Thursday 24 June 2010

Question time # 102 Revisited.

A revisitation of Question time # 102 is warranted because we do not yet have the correct answer.

The initial clue is the aerial below.

Top photo is clue number two showing part of the "Office Windows".

The questions again are :-
1). What aircraft type are we looking at ?
2). Would you care to place a possible ZK registration to this airframe ?


  1. Vickers Viscount ZK-BRF

  2. more info on this plane

  3. It is a Vickers Viscount. I think it must be the one at Ferrymead

  4. Having just googled it, the registration is ZK-BRF

  5. Brett score a possible and is therefore worthy of receiving the chocky fish.
    Thanks also for the Viscount link.

    To claim your fish, flick your mailing address to me at

    Sir Minty :- you are 7.5 hours too late = no fish.

    The answer off course is Vickers V807 Viscount ZK-BRF.
    I will put up some more pics tomorrow.

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