Tuesday 30 November 2021

Vans RV-12 ZK-DMB at Christchurch

 A visitor to the Canterbury Aero Club today was the Vans RV-12 UL ZK-DMB2 c/n 120917.
Built by Malcolm Belcher at Hastings and registered on 04-07-2016 with a first flight date of 16-07-2016.
It was sold to the DMB Syndicate at Taieri from 01-10-2020.

Southern Helicopters

A visit to the Lister Helicopters base today in the backblocks near Milton found all their fleet in residence comprising Hughes 369E ZK-HFT2 which was imported new in 1991 and acquired by the company in 2013

Hughes 369E ZK-HZP2 which was imported from Japan in 2003 and acquired by Lister in 2011.

Bell 206B ZK-ITN which was imported from Japan in 2019 by the company.

And the latest addition, Hughes 269C ZK-IRG2 which the company imported from New Caledonia earlier in 2021.

Fiordland Helicopters has the transport contract for the Hump Ridge Track and bases the helicopters involved at Otahu Flat north of Tuatapere.   These comprise the Hughes 369D ZK-IMT which was imported from the US in 2007 and acquired by the company in 2020.

And AS350B2 ZK-HYA3 which is leased from Action Helicopters, being originally imported new in 2009 as ZK-HQG3.


Taildraggers at Waipukurau

Last weekend was the Taildraggers flyin at Hastings, and from all accounts it went off well.  After the flyin some of the taildraggers visited Waipukurau where Ron Day was on hand:

The Minicab in the foreground is ZK-LDL which hasn't got around much in its life to date, but that may change with a change of owner to S N Campbell of Hastings on 27/5/21.  The other two taildraggers are the locally owned Zenith CH-650 ZK-LMG2 and the Piper Super Cub ZK-BPM.

Monday 29 November 2021

Christchurch to Dunedin

Travelling today down SH1 from Christchurch to Dunedin offered a lot of aviation activity starting with the Helicopters South Canterbury base at Waitohi their Bell 206B ZK-IOI was getting ready to head out on a spray job.  This was imported from the US in 2015 and acquired by the company in 2018.

Further down at Herbert at the Central South Island Helicopters base their AS350BA sprayer ZK-HGO2 was just back from a job.  This was imported from Japan in 1992 and acquired by the company in 2012.

Parked up at Southair Taieri was the Cessna T188C AgHusky ZK-RJB operated by Enfield Enterprises Ltd from their Whitstone base.   This was imported from Australia in early 2020.

A new 2021 Rans S7S is ZK-SRD which is registered to a Geraldine owner.

Arriving back at a very busy Helicopters Otago base at Taieri was Kawasaki BK117B-2 ZK-IME after dropping off a patient at Dunedin Hospital.   This was imported from Australia in 2008 and acquired by the company in 2010.

Added to the Helicopters Otago fleet in October 2020 was the Guimbal G2 Cabri ZK-IOD,  which was reregistered from ZK-HOT7 imported new in 2019.


Sunday 28 November 2021

Vans RV 12iS ZK-TSP at Kaipara Flats

This photo is from Friday 19 November when Steve Taylor and Mark Easson flew into Kaipara Flats in Steve's new RV 12iS:

ZK-TSP (c/n 120163) was first registered on 2/10/20 and first flew in late December 2020 (I think).

Steve says he has wheel spats but has not fitted them yet.

Saturday 27 November 2021


Amongst the visitors to Pauanui airfield today were 2 that have seen little coverage on this blog and 1 that appears for the first time being 1980 model Cessna 182Q Skylane II ZK-JSB2.  This was imported from the US in 1996 and was acquired by a Hamilton syndicate in February 2021.

Up from Taupo was Cessna 172N Skyhawk ZK-ELH which was originally imported new in 1978 and was acquired by its current owner in September 2021.

And from Tauranga the 1972 model Piper PA28 Cherokee 180 ZK-DGG which was also imported new, and acquired by its current owner in May 2021.


Airbus ZK-NHF

Seen at the Air New Zealand base at Auckland International yesterday, their latest A320-271N ZK-NHF.
Registered to them on 29th October after test flights as F-WWTM.
Delivered into Auckland on 3rd November.

Friday 26 November 2021

Bell 505 ZK-HYB/4 at North Shore Today 26-11-2021

I had to go down to North Shore airfield today, and it was encouragingly busier with several aircraft in the circuit and one overhead doing aerobatics (Vans RV 8 ZK-EYT2).

Heletranz's Bell 505 ZK-HYB4 was outside in a nice rural/residential setting.  It is one of only four Bell 505s on the register, so they haven't exactly taken the country by storm.

Airvan ZK-ZTP

 The Gippsland GA-8 Airvan c.n GA8-04-045 was first registered as VH-UAF 2 on 23-12-003 to Arnem Land Communities Airline Pty Ltd of Nhulunbuy, NT who traded under various names. On 12-11-2004 it was re-registered as VH-LHV 2 under the Laynha-Air name, still out of Nhulubuy. Above as seen at Gove, NT on 04-06-2009 from Lachlan Brendan.
Luynha Air ceased operations and the service was I believe taken over by the Missionary Aviation Fellowship.
Ownership of VH-LHV passed to Arnhem Land Communities of Cairns from 09-05-2016
Above as noted at Coolangatta on 21-02-2021 by Ben Long.
The registration VH-LHV was cancelled on 02-06-2021 with the aircraft listed as sold in Vanuatu - but this seem to have fallen through and it was re-listed as VH-LHV on 29-07-2021 with Flying Services Pty Ltd of Lawrence, NSW who ferried it across to NZ.
It arrived in Auckland on 01-10-2021 (above) and moved to Ardmore (below) the same day and has remained  parked up there.
It was captured yeserday evening 25-11-20221 now marked as ZK-ZTP.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Ardmore Yesterday 24-11-2021

After the very quiet Auckland International I travelled on to Ardmore.  It was even quieter and there was only a couple of Westpac Rescue helicopter movements.

This was a typical scene at all the training establishments.

These two Super Pumas were parked up at Oceana Helicopters.  They were also unpacking more ex Japanese helicopters from a container on site.

The ex Fly My Sky Britten Norman BN2A Islander ZK-SFK was parked near Dennis Thompson's minus its titles.  Ownership changed to Auckland Seaplanes Ltd on 2/8/21.

I was really scratching for something of interest, so I photo'd the back of the NZ Warbirds Hangar 1 which now has a mural of their BE 2E painted large.

Thanks to Jordan Elvy and Richard Currie, this Airvan is VH-LHV (c/n 04-045) which was first registered as VH-UAF  in December 2003.  It is an ex MAF aircraft that flew into Auckland International and later to Ardmore on 1/10/21.  Its history can be posted later when it is registered here.

Then finally I visited another hangar which housed a VERY shiny red and silver aircraft of which we will feature in the near future.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Auckland (International?) Today 24-11-2021

It has been nearly six months since I last visited Auckland International Airport and what a shell of its former self it was today.  There was only a couple of domestic movements while I was there while a lot of Air New Zealand planes were parked up.

In spite of the paucity of action, I was delighted to be on the spot when the latest Barrier Air Grand Caravan taxied in.  ZK-SDE (c/n 208B2003) is ex ZK-MCS3 and is the fourth Grand Caravan in the Barrier Air fleet.  It was registered ZK-SDE on 17/9/21 and it has now been repainted in the Barrier Air fleet colours (but with more dark blue on the bottom of the fuselage).

GCH Jet Aviation's Bombardier CL-600 ZK-JCJ2 was awaiting passengers.

The rather forlorn sight of Air New Zealand planes parked up.

Down at the Air Chathams base their DC 3 ZK-AWP was parked ready to fly another day, while the Air Chathams Convair fleet sits retired in the background.

And Dassault Falcon 7X N110BE was parked (but not parked up as there is a photo of it on Jet Photos at Boston on 11/11/21.  And so on to Ardmore....

Tuesday 23 November 2021

A "New" Tiger Moth at Tauranga! ZK-ATM/2

After what has been an excruciating wait for its new owners, Tiger Moth ZK-ATM2 (c/n 85470) was outside at Tauranga yesterday 22/11/21 for engine runs and a compass swing.  The Hairy Mole Rat was there to photograph it - thanks HMR

I understand that its first flight in New Zealand is likely to be this week.  But wait!  It is not the first flight of this airframe in New Zealand!

To clarify the above, a summary of its history will help.  This Tiger Moth was built in England in 1942 as was bought on charge with the RAF as DE474 on 17/3/42 at RAF Kinloss.  It carried on with the RAF until November 1953 when it was registered as G ANKL to A J Whittemore (Aeradio) Ltd of Croydon on 24/12/53.  It then went to Belgium as OO-JIM, being registered to J Bogaerts of Grimbergen in October 1957.  On 1/6/58 it crashed while landing at Zwartberg and records show that it was destroyed by fire.  However even being destroyed by fire cannot keep a good Tiger Moth down! and after storage it was restored to the UK register as G-ANKL on 28/1/93.  In 1995 it was shipped to New Zealand for restoration by Colin Smith at Mandeville and ownership was taken up by Ted Millar and Michelle Lambert of Portland Oregon in March 1998.  The completed Tiger was registered as ZK-JLF and was registered on 20/4/00 with a first flight the next day.  Can anyone supply a photo of it as ZK-JLF?  It was then shipped to Portland Oregon where it became NC82TM for Sea-Air Ltd (Ted Millar and Michelle Lambert) on 9/5/00.  They flew it for 20 years before selling it to New Zealand where it will be based between Whitianga and Kaipara Flats.

The Tiger Moth as NC82TM at Solo Wings on 2/9/21.

Coincidentally the first ZK-ATM was also a Tiger Moth c/n DHNZ 135.

Thanks to Dave Paull for the history lesson.

Monday 22 November 2021

Beach Landings at Ninety Mile Beach on Saturday 20-11-2021

The Northern Aviators Club finally had success in organising a flying event yesterday after two previous attempts were stymied by the Covid lockdown regulations.  Yesterday's event was run by the Kaitaia Aero Club and featured controlled beach landings on Ninety Mile Beach.  Auckland flyers could not attend but nevertheless a great turn out of 17 aircraft and 4 autogyros arrived for a bring your own shared lunch, and several aircraft and gyros did the beach landing.  Here are a selection of them from Rusty Russell:

A selection of aircraft and gyros on the beach.

The SGM Syndicate's Vans RV 8 ZK-ATE2 flew up from Whangarei.  This is ex ZK-PDN and its registration was changed on 7/10/21.

The Bay of Islands Aero Clubs A 32 Vixxen ZK-CHE2 flew up from Kerikeri.

Colin Ashby was up from Whangarei in his Jabiru J230 ZK-PSH,

as were Dave and Judy Cull in their Savannah S ZK-ZAV.

While the Wittman Tailwind ZK-RET has been owned in Kaitaia since January 2021.

And a photo that Rusty couldn't supply, of him landing his MT03 Eagle ZK-RBG just prior to touchdown.

Sunday 21 November 2021

My week of it.

I passed though Geraldine earlier in the week and spotted these fabulous looking models in McAtamny Gallery.
Apparently they are available in either large or smaller size with desk mount or atop of a globe (as in the background).
Prices vary from about $140 to $1900.
On display were the large and small Connie, a small DC-3, Spitfire, Mustang. Corsair and Concord.

Up at Rangiora on Sunday afternoon (21st) was the Piper PA-28-161 Warrior ZK-EBJ2 c/n 28-7816640 of the Canterbury Aero Club (Inc). It was imported from the USA and registered to the Club on 17-07-2020, being ex N34688.I have seen it around often enough before but hadn't photographed it as I just assumed it was the ZK-EBJ I knew from 1976 but now in Canterbury Club colours. 
The original ZK-EBJ was a Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser (c/n 28-7525335) from early 1976 with just the two side windows and a 140hp engine. It was damaged in 1985 and finally cancelled in September of 1991 - pending rebuild.

An exciting project at Rangiora is Mike Small's Volmer VJ-22 Sportsman Amphibian a designe  by Volmer Jensen in 1957. Even more exciting is that it is one of two such projects.
We have had four VJ-22's previously registered - with three completed.

Nelson and Motueka 100th anniversary of this aeronautical.

Grant Newman reports

Fox Moth ZK-APT and Dominie ZK-AKY were providing VIP flights on the 10th, as well as taking bookings for pax flights, ZK-APT on the afternoon of the 10th, with both on the 12th in Motueka.       

On the 11th at Nelson was a brief display of the two de Havillands ZK-APT and ZK-AKY, joined by Stan Smith’s Dragon ZK-AXI that morning.
The Dragon having left North Shore the day before and overnighting in Kapiti with Bill Reid’s Anson ZK-RRA in support outside of the terminal at Nelson for the benefit of the plaque unveiling attendees. None of the aircraft flew during the unveilings on the 11th owing to inclement weather.
On the 12th, the aircraft transited to Motueka, which happened to coincide with the 100th anniversary of aviation in Motueka and there was a plaque unveiling and with aircraft in attendance, aside from the Dragon, the Dominie and the Fox Moth. 
The Weather was too windy for the Nelson based attendees to return to Nelson so they overnighted in Motueka  
On the 13th was planned an open day for the public to get close to the aircraft at the airport, but until late afternoon, only the Anson and Air New Zealand Dash 8 ZK-NEM were in attendance. 
Once the weather cleared, the Fox Moth Dragon and Dominie returned from Motueka. and by 4pm all had been pushed into the hangar, having made a brief appearance in the static area outside the Nelson maintenance hangars.

Below we have three photos showing the Fox Moth ZK-APT.  


Above is the DH89B Dominie ZK-AKY .
Below ZK-AKY flying near Saxton Field. The scene of the original landing is now the Greenmeadow Centre.

Above is the DH84 Dragon ZK-AXI with the Avro Anson ZK-RRA beyond.
The Avro Anson ZK-RRA

          Stan Smith and the Dragon left for North Shore on the 18th, the passengers being Stan’s mechanic and John, editor of NZAvNews.