Wednesday 6 June 2012

Boeing 737-3U3 ZK-NGF - withdrawn

The NZ Civil Aviation Authority records the cancellation of Air New Zealand Boeing 737-3U3 ZK-NGF on 05 June 2012 as being withdrawn, an unusual event for a NZ jetliner considering most are sold/re leased to off shore operators.

ZK-NGF, c/n 28734 line number 2974, first flew on 12 December 1997 as N6067E with Garuda allocating PK-GGJ.  The delivery did not take place and the aircraft ended up with Frontier Airlines in the US as N309FL from November the following year with whom it remained until Air New Zealand took over the lease in May 2000.  Registered ZK-NGF, the 737 departed Marana Air Park for Los Angeles and Honolulu 03 May and flew onto Apia and Christchurch where it arrived on 05 May having crossed the dateline on its last sector.

It entered service as NZ560 from Christchurch to Auckland on 28 May 2000.
The aircraft remained in service until 09 July 2011 when it flew what was to be its final ever flight as NZ517 from Auckland to Christchurch where it arrived having clocked up 33100 hours and 31362 cycles.  Air New Zealand purchased the aircraft from the leasing company and proceeded to then reduce the aircraft to spare parts with it finally being cancelled as "withdrawn" on 05 June 2012.

The recent departure of the two Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400's to Phoenix/Goodyear would technically be a case of the aircraft being "withdrawn" however they have been shown as "exported" as they take up FAA markings prior to being broken up.
ZK-NGF (at right) had the honour of being one of three 737-300's flown in formation from Auckland to Christchurch on 11 November 2008 for 40 years of 737 service celebrations at the Garden City. 

In happier times, at Auckland 23 March 2010, MRC photo
At Christchurch 12 September 2011, Tony M photo
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  1. I have just found your blog and I must say, WOW!! anything and everything I ever wanted to know about NZ aviation is right here. Sad to see the onset on the 737 evictions. Not to mention the 744's. All the classics being ripped to shreds and sold for scrap.Would be nice if Air NZ would donate one of the 744s to MOTAT, haha can you imagine how much space that would take up. And can you imagine Air NZ doing that? anyway enough of the dreams. Thanks for the awesome blog. Bookmarked !!