Friday, 11 June 2010

Taylor Monoplanes of New Zealand (5)

Getting near the end of Taylor Monoplanes in New Zealand now, these 3 Taylors had personalised registrations.

The photos are from the Keith Morris collection and were taken by me unless otherwise noted.

ZK-JOE (c/n AACA 72) is the third of the trio of Taranaki Taylor Mono's. It was built by Joe Hignett at Inglewood and was first registered on 18/4/84. The above photo was taken at an airshow at Palmerston North in 1986. It was damaged in a crash following the 1985 AACA flyin at Queenstown, on 23/2/85, but Joe trucked it home and rebuilt it. Joe then re-designated it as a Class 1 Microlight on 26/1/00.

It is still owned by Joe Hignett and is current. This photo of ZK-JOE was taken at the 2010 RAANZ flyin at Stratford by Blue Bus, and as you can see, it now sports a rather nice canopy.

ZK-ROO (c/n TM 406) was another long-time building project and it was started by Trevor Day of Palmerston North in the 1970's I think. However it was completed by Richard Scott of Palmerston North and was first registered on 9/10/95. Richard bought the Foxpine airstrip and this photo of ZK-ROO was taken in a hangar at Foxpine in late 1995. Richard was originally from Australia and hence the registration ROO. Unfortunately it didn't last long as it crash landed short of the Foxpine strip on 9/3/96, making it our shortest lived Taylor Monoplane. It was cancelled on11/12/98.

And finally for this post, ZK-TKS (c/n AACA 477) was built in Southland by Ted Sandford. It was first registered on 22/4/85 and was withdrawn from use and cancelled on 28/11/05. The above photo was taken in early 1986 in a feild somewhere North of Invercargill where it seemed to be parked out in the open. Can anyone add anything more to the history of ZK-TKS?


  1. I have ZK-TKS as 'Cancelled - sold abroad' on that date, but have no idea where in the world it went to.

  2. Hi. Not sure if you want any further info about the history of ZK-TKS.
    This aircraft was built by Edward (Ted)K Sandford a farmer from Mossburn in Northern Southland. Ted built it in his woolshed over a period of several years befor moving to Mabel Bush where your photo was taken. I observed the aircraft flying off his farm strip there.

    Ted now lives at 84 West Plains Road, Invercargill 03 2159438.

    My interest is that I was Teds neighbour and observed the construction of this aircraft during those years.

    Brent Affleck

  3. Thank you Brent.
    Every little bit helps to build up the picture.


  4. TKS hasnt left the country at all she still resides in invercargill even, heres the but.... shes in a very sad looking state from the photos I've seen, a young non pilot owns her and looks like shes been banging around peoples garages as a talking piece.

  5. Thanks Anon.
    I had it as merely withdrawn on 28-11-2005.
    Sad to see it go this way.

  6. I am a Yank, thinking about buying a Taylor Monocoupe here in the U.S. Any common thread to the several crashed taylors down there, and any flight charactoristics I should be aware of ?? Learned in Luscombes, currently campaigning a '47 Bellanca Cruisair N74360 with hand crank gear. Larry near SF Cal,.

  7. Duh, meant to say monoplane !