Monday 31 October 2022

ZK-WHY - Why indeed

The Cessna 172N with the c/n 70200 was built in 1978 and registered as N738SL to Sterling Air Service Inc of Sterling, Colorado from 06-03-1978 with a move to G & K Land Inc at Curtiss, Nebraska from June of 1983.
Two more owners in Nebraska were Trego Aviation Ltd from May 1990 and J H McCarthy from July 1990 both of North Platte. Then we see Moyer Aviation Inc of Ulysses, Kansas listed from May of 1993 followed by Morris Ranch Inc out of Hugoton from 27-02-1993 who became the final listed US owner.
However the aircraft went to Rodger McCutcheon as payment for services rendered to Morris Ranch - but the ownership was never transferred to Rodger.
Rodger imported the Cessna into New Zealand, and it was assembled at Ardmore in October of 1993 but remained on the US register and flown around NZ as N783SL. 

Below N738SL at Ardmore on 02-12-1993 in its small US markings.About six months later the deal between Morris Ranch and Rodger McCutcheon turned sour and with the bill of sale still with Morris Ranch it was sold from under Rodger.

It joined the NZ register as ZK-WHY for Bruce and Sandra Painter of Auckland on 01-07-1994 and went online with the Auckland Fling School Ltd at Ardmore..
It was noted at Christchurch on 12-02-1995 with Ardmore Flying School titles on its engine cowl and rear fuselage.
It was listed to the Ardmore Flying School from 31-01-1997 followed by Southflight Aviation of Christchurch from 01-10-1997 and Flight Safety (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore from 03-02-1998.
As captured at Ardmore on18-03-2000.

 From 01-06-2000 it was with The NZ Pilot Academy of Auckland followed by Salt Air at Paihia from 28-02-2001. Then came the North Shore Aero Club at the end of May 2001 and Rockum Aviation Ltd of Auckland from 20-10-2004. Then Crookston Holdings took over on 14-02-2005; CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd on 03-08-2007 and the Wakatipu Aero Club at Queenstown from 04-03-2008.
At Queenstown on 09-10-2008.

They flicked it to the Southern Districts Aero Club at Gore on 09-12-2008 - which became the Gore Aero Club on 25-05-2010.
At Hastings on 07-03-2014 in its new paint scheme.
At Christchurch on 22-08-2014.

And finally at Gore in March 2020 by Richard Currie. 

It was passed on to Phil Crawford of Waverley Harvesting Ltd from 27-07-2021, and more recently, 13-09-2022, to David Bentley of Waitara.

A couple of strays.

 Just prior to lunch time at Christchurch International I snapped these three 'out of towners'
The Beech B200C Super King Air ZK-PLK c.n BL-64 was down from - and returned to - Napier.
This has been with Skyline Aviation of Napier since importation in late March of 2008.

Gulfstream G550 (GV-SP) T7-JOYY c/n 5611 of Tagg Aviation, San Marino, was parked between the cones. This started as N561GD with Gulfstream in mid-2019 and joined Tagg Aviation in February 2020.

Taxiing out for departure was the Lockheed Martin C130J-30 MM62191 46-57 c/n 5531 of Aeronautica Militare Italiana (Italy). It is back here for another Antarctic season.

Saturday 29 October 2022

Jabiru J 230 ZK-JAB/2

From a couple of weeks ago, Jordan Elvy photo'd the new Jabiru J 230 ZK-JAB2 on a lovely day at Paraparaumu:

ZK-JAB2 (c/n J397) was registered to the Ormond Family Trust of Masterton on 17/3/22.  It was imported from Australia where it was registered 24-4927.  (The first ZK-JAB was a Fletcher).

Thanks for the photo Jordan..


Friday 28 October 2022

Motu Helicopters Ltd

 Another new helicopter operator at Opotiki is Motu Helicopters Ltd which was formed in 2021 and operates out of the old Central Helicopters base.   They are using Heli Hire Rotorua machines,  currently Hughes 369D ZK-IWX,  and at other times their Hughes 369FF ZK-IWR2.     IWX was originally imported from the USA in 2009 and has been with Heli Hire since 2012.

Thursday 27 October 2022

A Collection of Helicopters

Noted at Opotiki was Eastern Airwork's sole helicopter, AS350B2 ZK-HQD5.  This was originally imported from the USA in 2017 for the now defunct Central Helicopters.

Visiting Gisborne was the Havelock North privately owned Bell 206L-1 ZK-IJC2 which hasnt been blogged here before.  It was imported from the USA in 2017.

Also at Gisborne was Hughes 369D ZK-IPH sprayer which was added to the Country Helicopters' fleet in 2021.   It was imported from the USA in 2011.

Normally based at Piopio the Precision Helicopters' Hughes 369D ZK-IRA2 was at Hamilton receiving attention,  and has recently been repainted in a new blue scheme.   This was originally imported from the USA in 2008 as ZK-HOT4,  becoming IRA in 2012 upon sale to Precision.


Wednesday 26 October 2022


Bay of Plenty Helicopters is a new operator formed in 2021 and based at Whakatane Airport.   They are using a couple of helicopters registered to Kahu NZ,  being Bell 206B ZK-HHC2, and the Hughes 369FF ZK-HRA3 as depicted below.    HRA was originally imported from Canada in 2002.

    Imported from Australia earlier this year for a Te Puke owner is the Zenair 750 ZK-XTA.   It was            originally built back in 2019, and registered in NZ in September 2022.


Tuesday 25 October 2022

A New Beech B200 for Life Flight

Life Flight which is based out of Wellington Airport has operated BAE Jetstream 3202s ZK-LFW since 2014 and ZK-LFT2 from 2016, and their ownership is shown as Air Freight NZ Ltd of Palmerston North.  Recently Life Flight has acquired a Beech B200 ZK-LFA  and it was rolled out at Palmerston North a week ago.  Tim Gorman was on hand to photograph it:

ZK-LFA (c/n BB-1787) is ex VH-MSH and was registered to Air Freight NZ Ltd on 29/7/22.

Thanks for the photo Tim.

A Nelson cover up.

 On Saturday 22nd Bill Mannix captured the RAAF Hercules C130J "Aussie 807" on an approach and overshoot on Nelson's runway 02.
Interesting tail markings !

Today at Nelson the Georgie Hill Station Partnerships two Cessna 172's were parked up under wraps.
The 172N ZK-TRS2 c/n 17268450, a 1977 model, came in from Colorado USA for Matthew McCaughan of Geordie Hills Station from October of 2007.The Cessna 172M ZK-WAX c/n 17262857 was delivered as N13582 to Australia to become VH-WAX on 15-07-1974. It was noted at Auckland on 14-04-1993 and became ZK-JCG via Air Flite South for Bill Sutherland of Waikaka from 14-06-1993. 
Bill re-registered it as ZK-WAX on 05-07-1993, sold it to the Evans Percy Syndicate of Hamilton in May of 1999 who in turn flicked it on to Geordie Hills in August 2011.


Noted at Tauranga this morning were our latest 2 Tecnam imports being a couple of P92 Echo Mk2s, ZK-DKF2 and ZK-EAZ2.   The former is shown below destined to be Matamata based,  while EAZ was still on assembly for the local NZ Tecnam agent.

Up from Masterton for attention was Amalgamated Helicopters NZ's Hughes 369E ZK-IIE which was imported from Canada for the company back in 2010.


Monday 24 October 2022

NZ Association of Women in Aviation Rally at Hawera 22-10-2022

The New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation (NZAWA) held their annual rally at Hawera over the weekend.  Planefil was there and has sent the following photos:

Newly arrived in the Naki is Piper PA 28-235 Cherokee ZK-LYC.  It was registered to Christof Melchizedek of Oakura on 3/2/22.

From Massey Aviation, Diamond DA 40 ZK-MTE was busy in the competitions, being flown by 3 different competitors.
Gardan GY 20 Minicab ZK-RJK was flown over from Hastings by Jan Chisum.  It was her second trip West in as many weekends, having been at the Tiger Club flyin at Taumarunui flying her DH 60 Gipsy Moth ZK-ADT last weekend.

And the De Havilland jet flyover was provided by Brett Emeny in his DH 115 Vampire T 55 ZK-RVM, out of new Plymouth.  (Last week at the Tiger Club flyin it was John Luff flying his DH 112 Venom ZK-VNM3).  

Thanks for the photos Phil.

Sunday 23 October 2022

Ashburton Extravaganza # 2.

A nice catch was Chalie Drapers Cessna 170B ZK-SJK c/n 26744 of 1955 vintage and imported into NZ by John Kelly of Richmond and registered here on 01-05-2012.
It was delivered to Darfield on 30-08-2022 with Charlie selling his Auster J1B ZK-AYU to Arthur Ruddenklau also of Darfield in early September.

Caught on departure was the Rans S12 Airaile ZK-PHD c/n 04111025 of Paul Davis of Port Levy.
The registration PHD comes from Paul's initials.

A major restoration job for the Museum is the partial remains of the old World War Two wooden hangar with fund raising under way.
The aircraft stored there is probably not a restoration project - but is the carcase of the Piper PA-34-200 Seneca ZK-NFS c/n 34-7350165 which was cancelled as withdrawn on 01-02-2021 but which had been derelict for some time prior to this.

No a civil aircraft - but the latest arrival for the Ashburton Aviation Museum. 
Strikemaster NZ6374 c/n EE/JP/3873 PS344 joined the RNZAF in 1975 and on withdrawal went to the RNZAF Museum Ohakea Wing.
It was recently transferred down to Ashburton arriving there on 01-08-2022 and was assembled over the next few days and is now proudly on display.

Ashburton Extravaganza Saturday.

The Ashburton Aviation Museum held an "Extravaganza" on Saturday and Sunday. 
A substantial number of their aircraft were removed from their large hangar and parked outside for display.
Some sales stalls occupied the inside the hangar with food stalls and entertainment outside (brass band, bagpipes etc).
There were several visiting aircraft over near the Aero Club facility.
Cessna 180 ZK-BDD c/n 30463R has been with us since 1953 and been with its current owner since mid-1981.

De Havilland DH82A ZK-BRC c/n DHNZ115 as listed with John Hargest of Riversdale

New to the blog is the Aeroprakt A-22LS ZK-LFK c/n 256 from Heslerton Station, near Leeston.

Below- not a visitor but a local let out for the day from the Museum is the Zlin Z-37T ZK-DOZ2 c/n 010. 
Imported in 2002 for use in the agricultural role. Note the unusual spreader under the fuselage.
It was withdrawn as time expired in February 2009 and came to the Musem in 2010. 

At Christchurch ZK-MCJ taking a different track.

 With the Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJM c/n 2533 (as posted below two days ago) flying out and arriving at Roswell, New Mexico via Honolulu and Los Angeles on the 16th - for cancellation from the ZK register on the 17th - we should also note that at Christchurch the ATR 72-212A ZK-MCJ c/n 624 is taking the "parting out track".
ZK-MCJ started with Mount Cook Airline Ltd at the end of November 1999 and carried out its last revenue flight into Christchurch with Air New Zealand on 04-02-2020. It is still listed on the register.

Saturday 22 October 2022

Magni M 24 Gyro ZK-RGO at NZKF Today 22-10-2022

The Northern Aviators Club held a start of the flying season pancake breakfast at Kaipara Flats airfield this morning with a good attendance of more than a dozen sport aircraft that came from Whangarei down to Waihi Beach (and a Cessna 185B that came from Kuratau):

Peter Randall came from Te Kopuru on the Northern Wairoa River (just before it empties into the Kaipara Harbour), in his Magni M 24 Orion Gyro ZK-RGO.

He had to head back to pick up supplies for the Dargaville Aero Club's Saturday lunch.

Friday 21 October 2022

Over at NZAA - Farewell to ZK-OJM 11-10-2022

After checking out Ardmore I drove across to Auckland International for my pick up and where the soon to be ex Air New Zealand Airbus A320 ZK-OJM was parked outside the engineering hangar without its Air New Zealand markings.

ZK-OJM was cancelled from the register on 17/10/22 as exported.

Cessna 208B ZK-ROW/2 at Ardmore 11-10-2022

While I was at Ardmore the newly registered Cessna Grand Caravan ZK-ROW2 landed and taxied across to Oceania Aviation:

ZK-ROW2 (c/n 208B5691) was registered to Finbar Airways Ltd of Napier on 11/8/22.

Thursday 20 October 2022

Falco ZK-FUO with Wings!

On a trip to Ardmore last week I saw that the Falco ZK-FUO that I had seen a week before had had its wings fitted:

Aeronca at Kaipara Flats 11-10-2022

The Wingnut Syndicate's Aeronca 100 UL ZK-AMW2 was trailered up to Bruce Lynch's hangar at Kaipara Flats airfield about a week ago:

Nice matching colours of the ute and the Aeronca.  The intention is to get it flying as soon as possible.

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Around the Waikato

A visit to the Heliworx Waikato base in Te Pahu today found their Bell 206B ZK-HAL3 in residence.  This was imported by the company from Alaska back in 2012.

Further down the road still in Te Pahu is the Heli Ag Waikato base and the latest addition to their fleet,  the former Ashworth Helicopters' Bell 206L-3 ZK-IWA.   This was originally imported from Japan in 2013 and replace's Heli Ag's Bell 206B ZK-HFE3 which is for sale on Trade Me.

Over at Kihikihi at the Rotor Work main base was Marton based R44 ZK-HFV5 which has just completed a repaint in an overall black scheme.

And at Hamilton Airport the Farmers Air PAC 750XL ZK-XLA has lost its fleet colours and is currently all white.


A Flight Home to NZKF from the Tiger Club Flyin 16-10-2022

After having attended the Tiger Club dinner and prizegiving I spent the night in a friend's motel.  Thanks to all who helped me out in Taumarunui and I did need that 10 litres of avgas to get me back to Te Kowhai without worrying.  Taumarunui was fog bound and so after a breakfast at McDonalds along with lots of other Tiger Club members (it is pretty quiet in Taumarunui early on a Sunday morning) it was back to the airfield to wait for the fog to burn off.  Which it did and I was on my way at 11 am.

There is some pretty gnarly country North of Taumarunui with not many places to land if you had to!

I flew a course of 330 degrees which brings you to Te Kuiti which is in the distance off the wing.

Then it is dairying country all the way.  This is Maungatautari Mountain near Otorohanga which is a good landmark that you can see from a long way off.

Jordan Elvy was on hand with Simon Hills when I arrived at Te Kowhai.  Thanks for the photo Jordan.  My flight time from Taumarunui was 1 hour and 5 minutes with the help of an increasing tailwind.

Also out in the circuit when I arrived at Te Kowhai was Tecnam Sierra ZK-LUX

After a sandwhich and a cuppa with some of the locals I was on my way again.  here about to pass Huntly on the Waikato River.

Looking down on the Huntly power station as I flew overhead (making sure to avoid built up areas)

By the time I got to the Glenbrook steel mill the South Westerly breeze was quite strong.

So I got a bit of turbulence flying at 1400 feet through the Manakau Heads, but no worries.

Then up the coast for home in 1 hour 35 minutes flight time from Te Kowhai.  You cant resist taking a photo of Lion Rock at Piha as you fly past!

I had a great time over the weekend.  Definitely a tick off the bucket list!