Friday 28 February 2014

Last weekend

Clear skies and warm temperatures greeted participants at last weekend's aviation event hosted in the Hawkes Bay timed to coincide with the Art Deco celebrations in Napier.

For more photos check out

Thanks to QW for these shots, mostly taken at Napier with the exception of the two with captions:

At Bridge Pa

At Bridge Pa

Thursday 27 February 2014

Wings and Wheels, Mosgiel last weekend.

A friend of mine Lisa Hill sent these interesting shots to share.

Progressive Aerodyne Sea Rey c/n: N471, ZK-WET owned by C.J.Buist of South Dunedin

DH82A Tiger Moth, ZK-AKC (NZ847) c/n: DHNZ97 owned by Allied Press Ltd of Dunedin

Wayne Morgan Single Seat, ZK-RCF c/n: 014837791 owned by A.J.Milburn of Mosgiel.

Australian Av Works Karatoo J6 C, ZK-KTN c/n: J6 661P owned by N.P.Forrester of Dunedin.

Quite a varied bunch of aircraft that other than the Tiger Moth I have never seen before. I look forward to more interesting finds from Lisa


The Canterbury Aero Club Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk ZK-EYB2 (c/n 38-78A0150) has been involved in an accident at Burnt Hill Near Oxford this evening.
Both occupants were injured.
We wish them a full and speedy recovery.
This aircraft arrived in NZ in a damaged state and was stored in the Auckland area for some time with Russell Ward before the CAC picked it up about mid 2002 - rebuilt it and registered it on 28-11-2002.
The above photo was taken at the "Last Fly-In" at Wigram on 20-09-2008.

Solomons Jolly.

Today I offer a few shots taken in the Solomon Islands recently by Jeremy Rutherford. 
I am breaking our own rules by posting aircraft with no NZ history.
 Fairey Britten-Norman BN2A Islander H4-AAI (c/n 355) was built as G-BBLX and listed to B-N (Bembridge) on 16-10-1973 and then to George Wimpey and Co Ltd  of London on 09-01-1974 before becoming N355BN. It joined Solomon Airlines in August 1979.
Above : self check in for the baggage.
 The De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter H4-SID (c/n 442) was  built as 3B-NAB for Air Mauritius. Other operators include Air Melanesia as YJ-RV9; then it passed through Australia as VH-XFE on its way to Talair at Goroka as P2-RDZ before returning to VH-XFE with Flight West Airlines and some time with Aeropelican Airlines. It went to Solomon Airline in November of 1994.
Above H4-SID is hearding up its passengers.
 The Hughes OH-6A Cayuse N220CM (c/n 0969) was listed to Patrick Murphy on the US register.
It was cancelled on 23-12-97 as exported - rumour has it that it was impounded by the Solomon authorities as it was believed to be bound for Bouganville.
It was built for the US Army and wore the 67-16584 serial

 Paul Hubbard has two Australian registered helicopters at Honiara. Above is a partial shot of the Bell 222U VH-HBA4 (c/n 47505). This has been around a bit - starting as N3180T, followed by A6-SRM, UAQ-1, N12GH and N911EC.
 His other helicopter is the Aerospatiale as 350B VH-EDG3 (c/n 2805) - ex N32PM.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

On Ice with ZK-IDE

Here we have a few pics of Aerospatiale AS 350 B3 Squirrel ZK-IDE (c/n 4544) at the Scott Base helicopter pad.
Pics taken 5th February 2014 by Marty Flanagan.
 Note the open sea off the Base. I think a reasonably rare event.
( So that is one more "cone" accounted for. )
IDE was flown down to Antarctica aboard a US military C17 in November.

De Havilland stop over at NZRI Tuesday.

Stopping in at Rangitata Island on Tuesday (24-02-2014) on their return North following Weekend Eight at Mandeville were the following.
Pics kindly sent in by Russell Brodie.
 De Havilland DH83C Fox Moth ZK-APT with c/n FM48 is one of Stan Smith's North Shore based aircraft.
 De Havilland DH82A ZK-BEC (c/n 83626) is the Ace Edwards Tiger Moth.
 The "Foxy Lady" is De Havilland DH82A ZK-BFF (c/n 83564) of John Pheasant.
 James Schmidt's De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-CCQ is c/n DHNZ132.
The Beaver Preservation Trusts De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver ZK-CKH (c/n 25) is the support aircraft for the trip.
What's with the removal of its NZ6001 markings ?
Ah De Havilland
Don't overlook the Auster ZK-DBU (c/n 2096), another of the Stan Smith fleet, marked as NZ1702 in the background of the ZK-CCQ photo.
And under the wing tip of ZK-APT !

Sunday 23 February 2014

More from Taieri last Thursday.

 David Jopp hover Taxi's his Robinson R22 Beta ZK-IDJ (c/n 3559) out to the holding area.
This Robbie began as ZK-HVG2 in April of 2004 but was changed to ZK-IFT in March of 2006 whilst it was with Nokomai Ltd. It was sold to Lochar Helicopters in October 2007 and then to Maritanga Station in mid October of 2010.
It was re-registered using David's initials to ZK-IDJ on 26-09-2011.
It will soon be based on the Station near Ranfurly along with the Cessna 150M ZK-EFE.
 The Armstrong Family Trust had their Sisler SF-2A Cygnet ZK-LXB (c/n AACA/361) out in the sunshine for a while today.
Still listed to Mainland Air Services (2010) Ltd is the North American NA88 AT6D (Harvard III*) ZK-ENE (c/n 88-14678). This was previously active with the RNZAF as NZ1066 from1943 and joined our civil register on 20-06-1978.
Seen here outside the Southair hangar at Taieri.

A big new Hen house at Oamaru

The McDonnell Douglas 500N (MD520N) NOTAR ZK-HEN3 (c/n LN019) of Heliventures NZ Ltd is seen above outside the Oamaru Airport terminal building on Saturday the 22nd.
In the background is a big new tin shed for ZK-HEN and its partner ZK-IEN (c/n LN047).

Saturday 22 February 2014

Early Colour Photos of Druine Turbulents of New Zealand (5)

Continuing with colour photos of our early Turbulents from the Don Noble Collection.

I originally posted on these Turbulents at:

I have gone back and added these photos to my original post.

ZK-CDT at Palmerston North, 8/1/66.

ZK-CDT at Matamata, 6/3/71.

ZK-CGT at Rotorua, 25/11/67.

ZK-CGT at Matamata, 6/3/71.

ZK-CGT at Omaka, 27/1/73.

ZK-CGU at Hastings, 26/1/74.

ZK-CGU at Dairy Flat, North Shore, 16/5/85.

ZK-CGU at Dairy Flat, North Shore, 30/2/88.

Friday 21 February 2014

Hudson and Grasshopper

Acting on a tip from Lord Nelson I visited Riwaka and found these two interesting items.
One caravan said to be built from a Lockheed Hudson fuselage.
I asked a couple of locals about it but they knew nothing.
Do you know its history ?
The mortal remains of what I believe to be the Colin Winton Grasshopper ZK-JOP (c/n 11).
Its registration was cancelled on 27-05-2005.
Thanks to Lord Nelson for the location tip off.

An hour at Taieri 20-02-2014

I spent a very happy hour waiting at Taieri on Thursday 20-02-2014 and managed to capture the following movements.
 The Elliott and Chalmers Alpi Pioneer 300 ZK-CJZ (c/n 224) headed up Central way.
The Hedgehope Trust's Rans S-7S Courier ZK-ZKC (c/n 0809529) was pottering about in the circuit.
 Kawasaki BK117 B2 ZK-IME ( 1074) was patiently (so to speak) waiting outside its hangar.
 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger ZK-IWY ( c/n 52301) was hovering on top of a rope.
And the Fiordland Aero Clubs Alpi Pioneer 200 ZK-LPA (c/n 2021) tried unsuccessfully to escape my lens.