front and listed it from 22-04-1975.
Ownership passed to the Tauranga Gliding Cub on 23-11-1983.
Above is a cockpit view showing the three seat layout.
 Imported by David McMillan and registered as ZK-JAT2 (c/n 448 AT 912) to Seaside Flying Ltd of Greymouth was this Pipistrel Alpha Trainer. 
It was assembled, and first flown, at Rangiora by Evan Belworthy on 19-12-2012. 
David purchased the Aeroprakt A-22LS ZK-LFB and sold the Alpha Trainer to Solo Wings Ltd at Tauranga on 12-08-2015.
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 The Peter Carpenter built this Hatz CB2 ZK-PEC (c/n 245) which popped up on the register on 29-11-2004 and carries no identification marks thanks to a CAA dispensation. 
It was sold on to Max Vodane of Ardmore on 23-02-2009 and then to John Martin of Tauranga from 25-01-2010.
 A little know Piper PA-25 Pawnee is ZK-PNE (c/n 694). It started life as a 150hp Pawnee in the States as N6482Z, coming to NZ for the Tauranga Gliding Club (Inc) from 09-09-2004. It now has a 180hp engine and proudly carries the name 'Myrtle' on the engine cowling and the inscription 'in memory of John Borman' below the cockpit.
 Boeing Stearman B75N-1 ZK-USA3 is c/n 75-8025A. It was built for the U S Navy and allocated the serial Bu38404 in 1943. 
It later joined the US civil register as N65041 before heading down to NZ for Michael Dean of Mount Maunganui from 15-19-2011.
 'White 718' is the Tauranga resident Yak-52 ZK-YAC2 and carries the c/n 822108. 
Following military service as DOSAAF 35 and Ukraine 35 it became UR-BBR before heading Stateside to become N718PH in 2003.
It came onto our register on 28-07-2004 for the Kevin and Angela Jane Trust of Inglewood. 
The Trust sold it to Yak 52 Ltd of Mount Maunganui on 27-08-2008 (and replaced it with the Yak52TW ZK-YTW).
Another Yak local is the single seat Yak-55M ZK-YKV (c/n 920402) - ex 'Blue 27' of DOSAAF from 1992. It spent some time in the US of A as N5288N before being listed in NZ from 11-03-2008 for Nick Pilbrow of Christchurch. 
Three months later it was listed to the 55M NZ Ltd syndicate still of Christchurch and from 01-04-2014 was solely with Steven Geard, and Tauranga based. 


  1. I owned the little Pawnee N6482Z in the early 90’s. Great little airplane. Wish I still owned it. WHM

  2. Yes Bill it is a nice little aircraft.

    1. Is the dash still in the plane. It was just a play plane to me. I loved it. WHM

    2. Hello again Bill.
      Am not certain what you mean by "dash'
      Can you email me direct please at

      Dave Paull