Sunday 9 October 2016

Cubs at Rangiora 09-10-2016 # 1

To help celebrate ZK-BNL's 60th several other Cub's gathered.
Above is a view of some of the visitors.
Locally based ZK-BNX (c/n 18-5453) of the BNX Syndicate.
The Des Lines ZK-BPK 'Sweetie Pie' (c/n 18-6347) in from Swannanoa.
Locally based Piper Cub ZK-BVJ (c/n 18-6180) from the ZK-BVJ Syndicate.
The local Fern Air Syndicate's Piper PA-18-95 ZK-CXC (c/n 18-6202) was originally ZK-BTT.

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