Wednesday 17 November 2021

Northland Helimed Action Over Warkworth Today

We are very familiar with the Northland Emergency Services Trust's Sikorsky S 76 helicopters overflying Warkworth on their way from Northland usually to the Auckland City Hospital heliport, and returning.  But this afternoon saw a flurry of activity in the skies:

S 76C ZK-HQC5 (HLM 4) was on a different track than normal, flying slowly North and as I discovered from my photo, with its undercarriage down.

It must have been on a training flight, as this was its track from Flight Radar 24/7.  Later it landed at Whenuapai and then after a short time on the ground it headed back to Whangarei.

As all this was happening, the older NEST S 76B ZK-IAL (HLM 2) flew overhead on its way South to Auckland.  You can see it on the Flight Radar 24/7 screenshot above, just North of Warkworth.

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