Friday 22 February 2008

Recent register listings

Four recent register listings appear to be out of their sequence.

The Mosquito Air XEL was registered as ZK-JNG/3 on 12-02-08. This is in fact a microlight helicopter and has since been re-registered in the helicopter range as ZK-HNG/6 on 20-02-08.

The three new Celier Xenon gyroplanes have been listed as ZK-XEN, XJE and ZMY when I thought that ZK-R## would perhaps be the norm.

Photo above from Keith Morris shows Xenon ZK-ZMY at the SAA fly in at Tauranga recently. Two things worthy of note; the prop tips and the magnifying effect on the bystanders anatomy through the perspex.

Thursday 21 February 2008

Amuri Helicopters AS350BA ZK-HJM

I got a pic yesterday of the "new" Amuri Helicopters AS350BA ZK-HJM/4.
c/n 1671, sitting outside its hangar near Hanmer.

Can anyone tell me exactly what an AS350 FX is ? (as seen on the tail boon).

Taieri bound

Heading south today for a DH weekend at Taieri I caught up with Chipmunks ZK-UAS and ZK-TAZ refuelling at Ashburton and Stearman ZK-STM at Timaru. All flown by their respective owners.
UAS carries "The Godfather" below the cockpit.

Ashburton Air Services Cessna 404 Titan

Cessna 404 Titan Ambassador 11 c/n 404-0693 arrived in NZ on 14-09-2007 as N6764D.
Noted today, still at Avtek in Timaru, minus marks (no ZK allocation known by me yet) and having avionics checked out.
At Ashburton a new hangar is being built in the corner of the field on the southern boundary to house this aircraft (& presumably the Cessna 180 ZK-BUS [same owner]).

Wednesday 20 February 2008

Works of Art # 6

A blown up shot of ZK-HTI from the other side.

Don't worry about the snakes. Watch the wild eyed creature near the tail pipe.

Note the name "Little Bird" below cockpit.

Works of art # 5

And don't forget this scheme on ZK-HYY.

Taken exactly a year ago today

Works of Art #4

ZK-HYY prior to Star Wars

Works of Art #3

ZK-IEZ at Ardmore in Oct 05.

ZK-HXP. Great scheme depicting the local environs of Central Otago.

ZK-HTI, an oldy but a goody!

ZK-HIQ, First sighted Aug 06 and still pops in periodically with the same scheme.

I only spied this once at Ardmore (Mar 06) and I don't think it actually remained this way for very long at all.

Works of art #2

Bill McWilliam's Titan T51 Mustang ZK-WWM.

Tuesday 19 February 2008

Ardmore 19Feb08

Noted at the Oceania maintenance facility this morning were a couple of interesting machines. ZK-IFS is now sporting Farm Spray titles. The pilot/owner even kindly came out and asked if I wanted the door shut! Don't come across that very often at Ardmore these days.

More interesting was the roll out of BK117 ZK-III following an extensive rebuild operation. This all white machine has been in the Oceania hanger for a while, not exactly sure when or from where it arrived. ZK-III, ex ZK-HHI, was badly damaged back on 14Jan 2003 when it collided with trees enroute from Wellington to Masterton on a night medical transfer flight.

Monday 18 February 2008

Works of art

Hughes 369D c/n 60-0739D ZK-HYY of Garden of Eden Helicopters in its current scheme.
Any other worthy schemes out there ?

Tuesday 12 February 2008

Murphy Rebel

Noted carrying out circuits at Ardmore this morning was Pukekohe based Murphy Rebel ZK-WEM. Its the first time I've seen this machine.

Mike Condon photo

Saturday 9 February 2008

Friday 8 February 2008

Cessna 182T Skylane ZK-SLL c/n 81084

The following has just came in from Blair Huston.
Its no longer fresh news for the magazine but very apt for these pages.
This aircraft initially had the Cessna test registration of N5169F dated 04-03-2002 before becoming N818CF.
Lycoming IO-540 powered & loaded with Bendix King avionics.
Has about 1100 hours
Now ZK-SLL ie Sky Lane Ltd.

Quote Blair.
"Just received my first copy of NZ Aero News ………great reading.

Im not sure if you are interested but I imported a 2003 182T from the US in Nov 07. It was Cessna’s executive hack & factory 182 demonstrator based in Kansas.

I flew it from Wichita Kansas to Oakland where it was ‘containered’ to Ardmore & reassembled by Flightline. It started life as N818CF & is now ZK-SLL.

It is now owned & operated by Sky Lane Limited based at Ardmore.

Regards Blair "
end quote.

Question Time #3

What type of aircraft does this hang underneath ?

Once you sort that out - What is its registration ?

Thursday 7 February 2008

Fast and Furio'us!

Waitangi Day 2008 signalled the first flight of the all new NZ designed composite built Falcomposite Furio LN27RG ZK-LLG. The aircraft was out flying again today, 07Feb, and is captured here carrying out a high speed pass for media and again just prior to landing. Its lines are very similiar to the Sequoia Falco however it is a completely new design.

Photos by Mike Condon

Ardmore Gleanings 07Feb08

Robinson R44 ZK-HRR noted at Heliflight, recently registered to a Hamilton owner.

Sporting very small "Lakeland" titles on the nose was AS350 B2 Squirrel ZK-HBW.

Rick Lucas' Piper PA34 ZK-XYZ, with "Sky Angel 1" on the tail, was noted minus its left hand engine.

Doug Brooker's aerobatic collection was out and about today however no sign of his two seat Spitfire - yet.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

A bite at last !

Regarding the ZK-MXT ZK-RKT blog of 25-01-08.

I have finally got a bite regarding the colour purple (which I placed in quotation marks) for ZK-NUT.

Thanks Rodney.

I too have heard that Doug prefers to call it lavender. & I would tend to agree.

Pic taken at Omaka 06-04-2007.

Tuesday 5 February 2008

New arrival at Wigram

Pic at Rangiora 02-08-07.

The Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow IV c/n 28R-7803275, N327LP was removed from its container at Rangiora on 02-08-2007 for re-assembly. During the process it was found to have a sub standard previous repair job.

Pic at Rangiora 14-08-07.

It was freighted to Nelson on 15-08-07 on a flat bed truck for repairs with Nelson Aero Maintenance.

It was registered as ZK-TWM on 20-08-07 to Transworld Motors Christchurch Ltd and finally arrived as such at Wigram today.

Pic today 05-02-08 at Wigram.

Also on the field was the PA-32-300 Cherokee six ZK-OMT (ex ZK-ECV)

and outside the Museum hangar, Sopwith "N6460"

and Avenger "NZ2521" were in the sunshine.

Sunday 3 February 2008

Looking through the cracks

A visit to Timaru on Sunday 03-02-2008 to have a look through the South Canterbury Aviation Heritage Centre turned out to be a non event as the Sunday 1330 opening time came and went, as did 1415.
A couple of phone numbers on the door would probably have gained me entry but I thought If they were not here then they obviously had better things to do.

Instead I had a look through the gaps in the hangar doors at Avtek and noted the Air Tractor ZK-MAA is being re-assembled. Outside lay the wrecked prop, hopper spreader and undercarriage legs.
MAA Photo taken 01-11-2007.

Also spied was a Cessna 172 marked as OXN looking decided like the old ZK-CXN still with its "Southern Skys" tail markings. OXN is not listed, or reserved on CAA websites.CXN Photo taken 08-10-2007.

Also noted was the fuselage of what looked looked a PA22/20 tail wheeled fuselage; last letter being a "P". My feeling is that this is ZK-SWP, the colour looking about right. Anybody know of an incident for this aircraft ?

Cessna 402B ZK-EHS c/n 0217

The following email is from Dave Cogan regarding the cancellation of his Cessna 402 ZK-EHS.
Cancelled as withdrawn on 29-01-2008.

"Hi there
A little background on the aircraft.

Auckland Skydivers who were based at Whenuapai operated ZK-EHS as a skydiving aircraft for 10 years until 2001 when they were asked to leave the Base and find a new home. At that point the aircraft was sold to John Fennell’s tandem operation at Taupo.
John on sold to Taupo Tandem of Taupo.
In 2006 Dave Cogan (an experienced skydiver/pilot) purchased ZK-EHS off Taupo Tandem with the view of doing it up.
He had all the avionics upgraded along with state of the art Nav equipment installed. Basically giving it a new lease of life!
With the changes to the Part 43 maintenance rules it was going to require some very expensive SIDs to be complied with, and the discovery of some corrosion put end to Cogan’s dreams.
The aircraft is now located in a hanger at Ardmore being parted out."

I noted parts listed for sale on TradeMe in November 2007.