Thursday 27 October 2016

Stemme ZK-GSI

Not all that often seen about the country is the Stemme S 10-V ZK-GSI (c/n 10-39M) of David Crail from Blenheim.
We noted it at Wanaka at Easter : See :- wanaka-visitors-park
You will notice that the nose cone is in the forward position to allow the two bladed prop to fold out.
The engine is located in the fuselage below the wing - note the air intake -  and the prop drive shaft passes through the cockpit between the seating.
Photo from Lord Nelson.


  1. The other is based at New Plymouth owned by Brett Emney

  2. GSI visited Nelson from "over the "hill", (Blenheim) late October 2016. Impressive 23M wingspan!

  3. the one in New Plymouth was the first one Dave Craill bought into the country