Tuesday 2 April 2019


Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJN c/n 2594 currently sits idle at Christchurch International airport.
It first flew out of Toulouse in France on 22-10-2005 using the Airbus test registration of F-WWBC as seen below in a shot taken on that occasion. (Thanks to DF31Airslides and Planespotter.net).
It carries the temporary French registration over its ZK marks on the rear fuselage with the c/n of 2594 below.
The full ZK-OJN marks are visible underwing.
 For more history on this airframe see the MRC Aviation blog HERE
 Below an approach shot into Christchurch on 31-07-2014 - minus the 'Pacific Wave'.
 Below - a very long shot taken today at Christchurch.
And for what it is worth - five minutes prior to this shot - an all white A320 was parked the other side of that Hercules.


  1. Thanks for the info, did it look like there was any work being done to the plane?

  2. No - there was no obvious activity on OJN

    1. Thank you - If you notice any activity I would be glad to hear it. I am very interested in the progress of Canada Jetlines.