Sunday 24 June 2012

FW 190 Replicas of New Zealand (2) - Jurca MJ-8

In 2009 an exotic import arrived in Wanaka from Switzerland.  This was the Jurca MJ-8 Focke Wulf 190 replica HB-YKZ which had been built in Switzerland by Gilles Kupfer over a period of around 5 years and which had first flown at Sion Air Force Base on 20/12/07.  It was registered ZK-YKZ in New Zealand.

The MJ-8 is a 3/4 scale replica of the FW 190D, which was the long nose version of the FW 190 which was powered by an in-line Jumo 213A V 12 engine.  Gilles aircraft represents a D 9 model of the JG 53 Fighter Unit of the Luftwaffe.  The MJ-8 has a length of 21 feet 9 inches (6.63 metres) and a wingspan of 26 feet 10 inches (7.87 metres).  It has an empty weight of 880 pounds (400 Kg) and a MAUW of 1,380 pounds.

ZK-YKZ (c/n 5) was first registered in New Zealand to Gilles Kupfer on 11/2/09 and first flew at Wanaka on 20/3/09.  It had a Vedeneyev M 14P radial engine of 360 HP.  It was damaged in a ground loop after landing at Wanaka on 31/3/10, but it was repaired and has been re-engined with a 400HP Vedeneyev M 14PF engine.  Another amazing aircraft in New Zealand!

Thanks to Gilles Kupfer for the above photo which was taken at Wanaka on 1 May 2012.  Gilles has an excellent website detailing his aircraft at , and he can supply a kitset and Vedeneyev engine for your own 3/4 scale FW 190D replica if you want.  Contact Gilles through the website.

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  1. Thanks to Don Grant on Facebook I see this is now ZK-ZZW and is shortly to move to Mount Maunganui. Excellent news!