Wednesday 23 June 2010

Sud Aviation Gardan GY-80 Horizon

Allan Churn from WA responded to the Adventurer 333 blog at
and mentioned that he now owned the Horizon ex ZK-CLK & asked about other Horizons in NZ.

Yves Gardan designed the GY-80 Horizon, which was a four seater, all metal, light aircraft with retractable undercarriage (Gardan also designed of the Gardan Minicab). The prototype made its first flight on 21-07-1960 with production undertaken by Sud-Aviation; Some 267 being produced. Three of these came to NZ, all imported via the agents Clyde Engineering.

ZK-BXM , c/n 128, was imported by Clyde Engineering and was assembled by TEAL, first flying at Hobsonville on 03-03-1966 for delivery to the Auckland Flying School at Ardmore. It then spent time with the Central Flying School at Christchurch. (first photo shows it in Central Flying School script at Wellington on 14-07-1966). on 05-06-67 its u/c was retracted after landing at Palmerston North. Time was also spent with the Taupo Flying School and then the Palmerston North Flying School from 17-04-1967. (photo two shows it at Palmerston North on 29-10-1970 & photo three is at Ardmore on 08-02-1973). Other owners include N G Bishop of Hokitika from 13-09-1974 and Belmor Farm Ltd of Balclutha from 04-05-1977 with whom it had a heavy landing some time in 1979. From 08-12-1982 it was with Westland Transport Ltd at Hokitika until Sue & Des Stanaway of Auckland took over on 18-01-1983. It was with W Sneddon at Nelson from 30-10-1985, moving to Hamilton Apartments Ltd, who traded as Chateau Aviation at Hokitika, from 12-01-1988. Sakura Auto Co Ltd of Christchurch feature from 18-05-1990 followed by McLeans Manufacturing Ltd, Chistchurch taking over on 15-03-1996.
Sadly on 09-01-1999, in inclement meteorological conditions, it crashed near Montalto with the loss of the three person on board.

Horizon c/n 29 became ZK-CFT on 27-11-1963 with the agents Clyde Engineering Ltd on 27-11-63 for delivery and listing with N.Z Aerosales Ltd of Paraparaumu on 15-04-1964. They named it "Tahatu". First photo shows it at the fuel pumps of the Wellington Aero Club on 08-05 1964 (as indeed does the second shot).
It had a sting of incidents including one at Levin on 31-01-1965. Further ones on 12-07-1964 and 26-10-1965 and at Karamea on 11-02-1966, plus Paraparaumu on 06-01-1967. It was sold on to GB Holdings Ltd of Auckland on 29-05-1968, with whom it had an undercarriage collapse at Ardmore on 11-10-1968. Then another event occurred at Pakotai on 14-04-1972. Keith & Graham Wright; Trading as Wrights Sand Co Ltd; of Whangarei took it over on 12-05-1973. It was damaged at Whangarei on 25-07-1982. R W V Izard of Springhill feature from 06-09-1998 and then Charles E Cooke of Hasting from 09-11-2000. It was damaged at Springfield on 07-05-2001. The last report I have of her was of it enginless at Whangarei on 10-03-2008. (photo # 3).

Our third Horizon was ZK-CLK , c/n 71 , which was registered to Clyde Engineering Ltd at Wellington on 07-04-1965 and then to New Zealand Aerosales Ltd of Paraparaumu on 11-05-1965. With them it carried the name "Cherie". It was only listed to them for a short time before moving on to W J Jamieson (HN) Ltd of Hamilton on 18-08-1965. This first photo shows it at Timaru in NZ Aerosales markings. It was damaged in a field near Hamilton when it overturned on 03-06-1967. Next owner was B J Jamieson of Auckland from 11-08-1969 and then the Takapuna Carrying & Supply Ltd from 23-09-1974. On 10-07-1984 it was listed with Sandy and Hester Squire of Whangarei until 30-03-90 when McAlpine Helicopter Services Ltd at Albany feature. (The second photo shows it at Christchurch in August of 1990). Other owners include P Maloney of Whangaparoa from 30-01-1991, (the bottom pic shows her at Omarama on 16-02-1996), then Phillip J Gotlieb of Ohakune from 14-05-1996. The CLK Syndicate (that included S Casey) appeared from 20-06-1997. It was damaged at Whakatane on 08-05-1999; obviously not too seriously as it was ferried out of Kaitaia to Norfolk Island on 13-11-1999. Then to points further west. It became VH-YOG with Blair W Howe at Myalup in West Australia on 18-01-2000. Latest owner is Allan Churn of Ferndale WA from 22-06-2009.


  1. Looks like the late great Bruce James by the nose of CFT [2nd photo]

  2. Any photos of CPP please - the Mooney behind the Horizon..would really appreciate a shot of it at that time.

  3. Yes Anonymous.
    Yes that is almost certainly Bruce James. I did much of my early flight training with Bruce in the C150 ZK-BWI. I like to imagine he will be up There still rolling his own fags.

    Photos of Mooney ZK-CPP will be added soon.

  4. Crew cut gives it away...Don't recall BWI at the of CPP would be appreciated as I was a 17 year old PPL scooting around in it ..[No - not rich parents but lots of overtime as a refueller at SAFE
    Sure Bruce is still rolling his own in his 3 piece suit :-)

  5. Flew all but the top one at Aerosales with PBL

  6. PBL : Now there's a NZ aviation character !

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  8. Flew two of them at Aerosales then went onto the Rallyes

  9. Early 1990 I conducted Flight Reviews for Keith Wright in CFT and Sandy Squires in CLK out of Whangarei.
    Incidentally Bruce James did my CPL flight test in 1981 at Waitemata Aero Club, Ardmore Aerodrome NZ.