Monday, 25 March 2019

More helicopters

A trip up to Taupo from Wellington offered quite a bit of interest including the following 4 helicopters new to this blog.

Firstly at Paraparaumu was the Kapiti Districts Aero Club's Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-IMZ acquired back in March 2018.

At Midwest Helicopters' base at Taihape airfield was Hughes 369E ZK-HYK,  acquired in 2018.

At Taupo,  Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited's AS350BA ZK-HZD

Up from New Plymouth receiving some maintenance at Taupo was Ice Aviation's R22 ZK-HIE

BRM Aero Bristells at Taupiri 21-3-2019

On my way South I had arranged to visit Martin Henton of Anderson Aviation NZ Ltd, the agents for Bristell aircraft in New Zealand.  He has an airstrip on his farm at Taupiri that is also the home for the Gordonton Microlight Club.  He kindly drove me down to his hangar and pushed the two BRM Aero Bristell NG 5s outside for a photo.

ZK-NGB2 (c/n 344/2018) is their new demonstrator which was registered on 11/2/19 under the Light Sport Aircraft category.

And sharing the hangar was Martin's own aircraft ZK-NGZ (c/n 306/2018) in a very Kiwi scheme.

Thanks Martin.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Taylor Monoplane ZK-CZH at Stratford Yesterday 23-3-2019

When I arrived in Stratford with my VW engine I was delighted to find the Taylor Monoplane ZK-CZH in the hangar.

It has been rescued from many years of inactivity at Hawera by Wayne Richmond.  I reckon that it is great to see such a neat old aircraft get another lease of life.  It is the first time I have actually seen the aircraft.

Wayne pushed it out of the hangar on Saturday and it starts so easily! (it has one mag and one distributor, both driven by a chain from the crankshaft)

 And several local taildragger pilots took it for a circuit.  Here is Don Boyd on take off.  It flew really well.

ZK-CZH was built by Jack Hintz of Inglewood but I understand he never flew it.  It has only flown a little over 100 hours since first being registered in 1991.  Its short history (and histories of a few other Taylor Monos) can be found at

Wellington Helicopters

Wellington Helicopters,  which is a division of Christchurch based GCH Aviation, operate off
Queens Wharf in downtown Wellington City and noted there today were EC130B-4 ZK-IGF

And BK117B-2 ZK-IVB

A new pair of legs.

 I noticed the Denney Kitfox III ZK-KNZ (c/n 798 AACA/2013) taxing out at Rangiora yesterday and it looked somehow pleasingly different.
 Turns out it has inherited the undercarriage legs from the late Kitfox Lite Squared ZK-ELE2.
See ZK-ELE Here.
It also now lacks the under fuselage pod.
Ownership title passed from Paul Godfrey to the KNZ Syndicate on 27-09-2018.
Below we have an earlier view of ZK-KNZ with its original undercarriage arrangement at Rangiora on 30-01-2015.
And below I caught it at Christchurch International on 31-03-1992 when it was just over a year old.


In fact all three of the 'Godfrey' Kitfox's were out yesterday.
ZK-JFA (c/n C94080051/MAANZ/527) now with the under body pod has been with Paul since 04-12-2015.
 ZK-KIV (c/n 1642) has been with Michael since 28-12-2014.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Another Cessna 185

Further to the Cessna 180/185 blogs below another 185 was added to the NZ register on 18 March with a Drury owner,  being 1977 model A185F ZK-CDM.    Seen at Mercer airfield this was imported from Vanuatu, where it was YJ-CCM, back in December 2018.

Cessna 180/185 Club Makarora weekend # 1

Last weekend Agairnz had the opportunity to attend the Cessna 180/185 Group fly in at Makarora.
He was flown down in Cessna 185B ZK-CMW2 from the owners farm strip at Kaiaua on the Firth of Thames on Friday 15th of March and returned on Sunday the 17th.
Below is a selection of shots from that weekend.
A general view of part of the aircraft parking area at Makaroara with Cessna 180 ZK-BSP in the foreground.
The weekend consisted of social events and fly outs to various back country strips, river beds and beaches.
Darlington Drilling and Piling Ltd Cessna 180 ZK-B JV (c/n 31452) on 'The Beach".
Great to see this 180 re-activated after so long parked up.
The Windwhistle Syndicates 180 ZK-BKG (c/n 30376).
The Martin Aviation Services Ltd Cessna 185 ZK-CAV (c/n 185-0212) had reflown as recently as 10-03-2019 after a seven year lay up.
From Wanaka came the Wildcat Trusts Cessna 185C ZK-CGH (c/n 185-0751).
Agairnz's ride for the weekend was the Cessna 185B ZK-CMW (c/n 1850653) as listed with CMC Investments Ltd.
This 185 initially flew in NZ as ZK-JAO between late 1996 and July of 2002.
Cessna 180B ZK-EEJ (c/n 18050557) is Graeme Prankerd's down from near Stratford.

Cessna 180/185 Club Makarora weekend # 2

Some more shots from the Makarora flyin.
From  Blenheim came the O'Sullivan Family Trusts Cessna A185F ZK-JKH (c/n 18503249).
The registration ZK-MUR tells me that this is the Cessna A185E (c/n 185-1233) of James Murray.
Cessna 180H ZK-PHD (c/n 18051548) has been with George Galpin of Marton since about mid-1983.
The K G MacDonald Trusts Cessna 185A ZK-SIA (c/n 185-0427) was down from near Rangiora.
And Mike Thomas had his Cessna 185A ZK-VKE (c/n 185-0297) down from Arundel.
A general beach view with ZK-DJM nearest.

Aircraft noted during the flyin include :-

On 15-3-18


Cessna 172A      ZK-CKX in and out on Friday.

Cessna 185’s      ZK-CAV, ZK-CGH, ZK-CMW, ZK-SME, ZK-SIA, ZK-VKE

Cessna A185’s    ZK-DJM, ZK-DKJ, ZK-JKH, ZK-JKL, ZK-MUR, ZK-SMS, ZK-WBL and ZK-FMA which is based on field

Robinson R22 ZK-HAI carried two members of the group. Departed Saturday.

On 16-3-19

All the above aircraft still present and joined by,

Cessna A185     ZK-ENW in evening
Cub Crafter        ZK-CUB
Maule                 ZK-TDS

On 17-3-19
All the above aircraft still present apart from ZK-CUB.

Cessna 180    ZK-MDL arrived on Sunday after most aircraft had departed.

In addition to the above present of the field were Eurocopter AS 350 B2 ZK-IPG and Hughes369E ZK-IHH both operated by Back Country Helicopters of Makarora

Also in the same hangar as ZK-FMA was deregistered Cessna 207 ZK-FQY.

At the dinner on Saturday night it was announced that this year’s total of attending aircraft was the largest ever.

Friday, 22 March 2019


Visitors to the Pauanui airfield have been diminishing as we move into Autumn but amongst those who did visit this week was the Ardmore based Airtourer T6 ZK-CPG which arrived dodging the rain showers.

And on a better day the Te Awamutu based Tecnam P96 ZK-OGX which has been with the same owners since 2001.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Roko Aero NG 4(s) of New Zealand

The Roko Aero NG 4 Stratus is another sport aircraft design to come from the Czech Republic.  It was designed by Jiri Konecny who had earlier designed the CZAW Sport Cruiser.  The Roko Aero NG 4 has much in common with the Sport Cruiser and uses some of its components.  (I also wonder about its possible connection to the Bristell NG 5 which is another very similar looking Czech sport aircraft of similar construction and the same fuselage dimensions.  There was an earlier Bristell NG 4 and both the NG 4 and the NG 5 were designed by Milan Bristela who also worked on the design of the Sport Cruiser).  It comes as either a microlight (UL) or LSA which has a longer wing.

The Roko Aero NG 4 is of rivetted aluminium construction with composite fairings and engine cowling.  Its length is 6.45 metres (21 feet 2 inches) and the UL wingspan is 8.10 metres (26 feet 7 inches)  Empty weight is around 300 Kg (660 pounds) and MAUW is 544 Kg (1,200 pounds).  With a 100 HP engine, typically a Rotax, cruise speed is around 150 mph and thanks to the large flaps the stall speed is a low 34 mph.

We have had only one Roko Aero NG 4 Stratus registered in New Zealand:

ZK-SAY (c/n 0001) was registered to the agents Aerosport Aviation Ltd (Anton Meier) of Cambridge on 16/5/08.  (Aerosport Aviation were also the agents for the CZAW Sport Cruiser).  It is photo'd above at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 7/2/09.  It did not sell in New Zealand and it was cancelled on 6/1/10, being sold in Australia as 24-7357.