Monday 29 April 2019

Omaka # 6

A few more pics from Omaka last weekend.
The Trevor Collins owned Fairchild 24 C8C ZK-ABE3 (c/n 2605) of 1934.
Built as NS31 for the Bureau of Air Commerce it later became NC18617 and N18617 until cancelled on 03-08-2009.
Magnificently rebuilt at Omaka.
Another major project is the Waco UOC Custom above.
This arrived in NZ in May 1936 for the Marlborough Aero Club and became ZK-AEL (c/n 43360.
Impressed into the RNZAF as NZ575 during World War II it was returned the to Club as ZK-ALA in October of 1946.
By late 1951 it was with James Aviation Ltd but was damaged in July of 1958. 
It was sold to, and went on display in the Gilltraps Auto Museum at Coolangatta until sold in late 1966.
Several owners and a couple of restoration attempts later it was purchased by Jay McIntyre, Rex Newman and Stuart Leslie - and as you can see is well on the way back to flying status.
This interesting Nord 1002 Pinguin (Messerschmitt BF 108) VH-OFS (c/n 285) a pending project was on display.
This has previously operated in France from 1951, then Belgium, USA, Canada and in Australia since November of 1999.
The Comper CL7 Swift of the 1930's was an all wooden aircraft.
This reproduction however has an all metal fuselage which has been coming together at Omaka for a few years now.
This Fairchild F24W Argus is I believe c/n 837 and came to NZ in March of 2001.


  1. The "Bf108" looks like VH-OFS, a Nord 1002 Pingouin. See:

  2. Thanks Roy. You are correct. Details above updated. Cheers

  3. Any idea who the owner of the replica Comper Swift is?

  4. Negative on that madmax.
    A syndicate I believe.

  5. The F24W-41 was VH-EMP before being exported here. Was also DDG & EMF. Formerly with the RAF/civil aircraft in England.

  6. Thanks Luis.
    Ex G-AJSG UK civil, HB600 with RAF and 43-14873 with US Military.