Friday 14 June 2024

Quicksilver GT 500 ZK-MIC/3 Has Come and Gone

The Quicksilver has been a very long lived microlight and was among the first microlights to be registered here, the first being ZK-MRW (c/n MAANZ/010), a Quicksilver MX, in January 1982.  The Quicksilver has evolved over the years from the original 2 control axis machine to 3 axis controls.  Then the 2 seater MX II was introduced and we have had lots of those flying here.

The next generation Quicksilvers were the single seat GT 400 and the two seat GT 500 models which appeared in the early 1990s.  We have had a couple of GT 400 models and a couple of GT 500 models here but both of the latter have been exported, the most recent being ZK-MIC3

ZK-MIC3 (c/n 0449) was registered on 5/6/13 to I M Coleman of Mahoenui which is South-West of Te Kuiti.  The photos are from the Trade Me advertisement when it was for sale.

I guess Mr Coleman sometimes used his GT 500 for spraying, presumably on his farm, as in this photo of it with spray booms.  It was cancelled from the register as exported on 13/9/22.  Can anyone advise where it was exported to?

And can anyone share any stories of microlights being used for farm spraying work?  I am aware that it did go on and I understand it was legal on the owner's farm.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Ellipse Spirit ZK-NIX at Fieldays 2024

Nick Buxeda is displaying his new Ellipse Spirit ZK-NIX at the Fieldays at Mystery Creek near Hamilton:

And Nick is also the new Ellipse Aero agent for New Zealand.  He has a website

This is not the first aircraft to be on display at Fieldays.  I remember a Bristell being on display a couple of years ago with Martin Henton of the local agents Anderson Aviation, and there must have been others - can anyone provide a list?.

Embraer Phenom 300 N227SL in country.

 The Embraer Phenom N227SL c/n 50500305 was originally listed in Brazill as PR-PGB prior to being listed in the US as N217CB in April 2016 and delivered to BBR Air LLC on 27-04-2016. It was then transferred to Embraer Executive Jets from 07-09-2016.

It was delivered - the first of its type in Australia - to the Lucas family in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia on 18-01-2017 and was registered to the Warrnambool Bus & Motor Company from 31-01-2017. It registration was quickly changed to N227SL and the aircraft was placed in the care of TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee from 16-10-2017.

It was noted at 40+ thousand feet ex Hobart for Christchurch on 09-06-2024. 
Next day it moved on to Woodbourne and then to Nelson on the 11th.
It departed Nelson in the early hours of today (12-06-2024) for Gold Coast and then to Archerfield, Brisbane.

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Eurocopter AS 365 N2 Dauphin 2 ZK-HDK/7 Has Come and Gone!

 A different type of helicopter for New Zealand was registered back in August 2023: (although their have been 5 others of the type registered here over the years)

AS 365 N2 Dauphin 2 ZK-HDK7 (c/n 6420) was registered to Pacific Airhub Ltd of Auckland on 25/8/23.  It has a long history having been manufactured by Eurocopter as F-WYMR in 1991 then going to Japan as JA6677 then to Denmark as OY-HLL and Norway as LN-OCO and finally Belgium as OO-NSZ with Nordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen (NHV).

This is the only photo I have seen of it, a long shot from Mark Pattenden taken at Easter 2024, and there won't be any more!

Thanks for the photo Mark.

Sunday 9 June 2024

Champion 7EC Traveller Deluxe ZK-BVF

The Champion 7EC Traveller Deluxe ZK-BVF (c/n 7EC-637) was registered to the Middle Districts Aero Club of Palmerston North on 6/2/58 and its Certificate of Airworthiness was issued on 16/5/58.  It was one of three Champion Travellers that were operated by the MDAC at the time, the others being ZK-BSX and ZK-BUL.  I remember them being duck egg blue in colour, but on seeing old photos of ZK-BVF it was mainly white with dayglo orange and the duck egg blue.

Photo'd above at Rongotai in December 1963.  The aircraft led an adventurous life as it was damaged at New Plymouth in May 1961 and then at Palmerston North in April 1964. 

And here it is photo'd at the opening of the Taumarunui Aerodrome on 28/8/64.

Somewhere along the line it was repainted in this new colour scheme still under the ownership of MDAC Inc.  The photo was taken at Palmerston North on 1/11/70 and it was damaged again on 24/12/70, again at Palmerston North.  Ownership changed to Russel Giles of Rongotea near Palmerston North on 8/2/73 and he operated it in this scheme for many years.

Fast forward to a shed at Kairanga on 1/4/04 where Dave Paull took this photo of what he assumed to be ZK-BVF looking worse for wear.  This presents a problem as it was in the newer red and white colour scheme with MDAC in 1970.  One possibility is that it is the fuselage of MDAC Traveller ZK-BSX that was later refurbished by Mark Miller into his Miller Superchamp ZK-MMJ and an old rudder from ZK-BVF was just thrown in?  From comments received this is correct - it is the bones of ZK-BSX.  Thanks for the comments guys.

Whatever, ownership changed again, this time on 30/10/19, to Jeffrey Thompson of Palmerston North and it is photo'd above at the recent Feilding Aerodrome Open Day, looking in great condition.  It has not appeared on the blog previously.

It is also remarkable that in its 66 year history it has always been owned in the Palmerston North area.

Saturday 8 June 2024

My Friday milk shake run to Rangiora.

 These two aircraft were noted during a visit to Rangiora on Friday the 7th. 
The Zlin Aviation Shock Cub ZK-OIL2 c/n 371 is still parked in the rear of the "Small" hangar at Rangiora - and has been for some time but it does get exercised about once a month.
It was previously mentioned Here
I believe it is for sale.

The GCH Aviation Ltd's Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-IAK3 c/n 1121 was initially registered from new with Andrew Longbottom of Prebbleton but moved to GCH Aviation from 30-06-2023.
It was busy in the circuit today.

Friday 7 June 2024

Christchurch Thursday the 6th

 A quick visit to Christchurch Helicopters found the Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-IIW c/n 1126 as listed with Kakahu Lodge Ltd from 17-04-2024.
                                                       This is ex B-70GT and B-70NN.   Thanks to Christchurch Helicopters.  

Over at the ANZ hangar One the Airbus A321-271 NX ZK-OYD c/n 11521 has been parked up for some time - waiting.
It was test flown under its Airbus Deutschland registration of D-AXXV on 11-10-2023 - becoming ZK-OYD on 31-10-2023. It departed Hamburg on delivery the same day stopping at Muscat. The following day it overflew Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Saudia Arabia, the Persian Gulf and into Oman. On 02-11-2023 it flew to Kuala Lumpur and down to Singapore. It was in Cairns on the 4th and then flew direct to Christchurch and was placed into immediate storage.

The Airways Corporation of New Zealand operates this Piper PA-42-1000 Cheyenne 400LS ZK-FIS2 c/n 42-5527019 on airways calibration duties.
FYI - The 400 in the designation represents 400mph and the LS is for Lear Seigler the Piper parent company in the mid 1980's.

Built in late 1985 as N1515H. It moved to Australia to become VH-BUR3 from 30-07-2007 with Burley Aircraft Pty Ltd of Johns River , NSW. Ten years later it became ZK-FIS2 on 02-11-2017 with Airways Corporation.

Thursday 6 June 2024

Phil Meredith R.I.P

Sad to report that the well-known & respected pilot Phil Meredith was killed in the crash of his amphibious weight shift trike in Samoa on 27-05-2024.

See the news article HERE 

Phil was well known throughout NZ and the Pacific having flown for Pacific Blue and Virgin Pacific and others has been based in Samoa for some years.

He still had a hangar at Rangiora and has operated several light aircraft from there in recent years.

These include the Polaris FIB 582 trike ZK-RCB c/n 963637 from 12-03-1996 through until cancelled from the NZ register on 02-08-2002 as exported (Samoa). The FIB is a Flying Inflatable Boat with a weight shift wing.

The Bolkow Bo208C ZK-CJG c/n 601 from 02-2006 until sold on 21-09-2015. This had previously spent time in Samoa as 5W-FAG between 08-1969 and late 1975. 

The Jurca M.J.5 Sirocco ZK-FNQ c/n AACA/601 from 01-08-2007. Phil spent considerable time upgrading this. See more HERE

He built the much modified Rans S-7 Courier ZK-TKB c/n 0707466 from 15-05-2013 with its O-235 engine. More details HERE. and Here

And more recently the Sea & Sky Cygnet ZK-PWG c/n 20122 which was freighted out of Rangiora in early September last year. Here
And an earlier video of it Here

Above at Rangiora on 08-04-2022.
Above a tight squeeze into the container at Rangiora on 01-09-2023.

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey ZK-SSE at Te Anau

In an earlier post from March 2023, Richard Currie photographed Murray Hagen's EDRA Super Pelican ZK-ESS2 and mentioned that Murray had also imported SeaRey ZK-SSE and some time ago Murray sent me a photo of it:

ZK-SSE (c/n 1DK238) was previously VH-JLJ, originally registered to John Bertram of Victoria on 19/4/02, and later 19-1674 on 19/1/19.  It was registered to Murray Hagen on 7/12/22.

Thanks for the photo Murray.


Tuesday 4 June 2024

BRM Aero Bristell ZK-TOW the Third at Tauranga Today

 Another new sport aircraft that has been assembled recently by Solo Wings is the Bristell ZK-TOW3:

ZK-TOW3 (c/n 718/2024) was registered to the Piako Gliding Club on 10/5/24 and is a strengthened towplane model.  You can see the towhook mechanism below the tailplane.  And thanks to the top cowling being off we can also see that is the Rotax 915 eco engine that is powered by flax!

Thanks again for the hot off the press photo Warwick Hamilton.