Thursday 11 November 2021

Happiness Over the Kaipara Harbour Today 11-11-2021


After a really lovely flight over the Hauraki Gulf coast yesterday, above looking over Omaha with the Tawharanui Peninsula and Kawau Island in the distance, The great flying weather continued, so:

I was out at Kaipara Flats airfield again this morning.  After topping up with Avgas and prepping Honey Bebe Tony Lloyd appeared overhead in his Challenger and landed:

Then after a chat and runway inspection I took off on Runway 25 and headed for the Kaipara Coast on the other side of the island:

Conditions could not have been better

with a glassy harbour and spectacular cloud reflections
Looking back down the harbour towards Parakai.

And a different view of South Head from the Tapora low flying zone.

Down the beach at low level.  It would certainly be landable.

Then after about an hour it was back to Kaipara Flats where I tucked Honey Bebe away in the hangar.

What a wonderful two flights!

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