Wednesday 31 October 2018

Christchurch this afternoon 31-10-2018

 Bill Hales Hughes 369D ZK-HSD (c/n 1090595D) outside Heli Maintenance at Christchurch this afternoon.
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 Robinson R44 Clipper ZK-IJA (c/n 0893) of the ADT Trust from Queenstown was back in town today.
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 Just completing a twelve year rebuild with Heli Maintenance is the Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-ILY (c/n 10968).
This was imported from Japan being ex JA778N  about mid-year.
It was registered to Horizon Helicopters Ltd of Christchurch on 01-10-2018.
 Two ungainly angled grotty desperation shots - Above is the recently registered Cessna 172S Skyhawk XP ZK-NAX2 (c/n 172S12046) from the Nelson Aviation College at Motueka.

Below we have the Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage VH-BHR (c/n 46-22019) moving on out.
This has been in country since October of 2017.
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Otago Aero Club Flyaway to Kyeburn Station 28/10/18

The Otago Aero Club organised a flyaway last Sunday to Kyeburn Station, which is near Ranfurly inland from Oamaru.  Reuben Morison flew in the R&B Bearhawk ZK-FHR2 and took the photos below:

Some of the aircraft on the Kyeburn strip.  Reuben advised that the aircraft on the flyaway were ZK-FHR2 Bearhawk, ZK-WET3 (Searey), ZK-XAS and ZK-ZMB (Rans S6) ZK-WAL3 (Rans S-7), ZK-KLA2 (Archer II), ZK-EBI (Arrow), ZK-RVI (RV4), ZK-MFD (Rans S-20), and ZK-KTN2 (Australian Aviation Works Karatoo J6 C).  Most of the aircraft were from Taieri but ZK-MFD and ZK-KTN2 came from Alexandra.

 Rans S 20 Raven ZK-MFD on take off.

 Rans S 7 ZK-WAL3...

 Rans S 6S ZK-ZMB...

  and Rans S 6S ZK-XAS...

and finally Craig Buist's latest Searaey ZK-WET3.

Thanks very much for the photos Reuben.

Monday 29 October 2018

Evektor Aircraft of New Zealand

The first type of new sport aircraft to be registered in New Zealand in 2008 was the Evektor Aerotechnik SportStar Plus, the first of which was registered on 20/2/08.

Evektor Aerotechnik is a Czech aircraft manufacturer based in Kunovice in the Czech Republic.  They are quite a diverse manufacturer producing electric aircraft and a 14 seat twin turboprop airliner, and most recently have been producing components for the next generation L 39NG jet aircraft.  The SportStar was the first LSA to be certified in the USA and it has been developed over the years.  It is of all metal construction partly bonded and partly rivetted.  Its specifications are:  length 5.98 metres (17 feet 8 inches) and wingspan is 8.65 metres (28 feet 5 inches), empty weight is around 308 Kg (668 pounds) and MAUW is 544 Kg (1,200 pounds) for a Class 2 microlight in New Zealand, or it can be registered as a LSA with a 600 Kg MAUW.  Powere comes from a Rotax 912 and with a 912ULS of 100 HP cruise speed is around 110 knots while the stall speed is around 40 knots.

We have had three Evektor aircraft in New Zealand, two SportStars and one later model Harmony.

 ZK-MAC2 (c/n 20071103) is a SportStar Plus that was first registered to Aeroflight Aviation Ltd of Christchurch (Colin Marshall) on 20/2/08.  It spent some time with the Canterbury Aero Club for 6 months from 18/9/08 in a trial for microlight training, and later was owned by the Ashburton Aviation Pioneers of Kaiapoi for 2 months from 14/5/10, returning to Aeroflight Aviation.  It is photo'd above at Wigram on 20/9/08.

Ownership changed to Nelson Pilot Training Ltd of Stoke on 31/7/10 and it was re-designated as a LSA on 21/3/11.  Nelson Pilot Training changed their name to Pacific Pilot Training Ltd on 23/7/13 and ZK-MAC2 is still current with them as a training aircraft.  The above photo was taken at nelson on 7/11/16.

ZK-NPT (c/n 20070920) is also a SportStar Plus model that started life as N920LS for Terry S Bloom of Johnson City TN on 16/7/08.  It was cancelled from the US register on 12/12/11 and exported to New Zealand.  It was registered as a LSA as ZK-NPT on 31/1/12 to Nelson Pilot Training Ltd and as with ZK-MAC2 ownership transferred to Pacific Pilot Training Ltd on 23/7/13.  It is photo'd above at Nelson on 7/11/16.

ZK-CGM3 (c/n 20111415) is an Evektor Harmony which is a development of the SportStar.  It is a LSA and was first registered to the local agents Aeroflight Aviation Ltd of Cust (Colin Marshall) on 16/2/12.  It is photo'd above on assembly at Rangiora on 20/1/12.

It is still owned by Aeroflight Aviation Ltd but is now based in Blenhiem.  It is photo'd above at the 2015 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 7/2/15.

Sunday 28 October 2018

Light Miniature Aircraft LMA 5X-W Cubs of New Zealand

The final new aircraft type to appear on the New Zealand Civil Register for 2007 was the Light Miniature Aircraft LMA 5X-W.  We had previously had several of its smaller brothers in the 75% Cub look-alike LM 1 and the 75% Aeronca Champ look-alike LM 3, but the LM 5X-W is a full size wooden Cub replica.

Light Miniature Aircraft was an American company that was based in Okeechobee, FL and that started out around 1985 manufacturing kits for scale look-alike ultralight Cubs, Taylorcraft and Aeronca Champs.  They were usually made of wood and were all fabric covered, however many of the finished examples came out over the ultralight weight limit.  The company went on to produce kits for full sized Cubs and Taylorcraft, but somewhere along the line they went out of business around 2010, although Wicks Aircraft still supply kits for the aircraft.

The specifications for the 5X-W are decidedly J3 Cubbish:  Length 22 feet 7 inches (6.88 metres), wingspan 36 feet 1 inch (11.0 metres) and a wing area of 180 square feet.  Empty weight is around 775 pounds (352 Kg) and MAUW of 1,200 pounds (544 Kg).  Engines can be up to 100 HP and can include a Rotax 912.  With this power cruise speed is 80 mph and the stall speed is around 36 mph.

We have had two LMA 5X-Ws in New Zealand to date:

 ZK-CVB2 (c/n 1012) was a 12 year building project by John C Belcher of Whangarei and it was first registered to him on 14/12/07.  It is powered by a Continental O-200 engine.  On 11/4/11 it was bought by the Scarlett Farm Partnership of Christchurch and it is photo'd above in their ownership at the 2013 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 9/2/13.

ZK-OHS (c/n 1036) was a project built by students of Otamatea High School at Maungaturoto (hence the registration), under the tuteledge of Paul E Morrison from Wellsford, and it was first registered to him on 19/10/10.  Its first flight was on 4/9/11 and it is powered by a Continental C 85 engine.  On 17/4/15 it was sold to George B Taylor of Mossburn.  It is photo'd above at a flyin at North Shore airfield on 11/12/12.

Saturday 27 October 2018

Feilding on 20-10-2018

Allan Wooller has been on the prowl and visited Feilding on Saturday the 20-10-2018 and offers these pics for you.
 One tidy looking Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub ZK-BRY (c/n 18-5687) as listed with B B Aviation of Feilding.
It has been mentioned previously Here
I fondly recall the days when it was our tow plane at German Hill.
The Taranaki Gliding Club sold it in mid-1996 and purchased the Piper PA25-235 Pawnee ZK-RWS (c/n 25-2161) as seen below at Feilding, also last Saturday.
The "RWS" registration was in memory of a Club stalwart Bob Struthers.
The Club sold it in February 2015 to Craig Hunter of Napier.
It still carries 'Super Grunt' on it modified fin.
Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP ZK-CBM2 (c/n 172S10184) was a B B Aviation Ltd import in July last year and was placed with Action Aviation Ltd of Rotorua in February this year.
 ZK-DYB is the Jodel D.11 (c/n AACA/181 as completed by Graham French in late 1977. 
It was sold to Tony Quayle of Pukerua Bay in July of 2013.
It has had several previous mentions HERE
 Below - yet another import by B B Aviation Ltd is this Cirrus Design SR22 ZK-LDY (c/n 0895) which went to Brian Bourdot of Auckland in late September of 2015.
The Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III ZK-UPX was c/n 34-8133184. 
It spent some twenty five years in Australia as VH-JGW, VH-SKJ2, and VH-JAQ before flying into Auckland on 30-07-2007 for listing with Peter Upton on 06-12-2007. 
It went on line with the Auckland Aero Club (Inc) from September of 2008 and then back to Peter in March of 2009.  
It was listed for sale with Dennis Thompson International Ltd in 2009 ending up with Helipro Aviation Training Ltd of Paraparaumu/Palmerston North in 2012. 
Roc On Aviation Ltd took it over from 16-05-2016 and they withdrawn it and cancelled it on 05-07-2016.
It carries 'Bay Flight Tauranga City Airport' script on the fuselage side.

Thursday 25 October 2018

AutoGyro Cavalon ZK-RDP at Mandeville

I found this photo on the Croydon Aircraft Company Facebook page, dated 4/12/17:

AutoGyro Cavalon ZK-RDP2 (c/n V00265) has not been featured on the blog previously.  It was registered to the DP and SJ Laing Family Trust of Dunedin on 23/11/16.  However it obviously suffered an accident as it was cancelled on 26/3/18 as destroyed.

Hangar Four at Christchurch becoming history.

 I was just dribbling alongside 29 today and I suddenly realised that the old hangar number 4 is well on the way to being demolished.
 A lot of history heading for the land fill I imagine.

Wednesday 24 October 2018

Helicopters in Tauranga, 21-10-18

Had a chance to spend some time in Tauranga and captured these flying machines,

Guimbal Cabri G2, ZK-HSJ

Robinson R44, ZK-HXY

Robinson R44 Raven II, ZK-IMF

AutoGyro Europe MT03 eagle, ZK-RGG

Robinson R44 II, ZK-HOW

Magni M 16 Gyro ZK-RPA in the Arawhata

Recently I was in contact with Peter Avery about his adventures in his Magni M 16 autogyro.  Peter is a 30,000 hour helicopter pilot who bases his autogyro between Taupo and Jackson Bay, from where he flies over spectacular South Westland and Fiordland scenery, and he has kindly sent some lovely photos.

Magni M 16 ZK-RPA2 at rest on the Arawhata River.  Peter has a DOC permit to land on riverbeds and to facilitate this he has fitted 26 inch Alaskan bush tyres and a special larger front tyre and suspension unit.  He says that the larger tyres do not affect the performance much.

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Robert Rutherford. R.I.P.

From Stuff.

Queenstown aviation stalwart dies after fall from ladder

Janet and Robert Rutherford marked 25 years of their business Glenorchy Air last year.

A stalwart of the Queenstown aviation industry has died falling from a ladder.
Glenorchy Air chief pilot and co-owner Robert Rutherford, 71, was maintaining the property at his Frankton home when he fell and died on Monday night.
Rutherford and wife Janet founded Glenorchy Air Services and Tourist Company in 1992, celebrating 25 years in business in 2017
The company has temporarily suspended commercial operations as a mark of respect for staff, family and friends.
In an interview with Stuff marking the 25th anniversary Rutherford said the aviation business was tough because the costs were huge.

"Then in 1992 we thought we knew enough about what we were doing and we bought an airplane," he said.
They started at a base in Glenorchy but moved to Queenstown when the road linking the two was sealed.
At the end of 2017 they owned four eight-seater GA8 air vans and a four-seater Cessna 172, and employed 10 staff.
Most of their flights were focused on Milford Sound and the Mt Cook area.
Rutherford said highlights over the years included working on the Lord of the Rings films for about 18 months, flying the likes of Sir Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen around the region.


American at Ardmore 23-10-18

Seen inside the Oceania compound this afternoon was Eurocopter AS 350 B2 N349BB msn 3641. This has already been placed on the ZK Register on 20-9-18 as ZK-IRS for Stark Airlines Ltd of Hamilton.

Tiger at Te Kowhai 22-9-2018

Carrying on the Tiger Moth theme...

The Hairy Mole Rat has been getting around the traps recently (rat traps?), and this nice photo is from Te Kowhai yesterday.

ZK-ALJ (c/n 83499) has been on the New Zealand Civil Register since December 1946, having previously been NZ676.  It is owned by NZ Flying Adventures Ltd of Wanaka, having been in their ownership since 1/5/18.

Monday 22 October 2018

Tigers at Masterton 29-9-2018

As well as the good selection of TVAL's WW 1 aircraft at Masterton several weeks ago, there were a couple of nice Tiger Moths:

ZK-ANL (c/n 82512) appeared on the NZ Civil Register in February 1947, and was previously NZ861 which is painted on the fin.  It was the last agricultural Tiger Moth and carries the Fieldair logo on the nose as well as Astro Air script, although it is now configured as a 2 seater.  It is owned by the RJ and PA Wylie Partnership of Masterton

ZK-ANQ (c/n 82906) also dates back from 1947 and was previously NZ892, and it painted up as such.  Is has been owned by TVAL since 1/7//07.

A Rangiora visitation.

A quick flying visit to Rangiora produced these photos.
 Ibis Magic GS-700 ZK-DUH2 (c/n GS-10-11-700-114). 
It is still with Doug Anderson but is for sale if you wish to purchase same.
Previous mentions of her can be seen HERE.
 From the 701 syndicate we have the Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-JRT (c/n 7-3838) a new engine cowling covering the Rotax 912). It also has a Brent Thompson two bladed prop and now sits on larger tires.
 Being worked on in the back of one of Doug Anderson's hangars was the Morgan Aero Works Cheetah Sierra 100 ZK-LLS (c/n 21-54). 
This was purchased by the SDR Syndicate mid this year to obtain the low timed Rotax engine to install in the SDR Syndicates Savannah ZK-SDR. 
It has had the undercarriage re-positioned.
Previously mentioned Here
 The CFM Shadow Series B-D ZK-MAX (c/n 056) has a bit of history behind her - especially from its Rotax 447 days. 
It was rebuilt with a Rotax 503 engine and for the last few years has been in the Timaru and Rangitata Island region.
Some changes to the Max Shadow Syndicate now sees the aircraft at Rangiora where it has been titivated up by Graeme Main.
This Tecnam P92S Echo (c/n 530) began it life in NZ as ZK-OYZ with Richard Goord of Auckland from 23-02-200. 
Richard sold it to David Horton/Horton Industries of Auckland from 14-08-2006 replacing it with the Tecnam P2004 Bravo ZK-RRG.
It was re-registered to ZK-PAB2 on 19-09-2006 and sold to Kevin Taylor Enterprises Ltd of Helensville from 03-04-2009. 
After being damaged in January 2011 it was sold to Dean Waller and Roy Waddingham of Christchurch in May 2011 and repaired.
It now sports a CSU propeller.

Sunday 21 October 2018

Titan Mustang ZK-LSD.

Spotted today at Tauranga by Hairy Mole Rat was the Titan T51 Mustang ZK-LSD (c/n ---172) as listed to Michael Adams of Wanganui on 26-05-2016.
This aircraft was built by Mike Crene at Matamata.
It has already featured on this site previously.
 (enter registration in one of the search boxes, or click  HERE).

ZK-LSD 'Millicent Rhodes' is based on the original North American P51D 44-12943 - which carried the script 'Was That Too Fast' can be seen on Mr GOOGLE.


Advanced Flight continued their busy weekend of charter flights to Pauanui with today's being the Bell 429 ZK-IUL,  which hasnt appeared on this blog before.    Imported in 2014 it previously carried a Cayman Islands convenience registration.

3 Million Hits - Actually Make That 4 Million Hits

During the week the counter on the blog clicked over 3 million hits.  Thanks very much to all our contributors and followers!  It is around 33 months since we clicked over 2 million hits which was on 25 January 2016.  But the counter didn't start on Day 1 of the blog (which was back on 26 December 2007) and the stats now record over 4,101,000 hits to date.

So to mark this auspicious occasion I thought I would post some of the blog header photos from the last million hits.  As always you can click on the photos to enlarge them.  Enjoy.