Thursday 21 June 2012

Black and White

 Raytheon 1900D ZK-EAG2 (c/n UE-430) in its "all Black" scheme taxiing in.
First time visit to NZCH in this scheme (so I was told)) for the Vincent Aviation "Life Flight Trust" British Aerospace Jeststream Srs 3200 Model 3202 ZK-LFW (c/n 976).
This aircraft arrived at Wellington from Sydney on 05-05-2012 and became ZK-LFW on the 21st.
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Both captured 21-06-2012 at Christchurch.


  1. The Life Flight Trust plane was in Nelson today, 05-04-14,

    I was at the airport hunting up a heli company worker for a trademe $1 reserve auction I won and recognised the plane from the recent TV series so took a snap with my DSLR, the weather wasn't the best for photography.

  2. Evening Rhys.
    I tried your link but failed to connect !
    Blue Bus