Monday 31 October 2022

ZK-WHY - Why indeed

The Cessna 172N with the c/n 70200 was built in 1978 and registered as N738SL to Sterling Air Service Inc of Sterling, Colorado from 06-03-1978 with a move to G & K Land Inc at Curtiss, Nebraska from June of 1983.
Two more owners in Nebraska were Trego Aviation Ltd from May 1990 and J H McCarthy from July 1990 both of North Platte. Then we see Moyer Aviation Inc of Ulysses, Kansas listed from May of 1993 followed by Morris Ranch Inc out of Hugoton from 27-02-1993 who became the final listed US owner.
However the aircraft went to Rodger McCutcheon as payment for services rendered to Morris Ranch - but the ownership was never transferred to Rodger.
Rodger imported the Cessna into New Zealand, and it was assembled at Ardmore in October of 1993 but remained on the US register and flown around NZ as N783SL. 

Below N738SL at Ardmore on 02-12-1993 in its small US markings.About six months later the deal between Morris Ranch and Rodger McCutcheon turned sour and with the bill of sale still with Morris Ranch it was sold from under Rodger.

It joined the NZ register as ZK-WHY for Bruce and Sandra Painter of Auckland on 01-07-1994 and went online with the Auckland Fling School Ltd at Ardmore..
It was noted at Christchurch on 12-02-1995 with Ardmore Flying School titles on its engine cowl and rear fuselage.
It was listed to the Ardmore Flying School from 31-01-1997 followed by Southflight Aviation of Christchurch from 01-10-1997 and Flight Safety (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore from 03-02-1998.
As captured at Ardmore on18-03-2000.

 From 01-06-2000 it was with The NZ Pilot Academy of Auckland followed by Salt Air at Paihia from 28-02-2001. Then came the North Shore Aero Club at the end of May 2001 and Rockum Aviation Ltd of Auckland from 20-10-2004. Then Crookston Holdings took over on 14-02-2005; CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd on 03-08-2007 and the Wakatipu Aero Club at Queenstown from 04-03-2008.
At Queenstown on 09-10-2008.

They flicked it to the Southern Districts Aero Club at Gore on 09-12-2008 - which became the Gore Aero Club on 25-05-2010.
At Hastings on 07-03-2014 in its new paint scheme.
At Christchurch on 22-08-2014.

And finally at Gore in March 2020 by Richard Currie. 

It was passed on to Phil Crawford of Waverley Harvesting Ltd from 27-07-2021, and more recently, 13-09-2022, to David Bentley of Waitara.

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