Sunday, 27 June 2010

Mooney M20C Mk21 ZK-CPP

Anonymous contacted me and asked if I could pop up some pics of the Mooney M20C Mk21 ZK-CPP that he did some flying in during his teenage years.
So I offer the four following photos.
ZK-CPP with the c/n M20C-3266 was I believe delivered into Auckland on 11-02-1966 as N2554W. It was registered to the Wellington Aero Club on 25-01-1966 until it was taken over by the Club President Tom Coleridge on 27-01-1969. It was still available for Club use during Tom's ownership.
Jim Dillon of Blenheim took it off Tom's hands on 20-07-1977, followed by John McVicar of Christchurch from 21-09-1998. It is now based at Rangiora.
Top pic is at Wellington on an unknown date and the second B&W shot was taken on 12-03-1969.

The first colour view is at Christchurch, with the old Canterbury Aero Club building in the background as at 06-04-1988.

Final view is at Rangiora on 06-01-2009.

The Cessna 150 ZK-BWI moved up to Wanganui in about November of 1963. So I guess I was a few years ahead of you.

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  1. Many thanks for that!
    CPP was a 'hot ship' in those days

    Started hanging around the Club in '64.

    As mentioned before - really appreciate your blog.