Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Brand Spanking...........

Wayne Grant photos

Sir Peter Jackson's brand spanking new Gulfstream V-SP (550) ZK-KFB/2 touched down at Auckland just on 1520 today, 01Jun, concluding its delivery flight to NZ. Arriving direct from Honolulu, the V-SP had crossed from Savannah, Georgia the previous day.

Unlike the first ZK-KFB which was operated by Auckland's Air National, this machine is being operated by Sydney based Execujet and it is understood the jet will initially be housed in a hanger at Melbourne/Essendon. Execujet manage some 70 aircraft globally.


  1. Does anyone know how I can contact Wayne Grant, this is a really great picture.

  2. It certainly is a nice shot of a fantastic aeroplane and a welcomed addition to the local register.

    Please add your email contact details to any reply. Thanks.