Sunday 3 February 2008

Looking through the cracks

A visit to Timaru on Sunday 03-02-2008 to have a look through the South Canterbury Aviation Heritage Centre turned out to be a non event as the Sunday 1330 opening time came and went, as did 1415.
A couple of phone numbers on the door would probably have gained me entry but I thought If they were not here then they obviously had better things to do.

Instead I had a look through the gaps in the hangar doors at Avtek and noted the Air Tractor ZK-MAA is being re-assembled. Outside lay the wrecked prop, hopper spreader and undercarriage legs.
MAA Photo taken 01-11-2007.

Also spied was a Cessna 172 marked as OXN looking decided like the old ZK-CXN still with its "Southern Skys" tail markings. OXN is not listed, or reserved on CAA websites.CXN Photo taken 08-10-2007.

Also noted was the fuselage of what looked looked a PA22/20 tail wheeled fuselage; last letter being a "P". My feeling is that this is ZK-SWP, the colour looking about right. Anybody know of an incident for this aircraft ?

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  1. Good stuff. According to CAA, SWP crashed on 24 Jan in the Hope River Valley. The visit to Timaru sounds a bit like my trip to Masterton the same day. The airport was closed for drag racing, and there was ONE aircraft outside! Did get INZ at Carterton, in slightly revised colours.