Sunday 17 June 2012

A cold but busy Rangiora today 17-06-2012

Two views of the Les Eade Rans S-6ES ZK-LVE (c/n 05051662ES) at Rangiora today.  Above in the circuit with Paul Woodley sorting engine temperatures (or lack of it). Below, the usual big smile.

Above we have Brendon Marshall and Doug Anderson getting comfortable before taxiing out in the Airborne Windsports Edge X 582 ZK-RAD2.
Down from Blenheim was Ivan McClelland in his Zenith Zodiac CH601-XL B ZK-CMI2 (c/n 6309). In the background is the Pulsar ZK-MIV back tracking and the Robinson R44 ZK-ITZ hovering and awaiting a chance to cross the active to the fuel pumps.

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