Sunday, 13 June 2010

Mike Whittaker MW6s ZK-MWS rigging.

A truly amazing piece of kit. I have seen many variations of trailers (especially glider) in my time, but this one has to be the most user friendly unit I have come across.

Basic instruction are :- Arrive on site.
Drop the tail gate.
Lower the side wall with wing attached.
Pivot the wing out.

Set on wing tip stand.

Raise the wing inboard end up to the fuselage attachment points.

Raise the wing tip end up to the horizontal and set the wing tip stand.

Fit the wing strut.

Do the same with the other wing.

Now roll the aircraft with wings attached, out of the trailer.

Fit the all moving vertical tail unit.

Fit the all moving horizontal tail surfaces.

Job done - Ready to go !
This is the Mike Whittaker MW6S "Fat Boy" ZK-MWS , c/n GS1 , as registered to Grant Sandiford of North Shore City on 21-05-2010.
This is the first of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

Photos supplied by Grant.


  1. HI like the Trailer may I come by and view it? Thanks Terry 021 211 90562

  2. Evening Terrence.
    Flick a brief email to me at and I will send you contact details.

    I see that this aircraft was cancelled from the register on 20-06-2016.

    Dave P