Tuesday 18 December 2007

Northland Note

Just a trial really - to see whether I can master this new technology! Wandered around parts north of Auckland last week. At North Shore on 12th, assembly of new R44 HFF was almost finished - all-over dark blue. HeliNorth tell me it will be partially repainted on delivery (the previous HFF, an R22, still exists more or less intact outside their hangar at Whangarei). They are operating R44's HPS and IMH at present. Being assembled at Whangarei Airport was R44 II HGM for Salt Air (a 2-3 year old ex-US machine N442RB with 120 hours up). It will join B206 HFE. At Kerikeri Airport, recent import Cessna 172 TRS was noted in company with similar machine WAX. TRS's predecessor TAR also seemed to be frequently coupled to WAX! At Heliops base, R44's HXA and HXC were outside with a 'new' R22B in the hangar for Croydon Thompson.

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