Sunday 9 October 2022

Very uncivil. Hercules 92-1094

 Positively uncivil but I feel worthy of posting.

This photo taken by Tony McFarlin shows the Lockheed LC130H 92-1094 c/n 382-5402 on the Deep Freeze apron at Christchurch International Airport yesterday 08-10-2022.
It arrived as call sign GUMBY94.

A nocturnal image from Matt Hayes.

The GUMBY reference comes from :-
The aircraft has a picture of said character in the lower left flight deck window !
(Details thanks to MRC).

Its  rudder and elevator appear to be in its normal scheme as noted below at Christchurch on 13-11-2019.


  1. Any ideas why they would paint a snowbird emerald green?

  2. Evening Anon.

    Basically just an undercoat.

    Drill down through the link below from another site - (Copy & paste into Google)