Wednesday 26 December 2007

New aviation publication

New publication to hit the stands in early February.

The first edition of the new "NZ AeroNews" edited by Graeme Porter will hit the stands from February 1st 2008.

It will be in a similar but updated format to NZ Aviation News which Graeme has been involved with for the last 15 years.

Due to irreconsilable differences with the other two shareholders Graeme has gone his seperate way.

All the current contributors and a very high percentage of the advertisers have moved to the new publication.

Is this the end of NZ Aviation News ?

Monday 24 December 2007


Noted at Christchurch 24.12.07 MD500E ZK-INM which was until recently ZK-HOT with Alpine Helicopters in Wanaka.

Passing through.

Strong Northeasterly winds restricted the lighter side of aviation around Christchurch this weekend.

However I did catch the Dyn Aero MCR01 Club ZK-WIK c/n 342 as it arrived at Rangiora direct from Parakai in under four hours.

After a quick refuel and toilet stop it headed off to Balclutha.

Question time

Thought I would throw in an occasional question.

Question being :-

What is it ?

And once you have that:-

What is its registration ?

Thursday 20 December 2007


I've just discovered that if you click on the subject heading, then the comments come up on the same screen.

Easier than clicking on the "Comment" at the bottom of the post and getting another slow loading overlay.

I'm slowly learning !

I noted the olde DC-3 overflying the Garden City at about 1530 this afternoon. Looked like "Amy".
It certainly had two engines and both were circulating.

Wednesday 19 December 2007

ZK-JSN Confirmation

Well it's certainly marked up as N135KM, as can be seen. They could of course have made mistake in painting it on. Thanks for enlightening me on the rationale.

AW139 Flies Away!

Helicopters (NZ) latest flagship, AW139 ZK-HNZ, flew away from Ardmore this morning following its reconstruction with Hawker Pacific. The helicopter departed to the west and appeared on radar to continue south so presume it has been delivered to New Plymouth.

On departure from Ardmore, Colin Hunter photo

Jetstream J41's Change Identity

The last two former Origin Pacific Jetstream 41's have gone onto the US Civil Register. Between 12th and 14th December, the former ZK-JSO became N156KM, and ZK-JSN became N135KM. The former looks ready to go, while N135KM probably has some time here yet.

Just to see what happens when I upload some more photographs! The R44 is ZK-HFF at North Shore on 12th, and the Saratoga N515SC was there at the same time.

Trust the computers are still intact after that!

8000th Robinson

Robinson R44 II ZK-HGZ S/N:11984 seen outside Skysales Christchurch facility 19.12.07 has the distinction of being the 8000th Robinson helicopter produced. HGZ will be delivered to it's new owner by weeks end.

Tuesday 18 December 2007

Northland Note

Just a trial really - to see whether I can master this new technology! Wandered around parts north of Auckland last week. At North Shore on 12th, assembly of new R44 HFF was almost finished - all-over dark blue. HeliNorth tell me it will be partially repainted on delivery (the previous HFF, an R22, still exists more or less intact outside their hangar at Whangarei). They are operating R44's HPS and IMH at present. Being assembled at Whangarei Airport was R44 II HGM for Salt Air (a 2-3 year old ex-US machine N442RB with 120 hours up). It will join B206 HFE. At Kerikeri Airport, recent import Cessna 172 TRS was noted in company with similar machine WAX. TRS's predecessor TAR also seemed to be frequently coupled to WAX! At Heliops base, R44's HXA and HXC were outside with a 'new' R22B in the hangar for Croydon Thompson.

Thursday 13 December 2007

Recent Additions

Spied at Ardmore today, 13Dec07, where two recent additions to the ZK register. Peter Vela of NZ Bloodstock has added Eurocopter EC130 ZK-HPV (4322) to his stable bringing the NZ population of these machines to one dozen. This is the third helicopter to wear this personalised registration and joins Eurocopter AS350B3 ZK-IPV. ZK-HPV/3 was placed on the register just three days ago.

Lifting for circuits, Mike Condon photo

On the lighter side of helicopters was Ardmore Helicopters latest addition, Schweizer 269C-1 ZK-IMX (0316). It was parked outside the Oceania facility. It was only registered two days ago.

Mike Condon photo