Friday 29 June 2012

Cessna A188B Agwagon C ZK-DMC

A photograph taken about 1975 from Terry Nuttall showing the Cessna A188B Agwagon C ZK-DMC (c/n 188-01315) operating out of Redwood Valley near Nelson. Pilot is Denny Atkinson and the loader driver is Terry Nuttal. Photo from the Lord Nelson collection.
ZK-DMC was registered to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore on 18-07-1973 and first flew there on 20-09-1973, gaining its CofA the following day. It was listed with Aerial Sowing Ltd at Amberley on 02-10-1973 until changing over to Rowley Aviation Ltd at Amberley on 14-08-1978.
It flew from Auckland to Norfolk Island and into Brisbane on 06-07-1979. Three days later it struck a kangaroo near Lake Gardner during its ferry flight to I L Dunn at Ballidu in Western Australia - with whom it became VH-DUQ on 13-07-1979. By 1992 it was with Ian Blackwell Pty Ltd of Wubin WA and by May of 1994 with Heather Freeman of Nhill in Victoria. I believe it was cancelled as destroyed on 22-01-2009.

South Pole Treckers

A belated news item but interesting all the same about the two Australian and their polar walk. You may recognise their names from the kayak crossing of the Tasman Sea that they did in 2008.
Justin and James on a warm up session in NZ during during August of 2011.
Photo from Mount Cook Ski Planes via Nick.
Justin Jones (left) and James Castrission pose at the South Pole.Sydney-based adventurers Justin Jones (left) and James Castrission pose at the South Pole. Photo: AFP

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They made it - See:-

Thursday 28 June 2012

More Ashburton Provost shots.

I have posted these four additional closer up shots of the Ashburton Aviation Museums Piston Provost in response to a request I received several months ago.

 The pic below is of the long range fuel tank located behind the pilots seats.

ZK-HNL at work

I got some pics at Taupo on Tuesday (26-06-2012) of the Helicopter Services (BOP) Ltd, Ecureuil ZK-HNL (c/n 1550) doing some monsoon bucket sling stuff for the Dept of Conservation and Rural Fire Service. The Farmers Air Cresco ZK-LTG and the Super Air Cresco ZK-LTQ were also there practicing drops down the runway.ZK-HNL came new to NZ for Helicopters (NZ) Ltd in March of 1982 and served with several Antarctic summer expeditions with the Italians at Terra Nova Bay and also time in Burma and Cambodia. Its last "ice" trip was during the 2003/2004 summer, after which it went to Aircraft Maintenance Taupo Ltd from 14-06-2004 followed by a transfer to Helicopter Services (BOP) Ltd on 18-06-2004.


Below :-
Same helicopter - but about three weeks ago when it was operating with a spreader.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Farewell to "QC"

Airwork said farewell to long time NZ resident Boeing 737-219C (Adv) ZK-NQC 27 June 2012.  To save duplicating the post click on the registration for redirection to a sister blog.

Ashburton drop in 26-06-2012

Sheltering from the cold wind, behind a hangar, at Ashburton was the MD NOTAR ZK-HBC(c/n LN-018) of Mt Hutt Helicopters.

The major project on at the Ashburton Aviation Museum is the Percival Provost.
Below is a brief history of this airframe - as attached to the fuselage side.

Under new ownership and now on display in the main Museum hangar is the Simmonds Spartan ZK-ABK. Ownership changed to PatScotter on 31-03-2012.

Sunday 24 June 2012

FW 190 Replicas of New Zealand (3) - How Would You Like That? 1/2 Scale, 3/4 Scale or Full Size?

Following on from my earlier posts on FW 190 replicas in New Zealand, another amazing thing happened in early 2011 when a full size FW 190 replica arrived in Blenhiem from Germany.  This was the original Flug Werk replica that first flew in Germany in 2004.  Flug Werk was formed by Claus Colling and Hans Wildmoser to build what were essentially "late production models"of the Focke Wulf A8 - this was the short nose FW 190 with a BMW 801 radial engine.

For comparison I post below photos of the 3 FW 190 replicas that have flown in New Zealand to date

The 1/2 scale W.A.R Aircraft Replicas FW 190 ZK-FWI which I reckon looks quite realistic and is obviously a replica of a short nose FW 190.  Sadly this aircraft crash landed in a paddock near Levin on 22/6/12 following engine problems.  From photos the damage, while severe, seemed to me to be repairable so maybe we will see it flying again.  If anyone else wants a 1/2 scale FW 190, Gilles Kupfer has one for sale on his website (look under Projects, it is currently minus engine in Switzerland).

The 3/4 scale (Jurca MJ-8) FW 190D ZK-YKZ of Gilles Kupfer, which is also impressive.  You can see it is a replica of the long nose FW 190D model.  Thanks to Gilles Kupfer for the photo.

And finally the full size Flug Werk FW 190 A8/N replica ZK-RFR (c/n 990001) of the Chariots of Fire Collection at Omaka. This was first registered in New Zealand on 11/4/11 and first flew on 20 April 2011.  It has a Shvetsov A Sh-82T radial engine of around 1700 HP.  Very impressive!  Thanks to Blue Bus for the photo.


FW 190 Replicas of New Zealand (2) - Jurca MJ-8

In 2009 an exotic import arrived in Wanaka from Switzerland.  This was the Jurca MJ-8 Focke Wulf 190 replica HB-YKZ which had been built in Switzerland by Gilles Kupfer over a period of around 5 years and which had first flown at Sion Air Force Base on 20/12/07.  It was registered ZK-YKZ in New Zealand.

The MJ-8 is a 3/4 scale replica of the FW 190D, which was the long nose version of the FW 190 which was powered by an in-line Jumo 213A V 12 engine.  Gilles aircraft represents a D 9 model of the JG 53 Fighter Unit of the Luftwaffe.  The MJ-8 has a length of 21 feet 9 inches (6.63 metres) and a wingspan of 26 feet 10 inches (7.87 metres).  It has an empty weight of 880 pounds (400 Kg) and a MAUW of 1,380 pounds.

ZK-YKZ (c/n 5) was first registered in New Zealand to Gilles Kupfer on 11/2/09 and first flew at Wanaka on 20/3/09.  It had a Vedeneyev M 14P radial engine of 360 HP.  It was damaged in a ground loop after landing at Wanaka on 31/3/10, but it was repaired and has been re-engined with a 400HP Vedeneyev M 14PF engine.  Another amazing aircraft in New Zealand!

Thanks to Gilles Kupfer for the above photo which was taken at Wanaka on 1 May 2012.  Gilles has an excellent website detailing his aircraft at , and he can supply a kitset and Vedeneyev engine for your own 3/4 scale FW 190D replica if you want.  Contact Gilles through the website.

A couple from Rangiora today 24-06-2012

Allan Bowman was on duty at Rangiora today (24-06-2012) and captured these two aircraft of interest.
Above is the Christchurch based Cessna A150L Aerobat ZK-DMG (c/n A1500443) of the Air New Zealand Sports and Social Club (Southern) Inc. It has been with them since July of 1981. It is a 1973 model built as N6192F and imported by Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd and registered here on 31-10-1973. It first flew and gained its certificate of airworthiness on 23-11-1973 and was transferred to the Central Hawkes Bay Aero Club at Waipukarau on 21-03-1973
Below is the Rangiora based, seldom seen outside of its hangar, EAA Acro Sport 11 ZK-VWT (c/n AACA/635) of Andrew Beasley. This was built by David Comrie of Dunedin and joined the register on 04-02-1982.


In the previous posting we talked about the Bell 47J-2 Ranger ZK-HGO.
Assisting HGO in this offshore oil exploration work was the Hughes 369HS ZK-HIA.
Once again the photographs come from the CMM collection.
ZK-HIA was Hughes 369HS c/n 640605S and was registered from new with Dalhoff and king (NZ) Ltd of Wellington on 01-11-1974. It was assembled by Rex Aviation and although intended for Wishart Helicopters Ltd - was in fact delivered to Helicopters (NZ) Ltd of Nelson from 04-02-1975.
This delivery change apparently came about due to its late arrival in NZ.
All three photographs were taken at Christchurch during August of 1975.
In the top photo - if memory serves me correctly - the white fenced area beyond the tail was the old landing "T" and further back is the old site for the meteorological enclosure with runway 29 beyond.

On 07-07-1976 ZK-HIA was transferred to Mountain Helicopters Ltd of Wellington. It lost power at Tarawera on 25-04-1977 and during the forced landed on a road it rolled over, caught fire and was destroyed.

Friday 22 June 2012


The above photo of ZK-HGO was taken by Lord Nelson at Christchurch sometime during 1974.  This prompted me to look into the CMM files and I found the following three photos of ZK-HGO as seen at Christchurch during August of 1975.

Now ZK-HGO was a Bell 47J-2 with the c/n 1865 and was first noted in about mid 1962 as N73254 with North American Aviation Inc out of Elsegundo in California. In 1968 it became N855NA and then N6237N with Utility Helicopters of Long Beach.
It arrived in NZ in 1973 with some 7414 flying hours and became ZK-HGO with Helicopters (NZ) Ltd of Nelson on 11-10-1973 and was to be used on the Sedco offshorre oil exploration rig. As you can plainly see, it is on pontoons with large Company insignia and has "Offshore Servicing and Support" on the rear fuselage. Small ZK-HGO letters appear below the doors.
At some point it was withdrawn and stored at Nelson until cancelled on 19-04-1985.
Over a year later it was listed as VH-JAV to Nagari Pty Ltd at Bankstown on 12-06-1986.

The following two photographs have been kindly sent in by Dave Ayre show VH-JAV.
Above VH-JAV as seen at Bankstown on 22-03-1987.
Below VH-JAV at Bankstown on 23-02-1992 in Queensland Helicopter markings.
By 23-09-1999 it was with Tim Rayner of Longreach, Queensland.
By 28-07-2001 it was with Welch Aviation at Bellthorpe, Queensland but was cancelled by CASA on 06-07-2006 as being non compliant with sub regulation 202.225 (whatever that means).
It then appears to have been put out to rest at Caboolture as per the two photos below.

Below are two shots of VH-JAV as seen at Caboolture. Upper one taken on 19-03-2007 by Ray Benton and comes via Air Britain Historians.
 Below : VH-JAV as seen at Caboolture on 18-07-2009 by Ian McDonell via Air Britain Historians.
Various aviation historical lists then show that this airframe became VH-RTK3 but I can find no evidence for this (there was a Bell 47G that became VH-RTK).

But wait !
Thats not all !

On 24-01-2008 Kiwi Kopters Tauranga listed this helicopter as ZK-HGI4 and it is painted similar to its 1970/80's  scheme, with some additional details on the door.
For recent shots of ZK-HGI go to :-
Now I have a small problem with dates here. If it was photographed at Caboolture in serious kitset form on 18-07-2009 - how come it was listed as ZK-HGI4 on 24-01-2008 ?

Inflite about to take flight!

Captured departing Airwork's Ardmore helicopter maintenance facility on the morning of 22 June was long time NZ resident AS355F1 Twin Squirrel ZK-HPA wearing the colours of yet to be launched Inflite Charters Ltd.  It is understood Inflite Charters will be a combination of three current air charter providers, these being Air National (no longer involved in flight operation), Skylink (Airwork NZ) and Helilink (also Airwork NZ).  

Inflite Charters will initially operate a fleet of two Jetstream 32's and a Metroliner (hopefully these fixed wings will sport the same colour scheme) along with a Bell 427, Robinson R44's and this AS355 while Helilink will continue to operate the rescue helicopters at Auckland, New Plymouth and Wellington along with the two Police Eagle AS355's at Auckland and other associated support rotor wing machines.

Official launch for the new brand is early July. 

Thursday 21 June 2012

ZK-RHZ nearly there.

About to commence its engine running in, is the Rans S-6ES Coyote 11 ZK-RHZ (c/n 08031519) of East Canterbury Aviation at Rangitata Island. As seen today (21-06-2012) by Allan Bowman.

Also on site was the Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-MVS (c/n 049) from Maximum Ventures of Wanaka.

Black and White

 Raytheon 1900D ZK-EAG2 (c/n UE-430) in its "all Black" scheme taxiing in.
First time visit to NZCH in this scheme (so I was told)) for the Vincent Aviation "Life Flight Trust" British Aerospace Jeststream Srs 3200 Model 3202 ZK-LFW (c/n 976).
This aircraft arrived at Wellington from Sydney on 05-05-2012 and became ZK-LFW on the 21st.
Check out previous posts at :-
Both captured 21-06-2012 at Christchurch.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Holiday at Rangiora for ZK-JPW

Normally based at Ashburton is the Yak 52 ZK-JPW (c/n 822214) of the Ashburton Yak Syndicate.
However it is currently based at Rangiora for a few weeks to give the local syndicate owners an opportunity to play without having to travel down to NZAS. It came on our register on 05-05-05.
Photograph from Allan Bowman.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

W.A.R Aircraft Replicas of New Zealand - FW 190

The next type of single seat homebuilt aircraft to be registered in New Zealand was the W.A.R Aircraft Replicas FW 190, of which we have had only one to date.

W.A.R Aircraft Replicas was formed in 1974 to market a range of half size WW 2 warbird replicas.  They all share the same basic wooden frame with an overlay of foam to form the required shape and a skin of fibreglass.  Several models have flown overseas including the Focke Wulfe FW 190, Messerschmidt Bf 109, Mitsubishi Zero, Republic P 47 Bearcat, North American P 51 Mustang, Chance Vought F4U Corsair and Hawker Sea Fury.  Of course, because the original aircraft were different sizes the W.A.R replicas must be only nearly half scale for some (the P 47 was a pretty big aircraft).

The nominal length is 16 and a half feet, and the wingspan is 20 feet.  The empty weight is around 600 pounds and MAUW is 900 pounds.  Engines can be 80 HP to 140 HP and nominal performance includes a stall speed of 55 mph and a maximum speed of 165 mph.

The photos are from the Keith Morris collection.

FW 190 replica ZK-FWI (c/n AACA/309) was built by Roger Jordan and was completed in Wellington.  It was first registered on 12/9/90 and it first flew at Paraparaumu on 7/10/92.  Roger made a nice job of the aircraft and the lines are quite authentic.  It is photo'd here at Paraparaumu quite early on in its life.

It was sold to Bruce Harvey of Taupo on 29/9/00 and it is photo'd here at Taupo in 2003.  It was sold to Bay Flight International of Mt Maunganui on 30/9/09, and then to Murray Mills of Wellington on 9/5/12.  It crash-landed after an engine failure near Levin on 22/6/12.

The registration ZK-LBW (c/n AACA/179/3) was reserved for a W.A.R Aircraft Replicas F4U Corsair but it was never completed.   I doubt whether we will see any more of these replicas in New Zealand as they have been overtaken by other more modern (?) replica types.

A quiet day at Hastings today 19-06-2012

Must have been a quiet couple of days at Hastings - because almost half of the Air Hawkes Bay fleet is weather bound at Christchurch 19-06-2012. Below is the Cessna 172N Superhawk 180 ZK-EKG (c/n 172-69830) of Air Hawkes Bay Ltd.
The Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk ZK-EQB (c/n 38-79A0750) of Air Hawkes Bay Ltd.
 The Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk ZK-FJS (c/n 38-79A00877) of Air Hawkes Bay Ltd.
 The Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk ZK-FTP (c/n 78-A0185) of Air Hawkes Bay Ltd.
The Cessna 172R Skyhawk ZK-JKA (c/n 17280414) of Air Hawkes Bay Ltd.
 The Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP ZK-JMR (c/n 172S10639) of Air Hawkes Bay.
Was there anybody guarding the Pa ?
What with 3/7th of your fleet weather bound in Quakecity.

But they were not the only ones sitting it out.
Below is some of the Canterbury Aero Club fleet getting a cold soak.