Saturday 27 April 2019

Mercer Airfield

Mercer airfield is seeing an increased level of activity with the sealed runway extension now complete,  the completion of the Rocket Lab engine test facility and now a large hangar is underway to house the Catalina ZK-PBY and other aircraft at the eastern runway end.

West Aero Maintenance has an increasing number of aircraft going through its hangars,  the company specialises in Cessna 180s and185s. On the far side of the runway in a small hangar is the fuselage of Beaver floatplane ZK-WKA,  which unfortunately suffered an accident on Auckland Harbour back on March 1.

Noted today was the Cessna 172N ZK-LIT of Auckland based Apex Aviation,  reregistered from ZK-DXP on March 21.

Outside West Aero was the 1973 model Seneca ZK-ROC which is registered to a Dunedin owner.

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