Sunday 16 October 2022

Sling TSi ZK-SLN at Tiger Club Flyin, Taumarunui

The Tiger Moths were the stars of the weekend but Brad Pearpoint and Alex Kandoorp's Sling newly released from its testing hours Sling TSi ZK-SLN impressed a lot of the knowledgeable aircraft crowd on the field.  Actually it could not be more different to a Tiger Moth in almost every respect and Sling Aircraft have really nailed this design.  Apparently there are another 4 Sling TSi kits in New Zealand so we will see more of them.

Brad and Alex flew a lot over the weekend.

And the Nemo colour scheme looked great against the spectacular backdrop of the Taumarunui hills.

Very nice!


  1. One of the kits is being built by a Kapiti Districts Aero Club member, so we will have one based at NZPP soon, owner wants me there for first flight pictures.
    Congrats to all involved with Nemo, really is a stunning aircraft!.

    1. That's very cool Tim, I'm excited to see progress!