Wednesday 13 June 2012

Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego "PZL-Mielec"

I ran out of space in the blog title.The full version is
Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego "PZL-Mielec" PZL M18B "Dromader"
( where PZL = Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze Sp z oo).

We are looking at the assembly of the first PZL M18B Dromader ZK-RMC (c/n 1Z026-29) in NZ at Omaka during October of 1997.
This Dromader arrived new in the USA on 23-05-1997 and was allocated the US registration of N9132X with Melex USA Inc of Raleigh, North Carolina and was forwarded onto NZ reaching Lyttelton in September 1997.
It was put together at Omaka for Patchett Ag-Air Ltd and first flew on 22-10-1997.

These neat pics were taken during that process by Kevin Patchett (brother of the owner) and have been forwarded on by Lord Nelson from his shoe box.
The engine is a PZL-Kalisz ASz-621R-M18 (also known as the Shvetsov).
Being the first of type in NZ it gained its Type Acceptance Certificate on 22-10-1997 and was to be used in the lime spraying (in suspension) role.

It went offshore - departing Kaitaia for Norfolk Island on 21-12 1998 and continued to Lord Howe Island and Kempsey the following day to take up the Australian registration of VH-SAJ with Leafair Pty Ltd of Deniliquin , NSW on 03-05-1999.
Photo available here :-
As from 29-06-2009 it has been with Central Highlands Aerial Services Pty Ltd of Emerald, Queensland.

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