Sunday, 27 June 2010

Victa Aircruiser 210 CS ZK-DAH

Wayne Rudd sent in this first photograph which he believes was taken in 1972. Thats him on the right hand side.
This aircraft is the one and only Victa Aircruiser 210 CS ZK-DAH.
It was an four seat development of the Airtourer, with the 210hp motor, enclosed cockpit and side entry rather, than the Airtourers sliding canopy.
It first flew in Australia on 17-07-1966 (some sources say the 18th) and was listed with the MGV Holdings Pty Ltd.
It was flown into Auckland on 04-12-1969 aboard the QANTAS Boeing 707 VH-EBN.
It was then registered as ZK-DAH to Aero Engine Services Ltd of Hamilton on 03-12-1969 and first flew from Hamilton on December the 8th.
At some point in the early 1970's it was reworked to become the Airtourer CT2, which was to lead to the military Airtrainer CT4 version.
It was hired to the Mercury Bay Aero Club about November of 1972 (& this ties in with Wayne's memories).

The other two shots (one in magic monochrome & one in glorious Kodachome) where taken at Hamilton on 27-05-1971.
On 28-04-1975 it was relisted to New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd at Hamilton. It was used by the Aerospace Flying Club until it was flown to Australia on 25/26-10-1978 with the NZ registration being cancelled on 20-11-78.
It rejoined the Australian register - taking up its old VH-MVR marks - on 10-07-1979 for D O Rankin of West Wyalong, NSW.
Eleven years later (11-07-1990) it was listed to Des and Val Herffernan of Bega NSW.

Thanks Wayne.


  1. Good stuff Dave - as always facinating to hear the full history.

    Seems I followed it to West Wyalong many years later as my ex-wife's uncle had a wheat farm there that I visited...

    Cheers, Wayne

  2. I remember seeing this Victa Aircruiser at John Cameron Aviation., Bankstown back in early 70's cheers Jim Parry Darwin