Monday 10 February 2014

Early Colour Photos of Druine Turbulents of New Zealand (1)

With the 50th Anniversary of the first AACA flyin coming up in less than a month's time at Bridge Pa airfield in Hastings, I thought I would post colour photos of our early homebuilt aircraft from Don Noble's excellent colour slide collection, starting with Druine Turbulents.

I have posted the history of New Zealand's Turbulents in a series of posts beginning in April 2010, and I have gone back and added these photos into the original posts where I only had black and white photos.  The link to my original post is:

ZK-BWE at Ardmore, 12/8/63. 

ZK-BWE at Ardmore, 17/12/66.

ZK-BVT at the 1973 AACA flyin at Omaka, 27/1/73.

ZK-BVT at Masterton, 15/3/86.

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