Wednesday 30 June 2010

Question time # 103 resolved.

Sir Minty got the correct answer - first attempt. [Hmmph obviously too easy !]
It is the Murray Woods Jabiru U/L ZK-LEI , c/n 574 , as spied at Foxpine on 17-02-09.
Top view is a slightly enlarged shot of the QT picture. It shows the Foxpine logo near the top of the fin (thats why I cut it off the clue).

Bottom view is the complete aircraft.

Powered by the 2200cc , 80hp Jabiru engine. Wing span is 9.4m and it has the 0.61m longer fuselage.

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Question time # 103

Would you like to tell me what we have in this view ?

Monday 28 June 2010

Yet to be......................

Yet to be placed on the NZ register is this example of the Tecnam P2006T ZK-TTW, here seen under tow today the Tecnam hanger at Ardmore 28Jun. The first example in NZ, ZK-TZY, first flew 19Jun, see

Cessna 172M ZK-TGI from Kerikeri's Quantum Learning was at Ardmore for a brief stop over. It carries the flying school's name in small titles on the nose cowl.

Sunday 27 June 2010

Mooney M20C Mk21 ZK-CPP

Anonymous contacted me and asked if I could pop up some pics of the Mooney M20C Mk21 ZK-CPP that he did some flying in during his teenage years.
So I offer the four following photos.
ZK-CPP with the c/n M20C-3266 was I believe delivered into Auckland on 11-02-1966 as N2554W. It was registered to the Wellington Aero Club on 25-01-1966 until it was taken over by the Club President Tom Coleridge on 27-01-1969. It was still available for Club use during Tom's ownership.
Jim Dillon of Blenheim took it off Tom's hands on 20-07-1977, followed by John McVicar of Christchurch from 21-09-1998. It is now based at Rangiora.
Top pic is at Wellington on an unknown date and the second B&W shot was taken on 12-03-1969.

The first colour view is at Christchurch, with the old Canterbury Aero Club building in the background as at 06-04-1988.

Final view is at Rangiora on 06-01-2009.

The Cessna 150 ZK-BWI moved up to Wanganui in about November of 1963. So I guess I was a few years ahead of you.

Victa Aircruiser 210 CS ZK-DAH

Wayne Rudd sent in this first photograph which he believes was taken in 1972. Thats him on the right hand side.
This aircraft is the one and only Victa Aircruiser 210 CS ZK-DAH.
It was an four seat development of the Airtourer, with the 210hp motor, enclosed cockpit and side entry rather, than the Airtourers sliding canopy.
It first flew in Australia on 17-07-1966 (some sources say the 18th) and was listed with the MGV Holdings Pty Ltd.
It was flown into Auckland on 04-12-1969 aboard the QANTAS Boeing 707 VH-EBN.
It was then registered as ZK-DAH to Aero Engine Services Ltd of Hamilton on 03-12-1969 and first flew from Hamilton on December the 8th.
At some point in the early 1970's it was reworked to become the Airtourer CT2, which was to lead to the military Airtrainer CT4 version.
It was hired to the Mercury Bay Aero Club about November of 1972 (& this ties in with Wayne's memories).

The other two shots (one in magic monochrome & one in glorious Kodachome) where taken at Hamilton on 27-05-1971.
On 28-04-1975 it was relisted to New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd at Hamilton. It was used by the Aerospace Flying Club until it was flown to Australia on 25/26-10-1978 with the NZ registration being cancelled on 20-11-78.
It rejoined the Australian register - taking up its old VH-MVR marks - on 10-07-1979 for D O Rankin of West Wyalong, NSW.
Eleven years later (11-07-1990) it was listed to Des and Val Herffernan of Bega NSW.

Thanks Wayne.

Thursday 24 June 2010

Question time # 102 has been resolved.

We have a winner for Question time # 102.

It is indeed the Vickers V807 Viscount ZK-BRF , c/n 283 , as spied at the Ferrymead Museum in Christchurch.

ZK-BRF was the third Viscount for New Zealand National Airways Corporation (NZNAC) and one of six to feature on our register. It first flew on 24-02-1959 and arrived in Christchurch on delivery on 23-03-1959. It was named "City of Christchurch" and remained in service until withdrawn on 15-07-1974, with its registration being cancelled on 29-01-1975. It was handed over to the Ferrymead Aeronautical Society on 09-04-1975 and was transported to the Museum where it can be seen t this day.
The first photo shows the position of the aerial as used in the first clue.
The second pic is a general view of the rear fuselage , and pic number three is as seen from the public viewing area with clue number two being the cockpit windows.
Brett was first in with the winning combination. He also provided a link to the Vickers Viscount. Well worth a gander at
(Click on Listings, then Aircraft Histories, then enter the registration of ZK-BRF).

Peter Layne, our own aviation historian and author is the newsletter editor for this website. Peter got involved in this site whilst writing the NAC book.

The two lower photos show ZK-BRF at Wellington Airport.
The first shot (parked on the uphill tarmac) in its earlier scheme was taken on 07-01-1964. The lower photo shows her in the "Godwit" scheme on 20-06-1972.

Question time # 102 Revisited.

A revisitation of Question time # 102 is warranted because we do not yet have the correct answer.

The initial clue is the aerial below.

Top photo is clue number two showing part of the "Office Windows".

The questions again are :-
1). What aircraft type are we looking at ?
2). Would you care to place a possible ZK registration to this airframe ?

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Sud Aviation Gardan GY-80 Horizon

Allan Churn from WA responded to the Adventurer 333 blog at
and mentioned that he now owned the Horizon ex ZK-CLK & asked about other Horizons in NZ.

Yves Gardan designed the GY-80 Horizon, which was a four seater, all metal, light aircraft with retractable undercarriage (Gardan also designed of the Gardan Minicab). The prototype made its first flight on 21-07-1960 with production undertaken by Sud-Aviation; Some 267 being produced. Three of these came to NZ, all imported via the agents Clyde Engineering.

ZK-BXM , c/n 128, was imported by Clyde Engineering and was assembled by TEAL, first flying at Hobsonville on 03-03-1966 for delivery to the Auckland Flying School at Ardmore. It then spent time with the Central Flying School at Christchurch. (first photo shows it in Central Flying School script at Wellington on 14-07-1966). on 05-06-67 its u/c was retracted after landing at Palmerston North. Time was also spent with the Taupo Flying School and then the Palmerston North Flying School from 17-04-1967. (photo two shows it at Palmerston North on 29-10-1970 & photo three is at Ardmore on 08-02-1973). Other owners include N G Bishop of Hokitika from 13-09-1974 and Belmor Farm Ltd of Balclutha from 04-05-1977 with whom it had a heavy landing some time in 1979. From 08-12-1982 it was with Westland Transport Ltd at Hokitika until Sue & Des Stanaway of Auckland took over on 18-01-1983. It was with W Sneddon at Nelson from 30-10-1985, moving to Hamilton Apartments Ltd, who traded as Chateau Aviation at Hokitika, from 12-01-1988. Sakura Auto Co Ltd of Christchurch feature from 18-05-1990 followed by McLeans Manufacturing Ltd, Chistchurch taking over on 15-03-1996.
Sadly on 09-01-1999, in inclement meteorological conditions, it crashed near Montalto with the loss of the three person on board.

Horizon c/n 29 became ZK-CFT on 27-11-1963 with the agents Clyde Engineering Ltd on 27-11-63 for delivery and listing with N.Z Aerosales Ltd of Paraparaumu on 15-04-1964. They named it "Tahatu". First photo shows it at the fuel pumps of the Wellington Aero Club on 08-05 1964 (as indeed does the second shot).
It had a sting of incidents including one at Levin on 31-01-1965. Further ones on 12-07-1964 and 26-10-1965 and at Karamea on 11-02-1966, plus Paraparaumu on 06-01-1967. It was sold on to GB Holdings Ltd of Auckland on 29-05-1968, with whom it had an undercarriage collapse at Ardmore on 11-10-1968. Then another event occurred at Pakotai on 14-04-1972. Keith & Graham Wright; Trading as Wrights Sand Co Ltd; of Whangarei took it over on 12-05-1973. It was damaged at Whangarei on 25-07-1982. R W V Izard of Springhill feature from 06-09-1998 and then Charles E Cooke of Hasting from 09-11-2000. It was damaged at Springfield on 07-05-2001. The last report I have of her was of it enginless at Whangarei on 10-03-2008. (photo # 3).

Our third Horizon was ZK-CLK , c/n 71 , which was registered to Clyde Engineering Ltd at Wellington on 07-04-1965 and then to New Zealand Aerosales Ltd of Paraparaumu on 11-05-1965. With them it carried the name "Cherie". It was only listed to them for a short time before moving on to W J Jamieson (HN) Ltd of Hamilton on 18-08-1965. This first photo shows it at Timaru in NZ Aerosales markings. It was damaged in a field near Hamilton when it overturned on 03-06-1967. Next owner was B J Jamieson of Auckland from 11-08-1969 and then the Takapuna Carrying & Supply Ltd from 23-09-1974. On 10-07-1984 it was listed with Sandy and Hester Squire of Whangarei until 30-03-90 when McAlpine Helicopter Services Ltd at Albany feature. (The second photo shows it at Christchurch in August of 1990). Other owners include P Maloney of Whangaparoa from 30-01-1991, (the bottom pic shows her at Omarama on 16-02-1996), then Phillip J Gotlieb of Ohakune from 14-05-1996. The CLK Syndicate (that included S Casey) appeared from 20-06-1997. It was damaged at Whakatane on 08-05-1999; obviously not too seriously as it was ferried out of Kaitaia to Norfolk Island on 13-11-1999. Then to points further west. It became VH-YOG with Blair W Howe at Myalup in West Australia on 18-01-2000. Latest owner is Allan Churn of Ferndale WA from 22-06-2009.

Monday 21 June 2010

From the shoe box

I was scratching through the shoe box of odd photos and slides today and found two that add a little to recent posting.
I can confirm that the colour of the Beech AT-11 Kansan ZK-AHO on 30-01-1973 was indeed white with red trim.

And re triple glider tows on
I managed to dig up an even earlier photo of a triple glider tow.
This fantastic monochrome shot shows the Piper Cub ZK-BNS towing three gliders out of Invercargill Airport in March of 1968.

Sunday 20 June 2010

Question time # 102

What aircraft type is this item mounted on ?

Add a likely ZK registration as well !

Saturday 19 June 2010

Kawasaki BK117 B-2 ZK-HJK drops in to NZRT.

Helicopters Otago provided the excitement at Rangiora today (19-06-2010) with their Kawasaki BK117 B-2 ZK-HJK2 , c/n 1020 , dropping in for fuel and calls of nature after ferrying down from the far north. It has been doing live line work in the Auckland region for the last week or so and was heading back to Taieri (Dunedin) this afternoon.
Originally imported as a BK117 A-4 in June of 1998 by Airwork (NZ) Ltd, but exported to Australia as VH-HJQ - it ferried across from Kaitaia to Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands on 04-02-2001.

It was returned to Airwork in late September of 2001 and joined Helicopters Otago on 14-05-03. On 06-08-2009 it was re-designated as a BK117 B-2.

It is one of three operated from Taieri by Helicopters Otago. The other two being B-2 ZK-HUP2 c/n 1031 (black) and B-2 ZK-IME c/n 1074 (red).

The Earliest 3 Post WW2 Homebuilts of New Zealand

I have posted previously on this blog about New Zealand's earliest Post-WW2 homebuilts in the form of Druine Turbulents and Taylor Monoplanes, but there were 3 other earlier post WW2 homebuilts, and I post them here to add to the picture of New Zealand homebuilt aircraft.

The 3 homebuilt aircraft are the Savage Special (also known as the SAS Monoplane), the Andrews A1 and the Lincoln Sports.

The photos are from the Keith Morris collection unless otherwise noted.

The first of these unique aircraft was the Savage Special ZK-ALV (c/n 1). The Savage Special was based on Heath Parasol design and was built by Charlie Savage, Perry Adams and Dick Shaw (hence the SAS), in Christchurch between 1933 and 1936. It had an in-line 4 cylinder Henderson motorcycle engine which developed 20 HP but was re-engined with a second Henderson motorcycle engine that was extensively modified to produce aroun 40 HP. It was flown extensively at Wigram in 1938 but was never registered at this time. It was then stored during the war.

Following the war it was taken to Harewood and given some modifications requested by the Civil Aviation branch whereupon it was given a Certificate of Airworthiness on 19/12 47 and was registered as ZL-ALV. It was sold to M F Alexander of Christchurch, then went to W Nicholson and R Jones of Timaru. ZK-ALV was cancelled on 11/3/57 after an accident which bent the crankshaft. The above photo is courtesy of Blue Bus.

The aircraft was re-registered as ZK-BUD on 14/6/57 to R K Jones of Christchurch and another engine was installed, this time of 45 HP. It was quickly sold to K S Nicholson of Christchurch on 27/7/57 and then to Stan Smith on 28/4/58, who was living at Wellington at that time. The above photo was taken at Paraparaumu in 1965, when it flew several times. Stan later took ZK-BUD to Auckland with him where it remains stored as a future restoration project.

The second unique aircraft is the Andrews A 1 ZK-BLU (c/n 1) which was built by Cliif Andrews in Wellington during the late 1950's. Its first flight was on 2/10/57 and it was registered to C G Andrews and H L McGregor of Wellington in September 1955. It then was purchased outright by Cliff Andrews on 21/5/71. More details on ZK-BLU can be found at

Cliff then sold ZK-BLU to Alan Rowe of Lower Hutt on 14/6/73. Alan refurbished ZK-BLU and finished it in a mainly cream colour scheme, as seen here at the 1978 AACA Flyin at Nelson. Alan flew ZK-BLU extensively and the sold it to R L Patchett of Blenhiem on 7/4/80 the to P G Alexander of Blenhiem on 7/4/83. It was dmaged in a forced landing in the Taylor River near Blenhiem on 18/12/84 but was rebuilt. It has since been sold to a succession of owners in the Blenhiem area: the A H J Gluyas and B J Peterson syndicate on 27/9/90, A H J Gluyas and S A Ruffell syndicate on 14/7/92, the Ruffel/Harris/Marshall syndicate on 13/12/94 and the Van Asch/Ruffell/Harris/Marshall and Smith syndicate on 27/6/96. It is currently owned by the Andrews Partnership of Blenhiem, and is currently registered as an Amateur Built Aircraft.

And the third unique post WW 2 homebuilt was the Lincoln Sports ZK-BMV. The history of this aircraft was posted by Blue Bus in his recent post:
The above photo of ZK-BMV was taken (I think) at the 1977 AACA flyin at Masterton.

Friday 18 June 2010

Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan ZK-AHO

The mention of Piet van Asch in the blog on ZK-PVB at reminded me of one of his earlier aircraft. The Beechcraft AT-11-BH Kansan ZK-AHO , c/n 3691 , was built for the United States Army Air Force and allocated the serial 42-37208. It had a date of manufacture of 05-04-1943 and was test flown on 12-04-1943. This flight ended with a wheels up landing at Wichita, Kansas.
It was shipped to New Zealand during August of 1943 having been sold to the NZ Government for 13,000 pounds. Assembled at Hobsonville and modified by Union Airways for survey duties at Palmerston North.

It served well with N Z Aerial Mapping Ltd based out of Bridge Pa at Hastings until being withdrawn from use on 31-12-1980. From late 1963 onward it had been assisted by the Aero Commander 680F ZK-CDK. AHO was flown from Hastings to Hobsonville on 19-01-1982 for delivery to the MoTaT where it can be seen to this day. Its registration being cancelled on 16-06-1988.
The top photo was taken at Wellington on a lovely day in October of 1963 (note the crew busy at the stbd undercarriage).

Second view below shows off the navigators nose position, which was the main difference between the AT-11 Kansan and the standard Beech 18.
Colour, from memory was bare metal with red trim, with a large NZAM logo on the nose, and the "Beechcraft" logo on the fins.

The side view was taken at Wellington on 31-01-1964.

The last two shots (with no apology for the light across the lower shot) were also at Wellington, but on 30-01-1973.
By this time the aircraft was mainly white.
This aircraft was off course preceeded at NZAM by the General Aircraft Monospar ST 25 ZK-AFF, which was destroyed in a hangar fire on 26-06-86.

About to fly the coop........

At the holding point for runway 03 at Ardmore, Mike Condon photo
(the engine is running, the prop sitting at idle and I didn't have the box brownie set up to show that it was actually spinning!)

Pacific Aerospace 750XL P2-SDE (is this ex ZK-KBA c/n 166?) slid into Ardmore on the afternoon of 18Jun, presumably from Hamilton. After a brief stop the 750 paired up with Cessna 172 ZK-WKK which was to be employed as a photo ship and both aircraft departed just before 4pm, however the Cessna made a quick air turnback due to an oil problem so the 750 returned also. P2-SDE departed again a little later however I'm not sure if the photo shot took place or not. Greybeard was also on location so maybe able to advise.

Triple tow

I was asked yesterday if I had ever seen a triple glider tow.
The answer is yes. I have seen several.
This photo shows one under way from Christchurch on 29-03-1987.
Participants being the Bruce Drake Cessna 182P ZK-FIW and gliders, Schleicher ASW20L ZK-GRD, ASW20CL ZK-GOO and ASW20CL ZK-GRZ.

Thursday 17 June 2010

Awaiting Inspection.

Awaiting CAA inspection before officially joining our register is this Robinson R22 Mariner , c/n 2595M - soon to be ZK-HWJ3 - as seen at Pacific Aircraft Services at Christchurch International today (17-06-2010).
Like other recent arrivals from Japan it came bubble wrapped. Second photo shows its Japanese IDF plate, still partially wrapped.

As you can see, it was previously JA7932 - First registered in Japan on 30-05-1996.

Three shots of it in its Japanese marks in three different roles.

Rockwell Commander in Christchurch town.

Parked on the western apron at Christchurch International this morning was the Rockwell Commander 690A ZK-PVB , c/n 11321 , of N Z Aerial Mapping Ltd of Hastings.
Using LIDAR (Light Detection A Ranging), it is doing survey work on the lakes to the west of Christchurch.
This aircraft is surprisingly now 34 years old (older than one of todays pilots), having first appeared on the US register on 19-03-1976 as N81430 before delivery to the Australian Department of Land as VH-DLK from 17-09-76. It was later listed to the Department of Environment Heritage Aboriginal Affairs before being ferried into Auckland on 09-10-1999. It became ZK-PVB to NZAM on 18-02-00.
Why register it as ZK-PVB - Just a follow on from ZK-PVA. Absolutely nothing to do with Poly Vinyl Acetate or Butynol; but from the initial of Piet van Asch.
Have a look at :-