Tuesday 30 April 2019

Omaka # 13

My final batch from Omaka.
 Ferried into NZ from Australia at the end of last October was this 'New Piper Aircraft Inc' PA-28-181 Archer III which was listed as ZK-JPA2 on 07-11-2018 with the Auckland Aero Club (Inc).
Of almost the same year 2000 vintage is this Cessna 172S ZK-JQA2 (c/n 172S8703) now listed with the Martin Schiebel Family Trust of Puhoi.

Graeme and Joanne Hales of Paparoa took over this Piper PA-28-181 Archer II ZK-KCC (c/n 28-7990423) in July 2013. Imported in 1980 it initially wore the ZK-NDA registration.
Above we see the Yakovlev Yak-18T ZK-SSR (c/n 07-40) as listed to Andrew Park Electronic Security Ltd of Auckland.
The Sport Copter Vortex M912 ZK-RDX (c/n 192) cunningly disguised as FU+JA doing its thing.
Finally a view of Andrew Kebbell's Wittman W8 Tailwind ZK-RET (c/n AACA/386).

Omaka # 11

Some visitors to Omaka over the Easter weekend.
Just arrived in from up Gisborne way is the De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver ZK-BVA2 (c/n 245) of Farmers Air Ltd. 
Also just pulling in was the Jason Deer Cessna 185 ZK-CAK (c/n 185-0017). 
The Cessna 182R ZK-CNR (c/n 18268212) has been with Palms on George Ltd of Pukekohe since July of 2013.
This originally plied our skies as ZK-JFI followed by a spell as ZK-SAR2 before becoming ZK-CNR on 06-04-2011.
Built for the Indian Government back in 1949 this De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk became ZK-CVM2 (c/n 340) on 03-04-2003. 
It was listed to Mark Woodhouse of Richmond in May 2017.
This dew covered Aero Engine Services Airtourer Super 150 I have not seen for many a year.
It started life as the Victa Airtourer 100 ZK-CGQ in 1964.
Following a technical problem at New Plymouth in November of 1969 it went to AESL for re-manufacture and became ZK-DBD (c/n A551) on 25-02-1970.

Omaka # 12

Another batch of early morning shots from the visiting aircraft park.
The Cessna 177B Cardinal ZK-DFU (c/n 17701663) has been with us since December of 1971, and with its current owner Tony Payne since September of 2017.
Grumman American AA-5A Cheetah ZK-DLL has been with Margaret Wright of Johnsonville since October 1999. A 1977 import for the Pegasus School of Aviation Ltd.
This Cessna U206D Super Skywagon ZK-EDI (c/n U206-01325) has been locally based since February of 2017.
Another Grumman American AA5 - but this time an AA-5B Tiger ZK-EFT (c/n AA5B-0518) which is listed with the Barbarich-Bacher Family Trust of Auckland.
A reasonably recent registration is this Cessna 180A ZK-FRY2 (c/n 32914) as listed with Rob Fry in August last year. It spent it earlier days in Japan.

Omaka # 10

Low and slow is another of the F-18's from the RAAF.
Ronan Harvey's Beech D.18S N43927 (c/n A-26) doing its display routine.
The Lockheed Hudson NZ2049 restoration project was on display.
After serving with the RNZAF in the Pacific campaign during World War Two it was sold off to John Smith of Mapua. 
It was acquired by Bill Read in 2007 as a follow project from his magnificent Avro Anson.
John Luff's De Havilland DH112 Venom Mk1 ZK-VNM3 (c/n 840) does its thing in front of the masses.

Omaka # 8

A couple of shots of the Chariots Of Fire Collections Supermarine 379 Spitfire FR MkXIV ZK-XIV2 (c/n 65-648269) looking good both in the air and on the ground.
Below we have the Supermarine Spitfire MkIX two seater ZK-WDQ (c/n CBAF 5487) as listed with Warbird Adventure Rides Ltd.

An early morning wake up call about to go out to the locals as the North American NA78 Harvard 3* ZK-XSA (c/n 78-6647) prepares for take-off.

Omaka # 7

The Air Chathams Douglas DC-3 ZK-AWP (c/n 33135/16387) catching the early morning sunshine.
Air Milford Ltd's Cessna 208 Caravan ZK-SKY4 (c/n 20800605) about to load up and depart after an overnight stopover.
And parked up away from the action was the Gippsland GA8-TC320 Airvan ZK-PEL (c/n GA8-TC320-14-205) a recent addition for Pelorus Air Ltd.
Consolidated Vultee PBY-5A Catalina ZK-PBY (c/n CV-357) also welcoming the early morning sunshine.

Omaka # 9

The two Nieuports.
Above the Nieuport 16 ZK-XVI2 (c/n AHC01) from the AHC XVI Syndicate.
Below the Nieuport 11 replica ZK-NII (c/n CAS 01) from Classic Aircraft Sales Ltd.

From the Chariots Of Fire Collection came the Pfeifer Sopwith Scout replica ZK-SPH (c/n 101).
Above we have the New Zealand Warbirds Association Inc's Vintage Aviator Be2x-1 ZK-VCM2 (c/n 11233).
And a pleasant surprise was the Bristol Fighter destined for the New Zealand Warbirds Collection.

Monday 29 April 2019

Omaka # 6

A few more pics from Omaka last weekend.
The Trevor Collins owned Fairchild 24 C8C ZK-ABE3 (c/n 2605) of 1934.
Built as NS31 for the Bureau of Air Commerce it later became NC18617 and N18617 until cancelled on 03-08-2009.
Magnificently rebuilt at Omaka.
Another major project is the Waco UOC Custom above.
This arrived in NZ in May 1936 for the Marlborough Aero Club and became ZK-AEL (c/n 43360.
Impressed into the RNZAF as NZ575 during World War II it was returned the to Club as ZK-ALA in October of 1946.
By late 1951 it was with James Aviation Ltd but was damaged in July of 1958. 
It was sold to, and went on display in the Gilltraps Auto Museum at Coolangatta until sold in late 1966.
Several owners and a couple of restoration attempts later it was purchased by Jay McIntyre, Rex Newman and Stuart Leslie - and as you can see is well on the way back to flying status.
This interesting Nord 1002 Pinguin (Messerschmitt BF 108) VH-OFS (c/n 285) a pending project was on display.
This has previously operated in France from 1951, then Belgium, USA, Canada and in Australia since November of 1999.
The Comper CL7 Swift of the 1930's was an all wooden aircraft.
This reproduction however has an all metal fuselage which has been coming together at Omaka for a few years now.
This Fairchild F24W Argus is I believe c/n 837 and came to NZ in March of 2001.

At Last! Some Aircraft at Ruawai 27-4-2019

I have driven past Ruawai airfield many times on my way to and from Dargaville, but it has invariably been dead quiet.  Ruawai is the base for the Otamatea Aero Club and there are a couple of aircraft in their hangar, but I have never seen them out in the daylight.

However on Saturday a couple of aircraft were there, after having been at the Dargaville Saturday lunch and then having done some beach landings up the coast.

Dave Banks' Maule Lunar Rocket ZK-SLS is Ardmore based and Graham Reynolds' Cessna 185F ZK-EFB is based at North Shore.  They reckoned that they would have do do a bit of cleaning when they got home.  The Otamatea Aero Club hangar and clubrooms are in the background.

Graham told me his aircraft arrived in New Zealand as an Ag Carryall model with spray bars, but it was only used in this configuration for demonstration hours.  It also has a STOL kit with cuffs on the leading edges of the wings and both aircraft have vortex generators.  A couple of well utilised aircraft.

Then they were off, using the very narrow crushed limestone strip.

Sunday 28 April 2019

Dargaville for Lunch 27-4-2019

I was at Dargaville for their excellent every Saturday lunch yesterday and there were 10 visiting aircraft.  Most were pretty regular visitors but there were a few that were new to me:

Savannah XL ZK-CVK2 is now owned by Steve Williams who flew it North about a week ago.  It is based at Dargaville for the time being.

Solo Wings Aquila Trike ZK-KBV was up from its home base at North Shore.  It is a relatively new addition being first registered on 27/2/17.

Pilot KB about to head for home.  He has a great set up and a very impressive flight suit that he zips himself into.

Maule M5-210 Super Rocket ZK-SLS was up from Ardmore..

Saturday 27 April 2019

Mercer Airfield

Mercer airfield is seeing an increased level of activity with the sealed runway extension now complete,  the completion of the Rocket Lab engine test facility and now a large hangar is underway to house the Catalina ZK-PBY and other aircraft at the eastern runway end.

West Aero Maintenance has an increasing number of aircraft going through its hangars,  the company specialises in Cessna 180s and185s. On the far side of the runway in a small hangar is the fuselage of Beaver floatplane ZK-WKA,  which unfortunately suffered an accident on Auckland Harbour back on March 1.

Noted today was the Cessna 172N ZK-LIT of Auckland based Apex Aviation,  reregistered from ZK-DXP on March 21.

Outside West Aero was the 1973 model Seneca ZK-ROC which is registered to a Dunedin owner.

Omaka # 5

Show maker.
F-18 from over from our Western provinces.

 Sorry I cannot provide the sound.
 Show breaker
The Sunday rain and low 'scud'.