Monday, 7 June 2010

NZ Helicopter Heritage Museum

I was told that the NZ Helicopter Heritage Museum had an accommodation problem and that the Ashburton Aviation Museum had come to their aid with the offer of storage.

Four of their helicopters are currently in the large new Museum hangar at Ashburton.

Photo above and below is Hughes 269A c/n 111-0029 carries the NZHHM title on its tail boom.

AFAIK this airframe has no ZK connection having been N8716F and G-SHKK before coming here.

Pic below is Hughes 269C ZK-HHY1 c/n 44-0293 which was an April 1974 production helicopter and spent all its working life in NZ. It was cancelled on 18-12-1989 following a crash at Pollack Creek (Ross) on 16-03-1987.

It has actually been at the Ashburton Aviation Museum for some years.
Hughes 369HS ZK-HLY1 c/n 33-0459S, a product of March 1973 came to NZ in 1978. It was cancelled on 01-03-1999.

The Bell 47 is marked up as Bell 47G-3B-2A ZK-HFU1 c/n 6863. New to NZ in July of 1973; it was damaged on 06-02-1985 in the Taylor Pass and cancelled on 23-04-1987.

I imagine that there is still more airframes yet to be moved over from the Helicopter Heritage Museum.

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