Monday 3 February 2014

More North Shore pics 3-02-2014

I travelled up to North Shore airfield today to see progress on Composite Helicopters' new KC 518 Adventourer.

Progress is good and test pilot Norbert Idelon bought me up to date.  All is ready and awaiting the new composite main rotor blades that are being manufactured in-house.  That's Norbert anticipating his test piloting in the cockpit.

But on a lovely day there is always other activity going on.  Great Barrier Airlines Trislander ZK-LGC took off to reposition at Auckland International.

North Shore is Trislander Central, with Great Barrier's red ZK-LGW parked on the apron, with the sad ZK-LOU behind.  And in open storage between a couple of hangars were more Trislander bits, including the fuselage of VH-NKW and another Trislander fuselage.

Flight Hauraki's Cessna 207 ZK-MDZ roared in for a landing.

I had seen it orbiting over the North Shore earlier in the morning and it turns out it was doing air to ground photography.

Cessna 172S ZK-XOX was a new one to me, but it turns out to be owned by a Waitakere owner and is based on the field.  It was first registered on 16/11/05 so it has been around for a while.

I never usually give North Shore Aero Club's ubiquitous Robin fleet a second glance, but here are (from left) R 2120's ZK-TZK. ZK-TZH and ZK-TZG.

And finally a surprise in the North Shore Aero Club hangar was the Rans S 7 Courier ZK-XBO, a long way from its Outram base.  That is one chunky aeroplane!


  1. Crikey! ZK-XBO was at Omaka on 1-2 Feb for Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Championships!

  2. Anonymous

    Do you have any photos from the Healthy Bastards championships? If you do it would be great if you could email me some, and I will post them.

    Who were the winners?