Monday, 18 October 2021

Lake Station gliding 16th October

 Aaron Murphy and Lionel Green dropped into Lake Station on Saturday the 16th and captured the following gliders. 
(All have been covered on this blog previously).
Rolladen-Schneider LS4-a ZK-CCX2 c/n 4482 was purchased from the USA by the Nelson Lakes Gliding Club member Jerry O'Neill in late 2011 and registered here on 10-02-2012 and then to the Club from 19-07-2012.

Rolladen-Schneider LS8a ZK-GGP3 c/n 8024 first flew in NZ out of Wigram on 18-12-1999 for Nigel Ackroyd and carried 'Carpe Diem' on the fuselage side below the canopy. It was sold to Hadleigh Bognuda of Auckland in December 2007 and gained the 'Skull and crossed swords'. 
Alonzo Kelly of Nelson took it over in February of 2020.

The Sportine Aviacija LAK-17B FES ZK-GGS2 c/n 231 was imported from the States by George Scott.
The FES in the designation refers to the Front Electric Sustainer motor in the nose. 
Note the covered propeller blade folded back along the nose.

Grob G102 Club IIIb Astir ZK-GNH c/n 5612CB originally with the Auckland Gliding Club from early 1984 was taken on by  the Nelson Gliding Club (Inc) in mid-2004 followed by a name change to the Nelson Lakes Gliding Club in October 2008.

Rotating on a winch launch was the Schempp-Hirth Discus CS ZK-GRC2 c/n 300CS as imported factory new by Bruce Drake and Jerry O'Neill in November 2002. 
Mel Blackburn acquired it in November 2006 but returned it to Jerry O'Neill in March 2012.

             Aaron and Lionel's mode of transport was the AutoGyro Cavalon ZK-RDY c/n V00216.

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Zenith Zodiac CH601-XL ZK-CMI

The Zenith Zodiac CH601-XL ZK-CRI c/n 6309 has been mentioned previously at :- 

It was sold to Piers Throssell from 16-12-2020 and CMM came across it at Piers property in Redwood Valley, Moutere on Wednesday the 14th.

Another Take on a Trio of WACOs at Taumarunui

Sadly the Tiger Club flyin attendance at Taumarunui over the weekend was affected by the Covid lockdowns in the Waikato, Auckland and Northland.  However there was a spectacular highlight in the first public showing of our three WACO biplanes, which came from Whitianga and Tauranga.  Jordan Elvy was also in attendance and he took the following photos - thanks Jordan:

Three WACOs ready for take off with those lovely Taumarunui hills in the background.  The trio left for home on Saturday afternoon avoiding the forecast Sunday weather.

Marty Cantlon flying his immaculately rebuilt WACO Classic Aircraft Corp YMF-F5C ZK-YMF.

And Marty's other WACO, the NuWaco T 10 Taperwing ZK-WTW was flown by Phill Hooker.

Then Keith Skilling took off in his Classic Aircraft Corp YMF-F5 ZK-CFL2.

Great sights!

Anderson Kingfisher ZK-DJH

The Anderson EA-1 Kingfisher ZK-DJH c/n AACA/165 has had several previous mentions on this Blog.

See here

Ownership passed from David Baker of Greymouth to Jacob Hynd of Blenheim on 15/05/2021.

It was seen below after refueling at Motueka yesterday by Aaron Murphy.

A trio of Waco's

The Tiger Moth Club of NZ held its annual Taumarunui fly in this weekend and while numbers were down due to Covid lockdowns north of the town there were still a number of interesting attendees.  Of particular note was the gathering of our 3 Waco's being YMF-5 ZK-CFL2 from Whitianga and from Tauranga Marty Cantlon's YMF-5C ZK-YMF and NuWaco T-10 ZK-WTW.


Saturday, 16 October 2021

Question time.

 Information needed on this aircraft please.

A recent addition to the Ashburton Aviation Museum.

A you can see it is powered by three electric engines - one on each wing and one at the top of the fin.

Two have evidently been used with some success in the spraying role out to the east of Ashburton. 

A Lovely Level 3 Lite Day at NZKF Today - 16-10-2021

What happens to the local Kaipara Flats flyers after 8 weeks or so of no flying, and the Saturday dawns to be a perfect blue skies day?  They go flying!

The flavour of NZKF at present - earthmoving equipment and aeroplanes - Avid Flyer on finals.

Asha and David Kay taxy back in Asha's Avid Flyer Mk IV STOL ZK-PCL, to stop for a cuppa.

Grant Waugh and Erwin Weber had been out early to assemble Erwin's Windsport Edge X 582 trike ZK-SJR and after the required three landings and take offs by Grant they took off for a local tiki tour.

Steve William's arrived and fuelled up his Savannah XL ZK-CVK2 then headed out for several flights with his wife Martha.  That's David and Asha looking on with said cuppa.

Then they were off again.

Several of us had planned to fly down to the Tiger Club rally at Taumarunui but we were stymied.  However we had our own mini Tiger Moth rally with two Tigers flying.  Here Bruce Lynch gets airborne in his Tiger ZK-ASM.

Darren Price arrived back in his Sling ZK-SLG while Jim Schmidt taxies out in his Tiger Moth ZK-CCQ.  And there were several other Northern Aviators Club members flying, but my camera ran out of batteries!  Darren had flown to Springhill earlier in the morning to pick up Tim Harrison and then they flew around the Auckland boundaries.

And to add to the carnival atmosphere the local modellers were also out in force (with social distancing of course).  What a great day!

Friday, 15 October 2021

Helicopters at Taupo

There is usually always a lot of helicopter activity at Taupo Airport and today didnt disappoint with a number of changes.   Over from Wairoa was Wairoa Helicopters' Hughes 369D ZK-HZY3 which was imported from South Korea in 2019,  initially for Heli Sika.    Wairoa Helicopters is a new company set up in 2020 by Corey & Leona Isherwood to provide agricultural and other services.

Imported from the UK in 2020 by Taupo based Broadlands Holdings was Enstrom 280FX ZK-IAK2. This was originally built back in 1997.

And added to the Heli Sika fleet in 2020 was the former Greenlea Rescue AS350B2 ZK-HZJ4,  still wearing its Greenlea colours.   This was originally imported from Japan in 2003.


Taumarunui bound.

 Noted at Pukaki yesterday (14-10-2021) was the De Havilland DH82A ZK-BAH c/n 83589 as listed with John Baynes from the Gore area.

John and Amanda departed Wanaka and dropped into Pukaki to refuel for the next leg of the flight to Charlie Drapers strip near Darfield, then on to Kaikoura and Omaka for the night.
Destination Taumarunui for the Annual Tiger Moth flyin.
Above at Pukaki.
Below at Darfield.

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Tecnam P 2002 Sierras of New Zealand (7) - Mk II Sierra

With the P 2002 Sierra having been in production by Tecnam since 2003, in December 2016  Tecnam introduced the updated Mk II model which featured a re-designed sliding canopy with more headroom and other refinements.  It has a slightly heavier empty weight than the earlier Sierras at around 367 Kg (810 pounds).  In New Zealand it can be registered as either a Class 2 microlight with a MAUW of 544 Kg or as a Light Sport Aircraft with a MAUW of 600 Kg.

We have only had one Mk II Sierra registered in New Zealand to date:

ZK-EVE (c/n 543) was registered on 27/11/17 to Iain Anderson of Auckland, and he flies it extensively around the Auckland area.  It is photo'd above on a lunchtime trip to Raglan on 11/2/20.

That completes the series of the 29 Sierras that have been registered in New Zealand to date.  I reckon we will see more of them in the future as they are still being manufactured and they are also available on the second hand market overseas.